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  2. No, everything she did was NOT legal... She was working to influence U.S. politics on behalf of a foreign government without having legally registered as a foreign agent, as required by federal law.
  3. You don't have to go far in Italy to see evidence of human trafficking. Along almost any road you'll see an Eastern European, and more recently an African plying the trade. I have no doubt they were trafficked and are under the influence of one criminal organization or another.
  4. I agree with you. Only to add that all laws are subjective and objective. When an issue occurs that violates public policy the subjective portion of the law is used to eliminate the issue. No way these structures will be allowed to multiply in the oceans near most developed countries. People that read laws literally and expect literal enforcement have never been to law school or do not understand how the legal system works.
  5. There's nothing different to this season, except Spurs have progressed further than usual in the CL. I presume your 3 week gap in games was due to you being knocked out of the FA Cup and an international weekend and maybe because of caraboa cup final opponent game needing rearranging. The PL fixtures are set each summer so nothing unusual there, though didn't the season start later because of the WC. Spurs and Liverpool can have no complaints about the fixture arrangements but it does seem a bit unreasonable that the Dutch FA is permitted to cancel a round of fixtures (is it legal? Will it be challenged?). Winter break coming next seasin isn't it?
  6. Great memories, my first spiritual paper-guru when i was a teen !
  7. Are you pushing for 'media freedom under threat'? Maybe you don't like hearing other's opinions??
  8. he seems pretty proud of himself,a true believer in farage and tommys BS
  9. This event cadaver lasting effect on ex-politicians and statesmen around the world.
  10. Thanks bbko, I was thinking of that. But the only one I know is located at the Big C Extra shopping mall. Thanks again.
  11. I cannot comment on the royal decoration, but having to meet this "PM" afterwards rates as punishment in my book.
  12. Well, when you claim to have shagged every bar girl in Pattaya, you have to realise people who don't know you personally might get a bit sceptical.
  13. Thanks, I signed up to the forum where I can't post anywhere? says... (You have insufficient privileges to post here.) Page 1 of 8'
  14. My Tesco approved fitters had almost nothing, used the wrong colour cables and said I didn't need an earth, at best its hit n miss, I sent them packing, did it myself after seeing the ensuing nightmare.
  15. We can't really stop to do sports or exercise, but in this heat? My daughter Amy and I have to drive 75 km to the closest tennis courts. During her holidays she trains 3 times a week. We usually have training from 07:00-09:00. But now, when it is this hot, we are at the courts at about 05:45 and train until 08:00. Then it starts to get hot hot. In order to be there on time, we have to get up at 03:45. We stay hydrated and use cold wet towels to refresh. You can see our little Amy train here. This new channel was just opened. She'd be happy to get subscribers.
  16. No you are not "suckin Thailand" Leave the country. Don't say a word to her just do it.
  17. Nah, been in different parts 6 times over the last 20 years. Last 3 times have all been quite awful. Shame, it used to be nice.
  18. Surely there must be someone who shouted 'dog-on!' as the careless pooch forgot he was on his master's yacht as he did his triple-sulko from its diving board.
  19. I bet 100 euro that after the meeting they still won't use the meter according to the thai law.
  20. I agree sadly a recession is looming..add on trade wars..in certain eu member state countries..youth unemployment is an utter disgrace and to a certain extent..I 100% blame the euro..a financial straitjacket to suit the globalist multi-nationalists. Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. Agreed. Every week there are coupon busters but at the moment it seems to be waiting for the other team to blink first. Credit goes to both Liverpool and City for keeping this up.
  22. Can you ? not a chance, i don't even know why it's being discussed on here because no one at Spurs has even mentioned it being postponed as far as i'm aware, perhaps your getting mixed up with the Bournemouth game which hopefully will be moved.
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