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  2. This is the man dumping on me from a great height with scorn and derision for the absurdity of my posts? Mate, I'm on the second floor of a condo, and you're on the nineteenth when it comes to heights of said parameter. I'm assuming the Taco Bell assignations are with Mexican ladies. How do they compare with the Thai version? Crap, I can't believe I just asked that question.
  3. Just ask the French, the Danes and the Irish. All tried to leave but failed. I fear there is no way out once you are in. That's why so many of us never wanted to join the EEC in the first place.
  4. Yes. So they reject millions of baht from this segment of "tourists" because they don't get a small visa free from them, and they only come to Thailand 30 days out of the 60 day visa anyway. Muppets. Add to the offshore guys, the miners, and merchant navy guys, and that's a lot of money lost.
  5. You mention this or similar such drivel so often it would imply a degree of envy that you may be unfit for anything beyond pay for play.
  6. No. The first one will be Donald Trump who is now attempting to cut Iranian oil out of the markets entirely.
  7. That is 11 of Thailands best getting free lessons in pickpocketing from him.
  8. I don't see you've anything to worry about. All the negative talk is around people trying to live in the country continuosly with no sign or intention of going home.
  9. Pantip Plaza was like a trip to heaven for us computer nerds 20 years ago. Was there before the internet took the world by storm and you could purchase just about any software or hardware that was available at that time. Could also have a great feed and beers in the food court.
  10. Normal me: Best wishes for a swift recovery. Evil Me: They shouldnt have tried to fit 5 into a two seater van. On their way to Pattaya looking for bulk discounts, oh, buy you lady drink? We can all share one, OK?
  11. your punch line is that cliched 'one trick pony'. You keep working these 'boaster posts', looks like you have a good thing going here.
  12. No your extension seasoning requirements have changed. You now have to keep a few more dollars in the bank for a few more days.
  13. Court to rule on Wednesday over bus fare hike By The Nation Public buses at the Victory Monument on Monday//Photo by Tanachai Pramarnpanich The Central Administrative Court will rule on Wednesday on a petition seeking a stay on the hike in public bus fares, which came into effect on Monday. The court on Monday heard the petition by a group of Bangkokians and commuters led by activist Srisuwan Janya who had approached the court last week against the hike. The petition was filed against a land transportation panel that approved the rise. Srisuwan’s group also sought a court stay order on the increase in fares, pending the court’s investigation and orders. Srisuwan told reporters on Monday that the increase was illegal and would affect poor people. Monday’s court session saw heated arguments between both sides. Srisuwan claimed that the prices of oil and gas had not increased and 50 per cent of the overheads pertained to salaries and welfare of the employees. Therefore, it was not fair to push the burden of those expenses to the consumers. After hearing both sides, the court scheduled Wednesday to rule on the petition. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30368138 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-04-22
  14. probably they checked the storeroom in the beginning - may be more than one time and did not find her there. Then they were not aware when she returned didn 't reckon with it anymore - and so did not see any reason to check the stroreroom again. May be he storeroom has an extra entrance. May be she never went there before. May be different - but to early to blame the family
  15. Keith Moon use to glue luggage to the floor at the airport for a good chuckle.
  16. Kinnock..the welsh windbag who was going to take the UK out of the predecessor to the eu..until he saw the chance to make a right few quid..as did his wife and sin Can you remember kinnock..schroder etc etc all resigning then voting one another back into power?? Why don't you buy Marta Andreasson's book.." brussels laid bare " educate yourself re the " strokes " pulled by the high and mighty inglorious eu commissioners !!!! Wakey wakey please Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. I'll probably get blocked for this but - not according to statistics. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/visualizing-the-happiest-country-on-every-continent/
  18. If you didn't fake your income you have nothing to complain about = in fact it got easier and less expensive. Just get a bank letter and no trip to the embassy required.
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  20. Hey Mate, I am looking for fluent english teacher (NES and ESL). The job location is in Hat Yai. If interested please share your email id and phone number. Will take it further. Cheers, Raz
  21. Hopwell have successfully built major projects in famously corrupt countries like The Philippines, India, and China. Thailand was at a level even Hopwell couldn’t tackle. I remember reading an exasperated Gordon Wu giving an interview on this Thai project more than a decade ago.
  22. Some 290 houses in Phayao damaged by storm By The Nation A thunderstorm hit 84 villages in six districts of Phayao province on Sunday evening, damaging some 290 houses, an official said on Monday. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096504-some-290-houses-in-phayao-damaged-by-storm/
  23. There is no definition issued by immigration. Thai law considers anyone that has stayed in the country longer than 180 days to be resident. Immigration don't seem bothered by the number of entries, just the cumulative time spent in the country, but there is no official time limit. "Living in Thailand" is subjective, but if someone spends months/years in the same country bar a few border hops, I think it's evident where they are living.
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