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  2. Many Thais give their province of birth as their location when asked. That's not intended as a lie.
  3. Jeezus Jack, look at the name spellings. The DLT translated my name for the DL's, but I guess in certain instances you may need the expertise of an experienced translator. I notice the examples are also all temporary licences. I had my Passport translated for the Tabien Baan and my name is identical in Thai on both DL and ID card.
  4. No, I am not from the US. I am sure he can whip up an element of the crowd, but a 76 year old who has been around the scene for years and years, nah not for me, he won't get enough, no way.
  5. And forever will be, barring some geological disaster. But as for being citizens of the United Kingdom, that is a totally different matter.
  6. Numerous posts before indicate that once an EMS hits a foreign country's post system it disappears from tracking until finally delivered making a person think it has been lost in space.
  7. chiang mai people are the kind that like to broadcast themselves on blogs, fb/instagram and youtube religiously trying to live within the terms of use so they don't get deplatformed where as pattaya people like their privacy and appreciate the no camera signs and security enforcement that comes with it in their favorite hangouts
  8. I did not say one thing that was not true. I only talked about the income method as I was answering a posters question about a positive change. The embassy made a negative change and Thai immigration made a positive change as a result of three nations letting down their citizens. The only issue that relates it to this topic is positive vs negative posts that can cause expats to leave or not come to Thailand. It would be my contention that there are no positive rumors only positive facts. There are negative and positive facts but only negative rumors. And I have to take a portion back because I did just remember that there was a rumor that you could do the 90 day report at 7/11 once if I remember correctly. So not never but the overwhelming majority of rumors are negative.
  9. Thai News in general refuses to post a lot of stories that would negatively affect tourism. Posting a photo of a nice blue coral sea, when it fact there are 10 tons of plastics floating around. If you take the time, you realize that some people on the forum like Ubonjoe know what they are talking about and there are things to be learned. There are other posters that just are so full of it, they think Thailand is the greatest place on earth and spend everyday trying to convince everyone else this is the truth. If you weed out all the posts from those people, many who have trapped themselves in Thailand one way or the other, there is always something to learn from negative experiences. Many people have experienced huge financial loss, divorce, loss of their children, etc. These are not stories you are going to read about in the Thai news and it is best to be aware of realistically bad things that do happen in Thailand. It is best, as many others have stated, to read whatever you can and gleam what ever data you need for yourself. I first visited Thailand as a tourist in 1984 and it always stuck with me what a wonderful place it was. Then I moved there and in 2013 I decided it wasn't such a nice place and moved back to the USA. I read tons of post that confirmed many of the things I had already decided on. In the end, the decision was what was best for my future, my family and their future. Had nothing to do with negative posts. If you live in Thailand long enough, you will experience many negative things first hand and do not need to rely on negative posts. Posters that share their personal heartache and loss? There is always something to learn there. With no reciprocity, 90 day reporting, annual visa renewals, it says a lot about how the Thai govt feels about expats. Do not need to read a negative post to understand that.
  10. Oh no. You are spoiling the wet dreams of all those farangs whose sole existence swirls around how very difficult is it to deal with immigration.
  11. Over 3 million coronation souvenir coins ordered so far By The Nation THE TREASURY Department said on Thursday that orders have been placed for more than 3.6 million souvenir coins of different models that are being especially minted to mark the May 4 coronation of His Majesty the King. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1097019-over-3-million-coronation-souvenir-coins-ordered-so-far/
  12. Just wondering why you think this road is so dangerous I often ride on here from Nakon Phanom up towards Bueng Kan and don't find it any more dangerous than many other roads here in Thailand Will always find Thai idiots trying to kill you on any road,
  13. Spoken by a republican? Actually Biden can fire up crowds. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Love club med, it had prevented high rise along the beach.
  15. It will be interesting when the Chinese are caught gambling or drug taking. Perhaps both of these will be made legal in LOS to accommodate the Chinese!
  16. Genital warts do not cause this. It is probably not related to a sexually transmitted disease. He should go see a doctor and get a proper examination. BTW @ sheryl in many countries WBC is sometimes reported the way he does it (omitting 3 zeroes). And in some European languages "," and "." are not used like in English. Fourteen thousand is written as 14.000, fourteen point zero is written 14,0. If a layman sees the figure 14,000 he woul take it for a 14.00, i.e. 14.
  17. Have you tried tracking it on the Luxembourg Post site? Have you checked with the recipient if it has arrived?
  18. Over 3 million coronation souvenir coins ordered so far By The Nation THE TREASURY Department said on Thursday that orders have been placed for more than 3.6 million souvenir coins of different models that are being especially minted to mark the May 4 coronation of His Majesty the King. The orders include 200 for the “highest value” platinum coins worth Bt1 million apiece, and 10,000 for gold coins, department chief Amnuay Preemonwong said. The department has also extended the booking deadline from April 4 to May 10, while the coins will be delivered from June 1 onwards, he said. Orders coming in A large number of people have been showing up to place orders at the Treasury Department on Rama VI Road in Bangkok as well as at its related offices in provinces, including the pavilions set up in Chiang Mai and Songkhla. The department will produce limited quantities of three types of souvenir coins without engraved values. Only 1,000 platinum coins, worth Bt1 million apiece, will be minted; no more than 100,000 pieces of the blackened and sandblasted silver coins worth Bt5,000 apiece will be minted; and 100,000 pieces of the blackened and sandblasted copper coins, worth Bt3,000 apiece will be minted. The department will also produce three types of commemorative coins with engraved values as follows: 50,000 gold coins with Bt19,000 denomination priced at Bt40,000 apiece; 100,000 silver coins with Bt1,000 denomination selling at Bt3,000 apiece; and 5 million cupronickel coins with Bt20 denomination going for Bt20 apiece. The department will also produce 500,000 sets of commemorative medals priced at Bt1,600 each. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30368369 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-04-25
  19. Let Karma shower its blessings on all those empire builders.
  20. Scotland as a whole does not want to break away from the EU, and that has shown to be a deal breaker for many Scots. No to Yes is gathering pace.
  21. The air-con bus I usually take increased from 13b to 20b Of course it is not a big deal to me, but almost 40% raise is terrible for normal people.
  22. Keeping in mind mores do certainly change, would you please explain your post?
  23. Mis-use of the term 'oysters'. This group of pelecypods is famously stenohaline (not tolerating any rise of fall in salinity of sea water. Therefore, impossible to live in fresh water habitats. There lots of other groups of pelecypods which abound in fresh-waters - but they have different names .......
  24. Unless the Democrats can find someone with a bit more panache and charisma than the current nominees then they are not going to get anywhere against Trump. Biden, a nice gentleman (maybe) dignified etc but about as exciting and inspirational as dog turd.
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