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  2. Well played mate. Out of interest, how old are you?
  3. You can't file taxes one day late in America could cost you millions. Don't see why you think the government has time rules if they don't enforce them? One day or one year it's still a time rule eh?
  4. Do they have people to assist you wiping your arse as you moan in pleasure?
  5. Only as a child. As adults we realise (or should) that there is no way of knowing - and so it is an interesting, but pointless pursuit.
  6. It is a viral brain disease spread by mosquitoes. Mainly prevelent in rural areas. Can cause death or permanent brain damage. . Yes, everyone living here should have the vaccine unless they have a contraindication to it. Particularly important for those living upcountry or traveling there. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd/j-enceph/index.html 2 doses a month apart for lifetime protection Readily available since it is part of the normal childhood vaccine schedule in Thailand. Travel clinics will also have it. Depending on where you get it, 1,000 - 1,500 baht per shot.
  7. I did this one time a long time ago. Just handed the doctor 100 Baht and he only did the basic stuff. Height, weight, and blood pressure.
  8. You mention that you have land registered in your name...how is that possible without Thai citizenship?
  9. I didn't know they were endlessly changing. Since I've been here (20 years) no changes for me. The embassy changed a rule so I'm switching to the income method because I no longer have to pay for an embassy letter. 5000 baht cheaper. Every little bit helps.
  10. I found it quite scary. I saw a long black tunnel with a purple horseman on a purple horse at the end of it. Apparently, a common phenomenon related to the brain being starved of oxygen. After that nothing, nada, zilch, carked.
  11. The USA wasn’t very happy with people entering illegally. I doubt if they really care what Mexico thinks when protecting their sovereign border, nor should they.
  12. Foodland has very often.. I regularly see it also in pattaya thai market (opposite temple) or Jomtien market (2nd road) Good luck
  13. Have it tested, seriously? Actually just has cases of Pellegrino delivered on the fortnight.
  14. The regular squirrel grips from the ladies I get walking about town is a highlight of living in Thailand for me. Not so keen when the ladyboys do it. But you gotta go with the flow.
  15. "And I would jet 5000 miles And I would jet 5000 more To be that woman who flew 10,000 miles To change enviromental law (ba da ba ba)"
  16. Agree to this to a certain extent. Apart from when I was young, only later in life did I meet 'religious' people - and nearly all were the most hypocritical people I've ever met .
  17. The Nine Bistro (Phone: 0998086719) (6.998335, 100.476178) On Sripoovanart Road, north side, just past the Kasikorn Bank opposite the Winstone Hotel, a shophouse unit hidden behind potted plants and hanging baskets. Inside is a small double height restaurant, wooden panelled and hung with pictures and portraits of the Late King, along with with bric-a-brac and curios from old Thailand. The food is authentic southern Thai cuisine, with many old fashioned dishes that reminded my wife of her grandmother's cooking. The food was excellent, portions aren't huge portions, so we sampled a good selection of dishes. The restaurant was busy, so service was leisurely which gave time to enjoy the succession of dishes, and the pleasant atmosphere of the little restaurant. We all enjoyed the food and the restaurant, so will certainly be back. Food for four adults and two children with drinks including alcohol came to Bht2000.
  18. Where and when did you get this idea about spirits and souls? Released to where? Understand what? The moment after you die isn't important. You won't even notice. Cuz ur dead.
  19. There is no qualifying health standard required to extend permission to stay in Thailand to the end of life so one must ask why it is being asked for. I guess that since Immigration can not act on anything discovered by a medical there must be other reasons for one. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  20. Hello, Especially do not ask if a medical certificate is required for an OA visa extension. This will encourage immigration services to add, again, a document. It's just the inquisition. (I agree with the very first OA visa application)
  21. People from the UK,Europe and the US still moving into our village in inceasing numbers .When you look at the mess the UK is in over Brexit and the cess pit the White House has become is I'm not at all surprised
  22. Libraries? I am so glad you are not in charge. There is nothing wrong with reading books. But personally I'd research and buy them using the internet. Gone are the days of the hassle of going to the library, dealing with card catalogs, getting a half dozen books because you don't know which will be worthwhile, returns, and such. I've never looked back. Sad to hear you have failed to tap into the internet very much. So many people have. Just about all the knowledge of mankind is online and free. I find what is out there astonishing and limitless. I learn everyday from it. The amount I can learn and the speed I can learn it at is light years better than the library. And it's just getting better and better.
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