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  2. As damning as this report is of Trump, I have no doubt that this will embolden his behaviour even more (if that is possible).
  3. That's a good one, how many countries have broken free of UK domination. Brexit has highlighted that the English are incapable of integration, lack of control is not an option.
  4. To be serious for a moment I think trying to change some things is alright, with other things not so much. I.e. it's tradition that sin sod is paid. It does not matter if we like it or not. That won't change anytime soon. But then there are practical things like i.e. trying to introduce preventive maintenance. Or removing the trash from the garden, or maybe stopping at all red lights, even for pedestrians. I think these are the things we can do and maybe some Thais will discover after a while that these ideas are really not so bad. But then again when we see how many farangs present "us", running around without shirt and a bottle of beer in one hand and a hooker in the other hand it's not surprising that many Thais don't really see us as role models...
  5. Au contraire. We say we can't establish or deny the existence of a God. Call it fence-sitting if you want. Atheists actually make a religion out of their denial of God's existence.
  6. In my browser, the new info in items 11,12,13,16,17 is not accessible and all show a small black popup saying "Not accessible". All other items work.
  7. Looks like the ideal place for an inactive post was BJ at home when the navy came knocking
  8. Without public traffic... and everyone going in the same direction.
  9. death for taking selfies with airplanes taking off at phuket, death for trying a new lifestyle A bit overboard i'd say
  10. No verification from Thai authorities of his demise but the deaths of farang tourists are too commonplace to be newsworthy. Sounds like he was a rather unpleasant individual anyway. I wonder how the two cabin attendants managed to get into the loo with him. They should have just left him in there and locked the door from the outside and put a notice up saying out of order, while radioing police to come and arrest him for sexual assault on landing. Thankfully the almighty has stepped in and mopped up his faulty creation before the issue of the flight home could arise.
  11. Rice bran will be available from any miller. Cheap too.
  12. It was a little tongue in cheek. However, I can recall, near to where I lived 40 years ago (20th century), a fire station situated on a very busy 4 way intersection that could turn all traffic lights red when they had a callout.
  13. Hi all and thanks for the input, Yes, Mikey88, she has dome all that already as Mogandave says. You can read about it in the tread if you are interested more. I just wanted to hear with you guys about the recently blood tests. If everything looks correct. And that seems to be the case, thanks Mogandave. Also I wanted to pay the courtesy and inform you guys the outcome of all this. I read a lot posts here were people help but I never find the outcomes of how it finally went. I think that is only half the information. Who knows if what was suggested by members here all was wrong if not hear the outcome!? Anyway, we will probably get the same information from the doctor that she must test every 6 months I guess. No problem with that at all. OK, so the virus will still be there but undetectable. And not dangerous for others. And for herself (liver)?
  14. When the bank does the letter for a foreign currency account they calculate the balance in the account in baht based upon the exchange rate on the day it is written. Immigration would possibley check the balance on the date of application using the exchange rate for that day.
  15. Ah, missed the irony of Fodens DEBUT GOAL against SPURS after all YOUR comments did you. Why am i not surprised.
  16. So why does the U.S. still import Oil? Doesn't it have plenty of its own? It's all about $$$$$ Most US refineries are highly complex, world-class facilities. They have been fine-tuned with special equipment over the years to utilize the dirtiest, nastiest oil you can buy. As it happens, Venezuela and Canada both export quite a bit of cheap, asphalt-laden oil. US refineries can get this stuff at a discount because few other countries have the necessary equipment to get much gasoline and diesel out of it. That frees up a lot of high-quality US domestic oil production to be shipped overseas and sold at a premium to countries with lower-tech refineries. So we import cheap oil and export expensive oil. It's profitable because the transport cost of a few dollars per barrel is quite a bit less than the price difference between high and low-quality oil. We also import a lot of oil that gets refined and then exported as gasoline, diesel, etc. Again, it's because we have big, high-quality refineries (and excess refining capacity). I'm not sure where the specific numbers in the question details come from, but I imagine this finished-goods export is included in the balance. Finally, transport links within the country are not fully capable of handling all the necessary oil movements. Right now, Oklahoma has a surplus of oil, which frees up some of the Gulf Coast oil production to go overseas. But New England doesn't have enough pipelines connecting it to the rest of the country to domestically import all its oil and has relatively older, lower-tech refineries, so it imports a lot of high-quality African oil. Global oil trading is a very complicated system -- lots of factors tend to make the simple solution non-optimal.
  17. 7 day grace period but really 5 being workdays. So no if you have other things going. And for reentry back in and then your next 90 day check in, they will only look at your stamp date back in. As for fishtank's reply, that doesn't make any sense. Essentially you have faced off with an IO upon exit. BTW. 20th is a holiday here too.
  18. I give regularly to my GF, caddy and massage guy, does that count?
  19. Hope he takes note of how the Malaysian have delt with the Chinese
  20. Murder people and you're out on parole in a few years; anchor a 'bobber' off the coast of Thailand in International waters and face the Death Penalty. Talk about overkill.
  21. Good advice. It's worth traveling a few more kilometers. Thank you.
  22. 20 April 2019, Ao Krathing, Chanthaburi
  23. Not forgetting anything but the sub-thread was Ireland, which has to pay about 50% of its current income just to service its debt.
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