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  2. It attacks lung and kidney and can be absorbed via the skin. Mostly dangerous to poorly protected farmer from what I understand. I never saw a Thai wearing protection.
  3. Thanks for the advice above. I was not aware of the visa transfer letter from embassy requirement. They say that the give a blank proforma for completion. I assume then that it must be notorised? What else will I need to show at CW immigration?
  4. This is amalgamated government, not logic. You really should update your passbook once a month or more, anyway.
  5. I thing Charlie H covered it pretty well.Go together to a good lawyer. Keep in mind that there is a possibility that you can lease on a 30 + 30 basis which protects you to some extent. In my case the relationship with my wife"s family is such that they would not make me homeless, but yes, even if you are the beneficiary in her will you will only have 1 year (+6 months extension) to sell
  6. Weeeell, it is always good practice to fit a new gasket, you generally do not need guuuuuu with a new one unless specified......
  7. Posts and responses removed. If you can keep it civil this thread will CLOSE and you'll enjoy a posting break !!
  8. That just seems so brazen. At the 90-day report how do they know it was initially an agent who provided the extension? Regardless of how they know, it's difficult to believe they would so openly discriminate between agent- and non-agent extensions regarding the required supporting documents.
  9. Coinbase has a dollar pegged stable coin (USDC) that they don't charge fees for conversion to USD. Everex accepts deposits of USDC. Otherwise you're quite correct, the fees alone in crypto add up quickly, nevermind the volatility in prices.
  10. Wish I knew where mine ended up...Had my feelers out but it has gone...
  11. It’s not what mrs has but what activity you show, what turnover, staff etc .
  12. Let me rephrase that. Rogue Thai officials have selected three countries where they thought their nationals can be milked for money. Then they summoned their embassies representatives, telling them to do something that no other embassy does, verify their income. The representatives obviously said they cannot do what was requested, so in typical Thai fashion, Immigration made it look as if it's the Embassies fault. Do they require all the other 150 embassies (or whatever the number is), to verify income? No. So why state "rogue Embassies", when it's in fact "rogue Immigration"?
  13. Where is the vinyl presentation board so I can better understand? 555
  14. You would think, but as far as the RTP goes, condoms in any shape and form near a mattress are considered primary evidence whenever prostitution is suspected. A few years back, a lot of tourist hotels would provide a 2-pack of condoms along with the regular 3-in-1 coffee, teabags and snacks. When this cops started using this criteria in their prosecutions, condoms became a BYO deal again. Probably the same reason the legendary TQ gogo on Beach stopped charging 1000 baht for condoms that were mandatory with each free barfine.
  15. Unfortunately, along with the 2 Bangkok airports, Phuket is known as a rather difficult entry point. You'll probably be ok, but I would bring as much supporting documentation and cash as possible. Good luck.
  16. I hope they check the company is qualified and the company considers maybe not being paid for 20 or more years
  17. You cannot be serious! Hitler mentioned his desire to eradicate the Jews in the early 1920's. https://phdn.org/archives/www.ess.uwe.ac.uk/genocide/statements.htm Speech delivered by Hitler in Salzburg, 7 or 8 August 1920. (NSDAP meeting)
  18. Yes of course scamming is a job reserved for Thai nationals only. Along with theft, lying, cheating and prostitution.
  19. Pharmacy section of Big C Ramkhamhaeng. Hmmm
  20. Is the information regarding the certificate on headed notepaper something you have learned about from talking to the Thai insurance companies? The only certificate I've seen is the one for foreign companies. If there is flexibility in exactly what the companies can write, that would help a lot.
  21. When you say it needs..why do you think it needs lack of power ? strange noise ? , smokey exhaust ? The road side shops ( shacks) round my way ( Jomtien) charge about 3000 baht for a total engine strip down but they only replace the bare minimum so in my case it was the piston and rings + crank shaft bearings.. its almost worth 3000 baht just to avoid the pain in the butt of removing all the plastic bits just to get to anything on the engine and then putting them all back on
  22. Don't forget that you live in Thailand. It has different rules from what we are used to in the West. So: he can just say: 'I was speaking from my experience, to protect our national security. Do not probe further. There are national security matters which cannot be spoken about here. You must respect higher authority.' End of the matter. 'Parliament' and 'parliamentarians' are not armed with tanks, bombs, guns, missiles. But some power-wielders in Thailand ARE. And that makes all the difference. End of. End of!
  23. Fragile, aren't we? Afraid of those with differing view points. Arguing is very tiresome.
  24. It didn't really matter about any ministerial order, there were notices all over the airport at the time telling the Thais it was no longer required.
  25. https://www.fly4free.com/flight-deals/europe/double-room-in-4-beachfront-hotel-in-patthaya-thailand-from-only-e11-5-13-per-person/ Bang Saen is the ugliest place I've seen in all of Thailand.
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