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  2. If anything he is jealous of Xi's power, but don't fret, he is well on his way to becoming "Supreme Leader" of Thailand.
  3. According to Google: Symptoms of Xenophobia anxiety. shortness of breath. panic attacks. trembling or shaking. sweating. nausea. accelerated heart rate. I haven't seen any IO's with these symptoms, male or female. At least, not at Jomtien, Si Racha or at the Airports and the border. Seen plenty who get frustrated at an expat's inability to provide the correct paperwork though.
  4. Vietnam has 12 month multi entry visas for Americans for around $135USD. That's it. Pay the money, get your visas. No other hoops to jump through. Currently, Vietnam has suspended 12 month multi entry visas to other nationalities, but are offering 3 month multi entry visas that can be extended inside Vietnam for up to 3 times, so that is 12 months anyway. 1 year multi entry visas for all nationalities will again be on offer soon, and are around $400USD. Once again, that's it. Pay the $400USD, get your visa. No other hoops to jump through.
  5. Unfortunately each Head at Immigration Office seems to have the power to 'adjust' requirements ... those documents were in a file and she came out to see me ...whilst waiting for my Passport and bank book to be returned... and asked me to sign that I had seen them...guess she realised that earlier she hadn't shown them to me ...
  6. You need to get out more or I am mixing with a bad crowd. I know one who formerly obtained an Embassy document that was not really based on much, and another who uses an agent that did the 800k in/out method. I don't expect these agents offices survive on a client base of the odd one or two.
  7. Sure! Why not?? Cash=king. Have converted to the Thai way of life...I do anything for a brown envelope of cash.
  8. Agreed. With only two qualifying transfers (March and April), this is indeed an interesting data point. On the downside, there still seems to be some confusion about acceptable documentation, and potentially getting it in a timely and acceptable format. The Bangkok Bank letter appears similar to the other two I've seen posted here. Can anyone translate which box is ticked on that letter? I'm leaning towards getting such a letter, which links to the Credit Advice/Receipts, for six months (Jan-Jun) in June, along with a six-month statement, and a second letter+CARs for Jul-Sep, along with a three-month statement, showing nine (9) monthly qualifying transfers. Then maybe get a Certification Letter day-of at CW. But will wait to see what others experience between now and mid-Sep.
  9. They would have been better off if they hit a police officer with a Ferrari and dragged his dead body down the street, they would then get priority treatment and be allowed to travel at-will.
  10. The Supreme Leader's pockets are so full of Chinese money that he's quite incapable of standing up.
  11. Ha ha I think that crown belongs to Donald ha ha oh boy
  12. Will the death penalty be enough punishment for what they did?
  13. Prayut's tantrums are not going to work and he cannot threaten the Chinese. Those are the only tricks he has. He has no verbal skills in any language. He is a puppet for the Thai elite. Thaksin Shinawatra was much better at dealing with them, and do not be surprised if he shows up afterwards in Beijing.
  14. It is only doable if you are going back to your home country on a regular basis anyway I do six in Thailand and six in the US and it suits me since my only interaction with Thai Immigration is for my 90 day report and a very occasional Residency Certificate The only downside is that you must arrange your travel dates to return to Thailand , on the second year , to arrive before the Visa expires
  15. I mentioned airport tax as an example, VAT as well. Even tourists pay VAT. There are many indirect taxes that people pay, which contribute to Thailand's economy. I did not mix it up with income tax. Look at the ridiculous import taxes on wine here. That's a lot of tax and excise being made off western tourists and expats on wine alone, which then as a VAT added. In relation to property taxes, what about stamp duty and transfer fees? Then again, why would anyone consider buying a property now, when you may not be able to live in it due to visa law changess.
  16. mike787


    A good whiskey and sex with 3 hot thai girls will pump up the endorphins levels...bust some nutz a few times...a good cardio workout, and you will sleep like a breast fed baby. Works for me!! Try it.
  17. Pew what a scorcher! I'm off to Trumpton Trumptown.
  18. I can give you one better than that....I heard one time, that a woman left her man....for no money at all...if you can believe that?
  19. The Western countries should done so years ago, its been 5 years, and no democracy.....enough is enough.....if they want go run to China, so be it.
  20. Your comfort and safety is the last of their concerns.
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