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  2. I once walked into a branch of this bank, and was told I could not open an interest-paying an account because I was a foreigner. Advertisements in English are not always an indication that Thai businesses welcome foreign customers. Sometimes, they just want to appear to be trendy, modern, and connected to the wider world.
  3. you can adjust the sensitivity settings on them machines. I think on the minimum, you could nearly scan your butt and it will pass. on the maximum setting it probably reject you 75% times
  4. Lazy dirty selfish Thais ( as we're in Thailand) is the cause with zero education and its not going to change anytime soon, local villagers couldnt give a <deleted> about where their rubbish goes and until the govt takes it seriously with large fines ( enforced) and down to head of village level nothing will change. Then on top of that they have to build places to deal with the <deleted> + make sure EVERY village has a rubbish collection service which mine only got about 2 years ago................even then some of the villagers refuse to pay the paltry 20 baht a month and still burn their junk.
  5. I also find the sugar thing quite useless. When i see roached I just throw some borax powder to them. Then they go back home covered by snow and it seems that they don't come back again soon I also found this: https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Roaches-with-Borax
  6. Surely with the information available now about the hypocrisy of "global warming" people can see through the hype of main stream media? Remember their only function is to sell advertising, that's it, they don't care what they print!
  7. No, lots of guys love it. That's why many girls in many bars wear sexy clothes. But you obviously wouldn't know that because you would never ever go to those sleazy places.
  8. Do you understand what the point of an online forum is?
  9. Big Wheels Keep on Turning?" This old lady tells it as it is with Big wheels: If she and her sexy dancers don't get a persons heart rate up, all is lost.
  10. Go to any of the sheds, many many staff all on there phones with a stock answer to any question "Not Have" and walk down the Fridge isle and dare to stop you will be surrounded by ill informed people who are still on there phones, Thailand you have so much to get right to be able to extract that last bit of cash in my pocket
  11. Why would it leak if glued and tightened properly? It cannot loosen when underground as there is nothing to encourage rotation.
  12. After Macron criticized Bolosonaro, Trump tweeted Likely just to spite Macron by going against the EU. But who knows, maybe Trump will send a couple thousand rakes to Brazil so it can rake the forest floor. (Trump's solution to mitigate California forest fires)
  13. thanks you guys for all the comments... after we started running this farm, we got a lot of food to feed family members and more for others, we know more people and more people know us. we got a place to sell our produces. more than that the trees we planted now growing bigger and bigger. at the same time i keep money and invest it in other asset. i pretty sure within 5 years from now, i will be wealthy retired without any problem and stay peacefully in our land. we will use only the interest and never use the principle.
  14. You can find the answer to your query here: //Closed//
  15. Any quantity of drugs off the streets is good. Any amount of suppliers, traffickers busted and drugs confiscated and destroyed is good. Socially, for a healthy society supply due to demand needs to be addressed. As for the comments about ‘only 40 odd busts’ how many narcotics (and supporting RTP) officers do you think the RTP have ? No police force on the planet has enough officers and resources to mount stings that net all or large amounts of those involved in trafficking manufacture etc on weekly or monthly basis. Occasionally some forces will get results like the Donnie Brasco job in the US. Perhaps the naysayers here might like to get some understanding of the difficulty of law enforcement and mix it thoroughly with their cynicism, the <deleted> funding and training offered RTP, and the RTPs endemic corruption to understand the background to such numbers.
  16. Little chance of that, as long as you don't damage the 'O' ring and use a little silicone grease or Vaseline when putting it together.
  17. I use SCB in Nathon ... excellent service and all of the online stuff works very well. Good levels of English too, so everything is easy. Good luck
  18. I also find the sugar thing quite useless. When i see roached I just throw some borax powder to them. Then they go back home covered by snow and it seems that they don't come back again soon I also found this: https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Roaches-with-Borax
  19. Well he understands that it's OK to not pay his staff and to cheat fee paying university students and ...
  20. If you are an Oz passport holder, at least they have to let you in. With a Thai Immigration guy, who is being abusive to someone, as is suggested in the OP, you probably got to just suck it up.
  21. Off topic attempt to hijack the topic removed
  22. False. Change "can" to "may be able to". In fact, I suspect there are more cases of "can't" than "can" countrywide.
  23. If I were a durian I might be misled into reading it that way, but I am not! I understood it to mean that the account was opened in the name of the daughter, the one who made the complaint to the police.
  24. Thailand seems to be possessed with so-called luxury malls - the average Thai worker can barely eke out a living so they will not shop there. Relying on the 'rich' Chinese and Indians seems to be wishful thinking since they travel as cheaply as possible. Western tourist numbers are plummeting - perhaps they are trying to entice the Arabs from the middle east.
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