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  2. As they also do in the likes of Big C and Makro, in my experience. Just because someone else's experience is not the same as yours, doesnt make it wrong.
  3. Is there any currency which does not have such small coins? Imho you could ask the same question in any other country. Who needs for example 1 Euro cent coins, that's about 36 Satang
  4. Talk about flying on a wing and a prayer . . . a pretty big prayer from now on, I guess. Truth is, this is all to distract from the Q1 figures that I've just heard about . . . and they do need manifold praying.
  5. No, I meant countless reports. Lots of assumptions to back up your opinion, If the average foreigner walks in to an average Thai bank and asks for a simple savings account, they will be sent away. That is a fact based on countless reports by members over many years. I am not saying it’s not possible, and I know people have easily opened accounts, but on the whole it still remains difficult for a foreigner, who’s not working, to open a savings account at most branches of most banks! That is a fact.
  6. I will be exiting Thailand on a new passport. The copies of the main page passport would be from the old passport including the visa and stamps. Will this be an issue when applying for a non-o visa based on marriage (multi).
  7. Where are you getting the information that non-inverter is better with dodgy electrics? While I cannot find any authoritative study, I doubt that is true. What makes sense to me is that something with more electronics is going to handle things better. And yes, "inverter" units are much quieter than normal units.
  8. Or call the HQ Bangkok Bank at the 02-xxxxxxx numbers below....English speaking reps.
  9. That is a good thing. Looks like society in LOS begins to awake. And if they start awakening they will find a lot more ... Hopefully beginning of a big change
  10. " police said was likely the work of Irish nationalist militants opposed to the 1998 Good Friday peace deal. "
  11. Just looking at the picture and without digging too deep, it went off the road, hit a tree and light pole while running into the ditch along the central reservation where the guard rail is. Asleep At The Wheel isn't just a great Texas country music band.
  12. Just imagine if Thai authorities allowed seasteaders to set up micro nations surrounding Thailand at 12 miles distance. Casinos galore? What else?
  13. I would think you have dubious grounds for any charge. I once whacked a guy, who was in the police station the next day, and he was told that blood had to be drawn before anything was meaningful. I would just forget about it
  14. And you would win. It was indeed at the post office. Their excuse "we were closed 5 days for Songkran" It had been there 15 days! No attempt at delivery, no card. But at least I have it now and with a positive result regarding the visa.
  15. Since we are talking about AVRs there's a pinned thread about sizing and installing the beasties.
  16. Believe it was fall of 2002 as George was spamming USENET with invitations to join (USENET, being unmoderated, was getting useless for any discussions). I joined in Feb 2003 and believe membership was about 300.
  17. Death or imprisonment for life or which ever comes first?
  18. " I will go first money and or your late with the rent but just guessing" Late with what rent that a Committee President feels he can push a person 20 MTRS. down a hallway. Of course he could be a "slum" landlord in some getto building?
  19. There is no evidence that any legal fiction has any “jurisdiction” at all, inland at sea or anywhere else.
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