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  2. Perhaps there is something that we are all missing here......... In the first instance if the senior I/O has dispensation to grant a retirement extension to somebody and that person has no proof of income, then that is covered and seems to be okay by immigration. Also, if that is the case, no documentation with regards to funds in the bank are needed, so nothing needs to be "illegally copied or produced", so no illegal "documentation/dealings" are necessary from a farang, for example. So nobody is submitting false documentation to the immigration department, because it is not needed. Another angle we could take is that this very edict/loophole in the immigration set of rules and regulations has been put there purposely, and it is there to provide an avenue for individual immigration offices to be able to not only operate as they "see fit", but to operate in a way which may "benefit" their employees. I'm sure you get my drift. IMO, posters are trying to fit their way of thinking and what may or may not be "acceptable" in their home countries into what goes on here, and we all know that the differences are many, varied and mostly incompatible.
  3. Yes, it´s gone. Why people still would stay there? Hmmm.... Let me think. Aaah! Got it! Maybe they not only live there for a market and a bar.
  4. It has been confirmed by multiple posters that CM immigration (I believe that is also your local office) accepts term deposits. I get over 2% on my term deposit with CIMB.
  5. I think for this point to hold any water... it'd have to be based on NON O and its sub class... not all other long stay extensions of other classes, just wanted to make that distinction.
  6. I’m not sure where you get Boris succeeding from. This has all the hallmarks of Boris Johnson’s very own surrender deal.
  7. It seems you know what you are talking about and I won't argue with that. But I am pretty sure if anybody submits fake or incorrect document an officer makes decisions based on those documents, then that can be a problem. If the officer knows that the applicant has i.e. "only" 500k in the bank and the officer decides that is good enough that is up to the officer. But if the officer was misled to think the applicant has 800k but this is not the truth now that's a different story.
  8. Better than Spotted Dick. Sent from my SM-N935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. People on a tight fixed income and maybe a family to support who don't care about their money are truly fools.
  10. Before the end of the Thai Tax year (calendar) , place the money with your currency service, or in an isolated account, and get them to send to Thailand it at the start of the next year? I think if in Thailand the 50k would be taxed as income if you were here more than 180days. (I've only glanced at that subject though).
  11. Sorry that's not a link but my emphasis. Just heard him saying that on a LBC news bulletin.
  12. In depends on where your home country embassy still provides income letters/affidavits which basically validates you have the required income/savings. If your embassy provides such then you do not need to have a penny in a Thai bank nor show proof of periodic transfers into Thailand. The UK/UK/AU and I think Danish embassies stopped insuring such letters late last year. So, for those nationalities which can not get an embassy income letter they must show proof of required funds in a Thai bank amounting to at least Bt800K or monthly transfers of at least Bt65K. But some immigration offices will accept a "combo" method of money in a Thai bank plus monthly transfer as long as those two equal Bt800K per year.
  13. Might as well go back to doing border runs.Don't need money in bank don't need insurance don't need umpteen misinterpreted rules made up by misinformed IO's.It's so simple.
  14. best to pop around to makro when ye don't normally do and then you might find a whole range of western veg on offer...I've gone sometimes to find they ain't got zilch then other times with a full complement on offer...some nice NZ hass avocados last time @ 39thb each...
  15. Since you don’t have hundreds of millions of baht to transfer, don’t worry about it. Transferring Thb800k into Thailand won’t get you into trouble. I doubt if anyone, especially at the BOT will even notice. I would say that using an agent is more likely to get you into trouble compared to doing it yourself.
  16. Your link doesnt work, can you provide a link that works ? I did a websearch, but, nothing came up
  17. Some Hard Brexiteers keeping mum but privately having kittens. Sent from my SM-N935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. cheers I was thinking of giving them a call, I had already looked on their website with no success. Promising that your wife renewed 1 year early that would probably work. Regards
  19. Most likely won't remember to wipe it down. 316 is surgical grade if I'm not mistaken. Should last. I'll see what's available locally to me. Yes, I will be using salt chlorination. Thanks.
  20. As a non native speaker i even know it....overtaking is on the good side (the right hand side) and undertaking is the left side.
  21. They wouldn't dare Merkel would hammer them and put them on the naughty step.
  22. it is frustrating. At least here on TV you can always be sure that a member will always repeat the same thing over and over. Consistency ! Now thats what I like
  23. Ok What I will tell the pro is this. 5/15 meter out with 4mm copper wire with L and N wire both into 20A Main Breaker (I call this MCB), I will Earth it from here, then out 2.5mm copper with only L (hot) wire into a sub breaker 10A (I call this CB) but the N (neutral) wire into busbar (neutral bar). 10A with 2.5mm wire solely for AC and Earth it. 10A solely with 2.5mm wire water heater just found out it's 3500W Panasonic heater. 10A or smaller for the rest of each point. the 3/9 meter I will do the same as like above and making the MCB as the distributor breaker branching out into smaller breakers. Basically I will make sure the MCB (main breaker) amp is matching or a little higher amp, say 15A for the 3/9 meter and 25A or 30A for the 5/15 meter? I will also match or try to over match my AC breaker, heater breaker, etc. Right? Clarify my friend's house and shop are in Laos. I'm from BKK.
  24. What democracy? People voted to leave based on what the leave campaign was telling them. They said we would remain in the single market. Be just like Norway they said. No a deal or no deal Brexit is what is being forced upon the UK by some Brexit fundamentalists within the Conservative party. Thats not democracy. Thats having a referendum result hijacked by an extremist group.
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