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  2. Thanks, i think religion will become obsolete in less than 20 years, but it will take forever for the humankind to become really civilised.
  3. Now this guy knows how to do 'seasteading'... been at it for a while and offers his own citizenship papers. One of my friends is a baron or duke or some such thing... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Sealand
  4. Also these houses aren't built by people who got past 3rd year high school if they attended school at all - many don't even speak Thai properly. You just try to find a properly qualified builder to stick up an extension - the concept of 'qualified' and 'proper' are entirely foreign. You'll get laughed out of town!
  5. Perhaps you need to consider how you phrase future posts to prevent misinterpretation, because no matter how you paint it you still come across as the obnoxious ' I'm okay Jack ' brigade. Food for thought maybe.
  6. Point taken , I value your opinion. Religion , is the opium of the people. its only purpose . Survival, Darwin , comes to mind , survival of the strongest species, those without religion ?.
  7. I had a CBR400RR written off by a taxi - a bike shop offered me 10k for the wreck, and the insurance company paid me 90k. I paid only 60k for it, and that enabled me to step up to a GSX-R750. They do pay, very easily and very quickly, but not always in the way you expect (e.g. limited liability - if the accident isn't your fault, you're still not necessarily entitled to be fully recompensed). I made another reply here saying how we just paid 15k for car rentals but recovered only 7500 from Syn Mun Kong to cover 'taxis' - despite the taxi round trip to my wife's office alone costing 25% more than that.
  8. need two more here to get me back in the tipping race
  9. This post makes little sense. You either buy the the only thing which the current Company MD owns i.e his share allocation and his 100% voting rights. or You buy the building only -if the land is leased . However before doing this this you get the current leased cancelled and agree a new 30 Year lease with the owner of the land. It is one or the other You seem to be doing a bit of both
  10. Misses a sitter then gives away a penalty. Def on the payroll.
  11. Regret bothering y'all about this, but I just downloaded the TM.7 Form for Extension of Stay and noticed that it hasn't changed since last year. With all the changes that have been taking place in Immigration, I just want to get some confirmation that what I've downloaded is the real thing. Thanks for your attention, UW.
  12. ROFL trying to make sense of insurance.... My wife's car was wrecked whilst parked outside her office. Off for repair - 17 days. The insurance guy told her she'd get 600 per day for taxis and wot-not, so she found someone selling vouchers and we rented an eco car for around 600 per day. During the last repair some 3 years ago we were lucky enough to borrow my brother's car (he'd just bought a Camry and not yet sold the old one) - but I mentioned then that if she's not at fault, then she should be covered for a courtesy car or expenses. We can't manage with taxis because they're rarely available when she goes out to work early in the morning and she can never get one to leave her office (Ladkrabang industrial estate...). We got a reasonable deal with Avis and collected a slightly musty but functional Yaris. Upon payout, she was informed the law only requires payment of 500 baht per day, and that cannot include 7 days of the week (Sunday is the one chosen to be omitted, the day we need more use of the car for swimming classes and sometimes for a casting job). She was given only 7500. Total paid out including extra insurance for a rental came to 15k. When I told her she should take it up as a civil matter she got a bit snotty - and remembering the result of me once riding a GSX-R into the back end of a brand new honda civic (45k damages according to the insurance) I kind of nodded and let it go. The company couldn't do anything beyond send me a couple of stiff letters detailing my debt and also stating that court action would be taken. It never was and I just binned the letters as I couldn't read Thai. On top of this, I was told that I must go on my scooter 16km to the office to collect the cheque because they won't send it and that her office has a similar policy - if you can't travel to collect a paper cheque then you can't get paid. With temperatures over 41C today (clocked on my thermometer riding to Megabangna) I refused and told her to install Lineman and arrange her own postage.
  13. I think you'll find a fly on the wall documentary at a Premier League club is a little rarer than a standard game. And I do watch city pretty regularly now, because they are an interesting team to watch. If they were in 5th I wouldn't be as bothered.
  14. “It really is sad how you watch our games. If we were top and city were 5th I guarantee I would have zero interest in a city game.” So no interest in their games, only in their documentaries.
  15. Sorry, but i disagree, when religion will be out of the equation, there will be other "reasons" for the people to kill each other. The "divide and conquer" strategy will always be there of course.
  16. Just wondering. I will probably be about 80 years old by the time I return to Thailand on an OA visa. Premiums for me are going to be sky high. I have more than enough dosh to cover any emergencies so ------- what about a policy to cover the basic requirements but with an excess of outpatient 40,000 and in patient of 400,000? Is that possible? I know I wouldn't be able to claim anything from the insurance if ever needed, but surely the premiums would be rock bottom. Any advise such as "stay at home you old f-rt" will not be welcome! We have a home there and visit as regularly as business dictates.
  17. ..... and if we don't have leaders now, how about the fearlessness of youth? What about giving Greenwood a run out in midweek? But please let's ditch Smallling / Jones as a partnership for good.
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