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  2. I can confirm unequivocally that Seven Seas Pub & Restaurant, south Warin Chamrap serves real mashed potato with their steaks chops and pies. Freshly made for each order. No; I’m not the owner!!! I just like it there.
  3. My large well temporarily ran dry yesterday for the first time in a couple of years.
  4. I am currently doing an art project using the fingerprints. Asking 4,000,000 THB.
  5. Never stuck per se but have had the doors trying to close as I'm struggling with 2 suitcases. Apparently sticking anything in the lift door way while it is open does not necessarily mean there is a sensor to re-open the doors.
  6. I don't think they had to spend much. CNN and MSM were giving him enormous amounts of free publicity.
  7. Not a lot of detailed experiences so far, and with some variability based on the office. As it stands now, based on my read of a few relevant threads, two separate documents may be required from the bank: 1.) An official statement for the period of at least 1 Jan 2019 through the current month (of application) showing that month's qualifying transfer. So as of today, that would include April's qualifying transfer. Still not sure on the acceptable "age" of this document, be it a few days, or weeks, or if "same-day" is required. Not all branches can provide a 12-month statement, with 6-months seeming like the maximum from a branch, and a 12-month statement might require "a few days" for a request to the Main or HQ bank location. One member did post a photo of this type of letter, it was entirely in Thai, but seem to show six qualifying transfers. Another member posted an official "check-list", not sure which office, which mentioned "...Certificate letter from the bank, and bank statement showing the evidence of transferred money from other countries...", which seems more definitive about two separate documents. 2.) An official letter from the bank which certifies your ownership of the account, dated on the day of application, also showing some same-day activity (deposit or withdrawal). I also plan to have copies of the passbook on hand which show all of the qualifying transfers. I also get a Credit Advice/Receipt each month from my Bangkok Bank branch which details the qualifying foreign transfer, so I'll make copies of those. I have not read all the threads on this subject, and my current "view" is based solely on Bangkok Bank and Chaeng Watthana-related threads/posts. The "Leniency Order" mentioned "...the bank deposit and bank statement from Thai bank showing monthly transfer...", which may or may not seem like a reference to two separate documents? (I think it refers to one document, #1 above in my list. While the same-day ownership letter is a spin-off of the 800K requirement, applied to the income method by Immigration as a secondary-check?) I think there will be more details going forward.
  8. fundamentally you arent allowed to cut into a lane already occupied, so if the bike was in the overtake lane already it was the cars fault. here it comes down to the lack of advanced warning in thailand, its disturbing how most here think signals means nothing, either never bother to signal, or turn on the signal the same second they start to cut a lane, - at which point it no longer serves the purpose. on the flip side many also dont bother to turn off the signal, and may well be indicating one side when in fact they intend to do the exact opposite, tis a bad place and bad habits on the roads here
  9. California and N Y can't win the election on their own because of the electoral college. Clever people those founding fathers.
  10. More xenophobic nonsense from the Thai authorities. How can a platform built in international waters be a national security issue? Why issue warrants to arrest two people that stayed a few weeks in it and had nothing to do with it's construction?
  11. Well if, and only if, one of the Democratic candidates did a mea culpa on behalf of the party, apologized to Trump and the nation, and threw their support into either a bipartisan commission or Special Prosecutor to investigate Sztrock, Ohr, Page, Brennan, Comey. Lynch et al, Id probably hold my nose at the genteel socialism and consider voting Democratic again...unless it was Bernie, then I would at least admire him as being honourable.
  12. What does it matter what their skin color is or what area of the world they come from? If they are here legally then they are all Americans, and American Blue collar workers. Seems to be like you're whole schtick here is implied racism.
  13. Plus another 60 day extension if married.. Equals 9 months still possible on the current visa !!!!
  14. You can agree or disagree with other posters, but you and some other 'enlightened' atheist, have built a wall of ignorance around yourself. Do you believe in thoughts ? Do you think they are real ? Pls, show me a thought, instead of insulting people who dare to think outside the box. Your tone and attitude show that, so far, you are not adding anything worth to the discussion, and i am not sure that you have any idea of what is a scientific method of investigation.
  15. Remember when Trump promised to finance the 2016 election entirely by himself? So he wouldn't be beholden to anyone?
  16. it is a little surprising when even the males that speak fluent english dont seem to want to strike up friendships. although 1 or 2 gay men have shown some interest in friendship over the years.
  17. Like the Trump haters then. Nothing concrete to offer so just reverted to predictions that the Mueller report would see him gone or in jail. How is the report working out, so far 555
  18. Imagine a president that was accused of conspiring with a hostile power to get elected said please come look we need to get this behind us let’s get it settled well that’s not what we got this man is rigging the doj to protect himsielf the redacted report is sinking in and it doesent look good for Donald he just isent the right man for the job minimize the damage then out in 2020
  19. Communism , now a pretty much defunct ideological doctrine but still used by China to rationalize their grip on power. They seem to be using economic development to legitimise the existence of the party structure. At some time in the near future the domestic gravy train will slow down , therefore its only choice is to push for international development and opportunities. I guess it depends which side you are on , as to whether you regard the "Party structure" as a dynamo or a parasite. Paranoia of Soviet Union collapse
  20. Yes it's only been news on this forum, i have not seen it mentioned in the B P at all. not told of it on my last 90 days and not given any printed information.
  21. Remove California and New York from elections. A Republican wet dream!
  22. Yes, I do know they are the same. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.
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