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  2. I agree. They tend to forget the details. I have several friends on OA visas as they thought this was the smart way not to bring in 800/65K a month because they cannot afford it. They don't have much more than 800K in the bank at home and they don't have insurance and one incident would wipe them all out. I had one friend have a bike accident, had to pay up 430K to get fixed and now cannot come back to Thailand. I think immigration is picking on these guys for such reasons I have seen. I cannot see further changes for some time to other visa classes. The guys on extensions have to have 800/65K here, they need to season it and the government knows this now. The OA guys did not need to do this. So the easy fix is if you don't want to pay insurance, get an extension, pay up 800/65K and end of story for now.
  3. Reports suggest there could be as many as 17 who will throw their hats in the ring. Probably only about five serious contenders though. Certainly plenty of back stabbing will go on and we know Johnson and Gove know how that works! Should be entertaining
  4. Donald bring extra hankies... She was very emotional at the end of speech, nearly choked holding back the tears, left the lectern running for the door... If it had not been the hell she has put us through in the last few months I would have felt sorry for her.
  5. If it's big enough you could get 12 different opinions from the same immigration office. However, as others have already pointed out Immigration Offices in Thailand are unlikely to be involved with this as the insurance is likely to be checked when applying for a NON O-A Visa at a Thai Embassy or Consulate in your home country, not in Thailand.
  6. She was correct it was always damage limitation...javid will see brexit scrapped and for good measure he is ex duetsche bank...you pound will soon be back above 52bt like before the vote...much better than a farage or corbyn 32-35 maybe then the wife can retire and spend some quality time with you
  7. The article refers to tourists presumably those living here long term utilizing marriage visas, retirement extensions work permits etc are not tourists There is no mention of how it would be collected so why jump to conclusions that are not there. Even if the above groups were charged the 100 baht it would hardly break the bank.
  8. Yeah, I agree we are affected (at least marginally). And, I agree with another reply I received that we should feel free to express ourselves. However, I would strongly caution against any organized movements by the expat community in Thailand. The Thai 'elites' already clearly don't want us here. Organizing around their politics - - and especially in support of their enemies - - cannot lead anywhere good for us. It would be silly to sacrifice our already meager existence here to support the flavor of the day politician.
  9. Mrs May has just resigned and will leave on June 7. A very dignified speech I thought.
  10. Its amazing really Thailand has not insisted on health insurance for all visas. When my thai wife went Europe (schengen ) and UK always part of the visa was health insurance. A lot of problems not with the old folks, but young idiots riding a moto pissed and ending up with broken bones an NO insurance, that's really costing Thailand a lot of money.
  11. It is virtually impossible to avoid anything having an Israeli content particularly IT products. But these BDS supporters won’t give up their tech stuff or things they want. Better to boycott the states that want Israel destroyed and kill Christians such as most of their neighbours run by the ‘religeon of peace’. BDS is a racist policy propagated by the left
  12. "Johnny Foreigner voting here for UK MPs and MEPs, stinks of political engineering and vote fraud." Johnny Foreigner is voting for canditates in his homeland, not for UK MP's and MEP's.
  13. Absolutely right. "Individual experiences based on specific individual circumstances generally dont paint a pretty picture and interaction seems to be mostly negative". Neither are they in any way representative of the Embassy's actual services in general.
  14. I walk a 3-4 steps away from the counter and plunge into my passport. I've caught a shortened permission-to-stay date and no stamp on the departure card, which is needed of course for when I leave, showing I had entered legally.
  15. Dirty tricks all over the world politically. Politics is the dirtiest " sport " globally Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  16. I would be interested in clarifying this, like HuaHinHim I was issued a Non Imm visa based on being married to a Thai and having a Thai child, but my visa clearly states its an O, and not an O-A. Seems one of us may have been issued with the wrong visa type, or maybe it was just a typo error on the visa ? Im still yet to find out what the difference is between an O visa and O-A visa. Does anyone know ?
  17. They are voting for their own countries EU candidates. Don't see how that changes your political landscape.
  18. Now it's included in the price of your ticket, among the taxes and fees.
  19. I would rather see the money held in a bank account in the name of each child with a monthly index linked amount paid to them. At the age of adults they then take control of the account!
  20. That is one of the most laughable statements i have ever heard. The thought that ex pats, who have sold up the UK, are in the slightest bit interested in what's going on in the UK, as their spending power declines, is beyond belief. I can hear them cry 'They like it up them' as they sit eating chicken and rice in a hole in the wall.
  21. Anyone surprised that the US has "suddenly" asked for extradition, while playing coy for so long. If he is extradited and put in court, I hope he has loads of embarrassing stuff to put on the internet.
  22. I never heard any other country complain about providing medical emergency care to their tourists.
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