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  2. Ok. I need to comment. He should give himself an award for his hilarious military-ish haircut. When is the movie coming out? This will certainly be an added scene Glorifying him as the hand shaker for the Kingdom’s thank-fullness and perhaps he will get his statue that he doesn’t want after all. Why is it him giving the award?
  3. did I say EZZRA somewhere in my report that I thought all western men thought like I do? did I say somewhere that I thought anyone thought same as I do <deleted>? did I say all people think same as I do <deleted>?
  4. There's still time, I'm staying at a pretty swanky hotel in S'pore thanks to my job, and in the executive lounge they have some neat small spoons. Thank you.
  5. The brackets you pictured are some home made ones made out of cheap angle iron. The install shop will have some professional pieces that look better. I think they look better up on the wall and its easier to keep outside your house clean if they are off the ground. The inside unit is louder in the room than the outside unit. My Mitsubishi units outside are extremely quiet just a little electric hum. What kind of normal temps at home do you like to sleep in? Not gonna be any different here. In Thailand I like about 20 C and use a down comforter to sleep. Some people on here like 29C to sleep (way to hot for me). Anyway you should be good with 9k BTU and 12k BTU units but if it was me I would buy the next size larger.
  6. Pay for the extra length of pipe if you need to, it is a minimal amount, and mount the outdoor units away from the bedroom walls. I did with the ones in the new house and in the old house the 4 metres of included pipe was long enough, specially as both the units were mounted at the same hight. Though both indoor and outdoor units are quite quiet you will hear them at night so specifically because your bedroom walls will transmit sound quite well put the outside unit on a different wall. As to attractiveness, do they ever look attractive? Also after a month or so you will stop seeing them wherever they are but if on the ground you may still find them in your way.
  7. I have a Daikin inverter, very good, silent and save money ; my neighbour has a LG, don't know if it's good, but from outside, it's noisy ( more than mine )
  8. Although very rarely asked for in the past, Immigration has always had the power to ask for proof of the source of an applicants income. If they suspect an applicants income document is suspect Immigration can ask for proof of its original source. This may not be the latest copy of the requirements but the option to be asked to supply further evidence is still in force. income evidence.pdf
  9. and that is in the shade , so out in the sun it must be another 10c on top ? I normally play golf 3 times a week starting about 8 00 am but towards the end of the round at mid dayish it is a struggle with non stop sweat running from my face and body . Drink 2 bottles of water & a sports drink during the round and do not have to pee . Back to my place for food and air con bedroom , ah , that feels great until I go back outside to what feels like a furnace . Now have cut the golf to 1 time a week cos toooo hot and humid . But if we have an evening storm I enjoy watching it with a cold beer or 3 .
  10. Really? you guys can NEVER SEE??????????????????????? I tell you like it is <deleted>. I tell you things I like now, things I did not like then straight like a police report and you freak out like little girls with bows in a knot!!!!!
  11. Definitely no need to wait 11 years, to ban all of the above. Especially those styrofoam food containers. They are horrific. In the US they are now made out of recycled paper. That is the way to go. And plastic bags? That will be a rude shock to the average Thai, when they are not allowed anymore.
  12. Please, please, please close the bars for the great Thai event of the King's Coronation, if only to watch the online backlash from the foreign beer swilling, drunken water gun toting cultural afficianados of Soi 6, 7, 8 and Soi Buakeow who shout so loudly during Songkran that we should observe Thai traditions and culture :))
  13. No more guesswork. On 4th March I applied for my first spouse extension and was told to come back on May 2. By the way just too much hassle such as paperwork and 3 guaranteeing poeple. As of yesterday my local immi says that Divison 4 has not yet approved. On May 7 I am off to Europe and back by early November again. My goal is and has always been to leave with a long term visa or extension ever since I am in Thailand. For a Retirement Extension it is too late as my embassy income letter would not arrive in time now. This is the reason why I am looking for a new Multiple Non-O-Visa and Savannakhet has always worked nicely for me.
  14. The 2 year long Witch Hunt is over and now time for some well-deserved payback. The investigators are now going to be investigated.
  15. There was and is no purge of western retirees at all. When your paperwork and financial requirements are in order. getting a extension takes about 15 minutes. I've got my 10th retirement extention based on monthly income last Friday at the Nonthaburi immigration.
  16. yes, it was about Thailand, did you get a complex feeling inferior?
  17. You must sign up for IDD separately; no automatic conversion from ACH to IDD. And remember, if you have not confirmed with Bangkok Bank yet as to if your payment is being sent in ACH "IAT" format then you should. If it not in ACH "IAT" format you are in danger of Bangkok Bank rejecting the payment once they implement their "rejection of ACH payments not in IAT format" rule that they have temporarily extended from 1 Apr 19. .
  18. Exercise more, not too many sugary drinks, I stopped fruit juice years ago, I used to drink daily. Get more clued up at what contains high sugar
  19. it took you 30-years go figure this out???? 30- Y E A R S???????? Quick test. Our Planet is called....... A. Apple. B. BlahBlah C. Earth
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