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  2. I got stuck in the lift at a 5 star hotel in Bangkok a couple of years ago. Again no one answered the emergency button. I called the desk but could not figure out what my problem was. I finally managed to find the door release and got the door open to exit. told them at the front desk but no one really cares! Too bad I cant name the major hotel.
  3. Watch out for the jealous ex, You could become shotgun material
  4. Don't the Border Police kind of having the reputation of being the "shoot first and ask questions later" types... As well as being aligned with a former Thai PM now in exile????
  5. well, I am surely not going to wait for that report coz I couldn't care less about another nobody who died sometime somewhere
  6. I've seen a lot of comments like this on various teaching sites--with some being even bolder (e.g., "break the contract if you get a better offer because lots of people get burned"). I get it, just like you. It's not an entirely fair system, and often teachers are left to gamble when they have an offer on the table: hold out for something better or take it because it might be the best you get. But I don't think the fact that some teachers get burned justifies breaking a contract--let alone the midnight run. Now, if you're talking about screwing over a school that has a track record of burning teachers, then that's a different story. But if it's in the abstract, all that does is fuel the vicious cycle. Schools get more and more guarded and keep taking steps to lock teachers in, some selfish teachers buck the system because they inevitably find better offers, and round and round we go. To the OP (for some reason I can't "quote" your post): I'm not totally clear on what the issue here is. It reads like your school is being a bit rough (the "black mark" wording seems petty), but I think you're missing out on a key factor: why do you need a way to "terminate the contract?" You don't need to give 2-3 months or follow any other procedure; If a teacher signs a contract agreeing to teach until the end of the 2019 school year, and they don't want to teach beyond that, they simply don't sign a new contract. The fact that the school asked teachers to sign a new contract for next year in mid-January isn't all that unusual. The school wants clarity on who will be teaching next year, the teachers (possibly) want to explore other options, and decisions have to be made. In this situation, you have three legitimate choices. Sign the contract and work through the 2019-2020 year. Don't sign the contract, telling them (implicitly or explicitly) you plan to leave at the end of the 2019 school year. Ask for more time to make a decision. Give whatever reason (family, political uncertainty, or be forthcoming if you have applications pending elsewhere and think this won't offend them). Simply bolting when you get a paycheck is just plain shady. I might be missing something, as your presentation of the situation is a bit confusing, but having contract provisions that discourage teachers bolting mid-year is common--and prudent. I don't know if they could legally enforce the confiscation of past salary, but they could: Leave a black mark with both Krusapa and international teaching agencies. Deny you references or provide bad references. Use other contract terms (e.g., not pay you the "completion bonus," not provide your flight home). With all that said, if you think you can have a reasonable conversation with the administrators, do it. Maybe you're interested in another city/country/occupation, so you need time to decide about next year. Maybe you're worried that you don't have security for next year because it's only a verbal offer. If you can share those concerns, maybe it's a good idea. If they tell you "we can't give you a contract until August," then maybe that changes things and gives you just cause to consider other offers. Also, remember: just as they can leave a "black mark" for you, you can do the same for them. The big search agencies won't take kindly to burning teachers. If they withdraw an offer in July or August, that sort of thing can jeopardize their standing and get them booted from recruitment fairs, etc.
  7. It's official,the Kangaroos are basket cases.Their simply not fit. Get the gallows out,no direction what so ever. Sack Scott immediately,sack the recruiters,sack the lot.
  8. they are a vague guide and are not calibrated for each device, as for police - they need a calibrated measuring device in order to properly enforce the law
  9. You owe this cousin an apology. Propping up your feet is rude in Thailand. Showing the soles of your feet is an insult. Even doing it unintentionally requires an apology. You sound inflexible. Try adapting a little. BTW, I think you're right to keep your son and raise him as you see fit.
  10. Glad we agree that muscle loss when keto-adapted is a myth. Most people don't understand this and criticize keto on this basis. Just to be clear though, you have to be in a ketogenic state long enough for hormonal changes to occur or else you can indeed loose muscle. You must be "keto-adapted", not merely in ketosis. Merely getting into ketosis is not the same as becoming keto-adapted. If you water fast to get into ketosis, and do it from a carb-fed state, it takes at least 3 days in order for glycogen stores in the liver to be depleted, and during that time proteins will be catabolized. It's not a big deal in terms of muscle loss because the autophagic response in a water fast is to spare essential proteins (like muscle) and scavenge for less important (dysfunctional) intracellular proteins, but if you repeatedly go in and out of ketosis even in the most minor way (i.e.: cheat by eating a cookie), you will risk burning muscle. To become truly keto-adapted, you have to commit to doing it right, or not doing it at all. As for keto being "optimal" or not for muscle growth, I think that would really depend on an individual's circumstances and goals.
  11. Mrs is a careful driver indicating right into our soi heading to the village, nothing on coming, does not see anything behind, whack as the car turns into the other lane. Bike hit us square on and it was right over in the gutter, not in the middle of the road. I thought he was in the wrong, no according to the cop who turned up and later at the station a bike has the right to travel on the wrong side of the road! and speeding it looked like. The bike driver said he was trying to overtake us but we cut him up. We were deemed guilty of careless driving, I objected and was told it was either that or court. We had to fork out for a 'mechanic' to turn up and access damage to car and bike, insurance man was not enough. That was 3k and took 10 minutes, only body work on the car. Never heard of this before, could that be a split with the cops? There is still a fine to pay for the careless driving the amount seems to depend on the seriousness of the riders injuries, broken nose and jaw. Anyone know what the fine is likely to add up to and can we do anything if it's outrageous? I did ask if they tested the rider for drink, no they only check the guilty party, why did they not test the Mrs then? Whole farce has taken all afternoon. I did point out if the rider was in the right to travel at speed down the wrong side of the road that this sort of dangerous right contributes to being the number one bike deaths in the world, water off a ducks back of course. I'm only surprised seeing the stupidity on the roads here daily that nobody has hit us before.
  12. Nah …., they like to " hold the fortress " (read goldmine … ).... keep all going on what is going nicely …. and plot to get a game changer out to "promotion "
  13. We paid 265 baht for their courier service. I am well aware that EMS from Bkk to Pattaya costs 60 baht and is guaranteed next day delivery. I have used this many times. But VFS use their own courier service and I was told 2-3 days and no tracking available.
  14. A quote from The Life Of Brian springs to mind “You jammy ba$tard!"
  15. Given how hard the banks make it to open an account I doubt they care. They’re clearly not interested in our money in the first place.
  16. They could try but they've lost the expertise and infrastructure needed. How long to get Detroit making cars again for instance? China is notionally Communist in that it's a one party state but no-one is doing capitalism as well as the Chinese have over the last 30 years. Maybe all that cash and those lives were lost because the west could see what was coming?
  17. how do you know so much about what happened? were you on the plane with him if so why didn't you wipe his bun?
  18. @CharlieH either you remove "Sex isle" from the first post right now, or I report you personally to BJ. Remember last years Koh Tao news story facebook arrests? This is what's waiting for you.
  19. Its getting more violent by the day Thai's know they will only pay 500 Baht down the cop shop
  20. Good old Thai safety again She would get millions in compensation if this happened in a country with real standards
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