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  2. Greetings, a couple of years back, I cycled from BKK to Ayutthya and noticed that once you got to Bang-pa in, you could follow the river. It was a pleasant part of the journey for sure. I was having a good look at that a few days ago. It appears that there are a few roads that follow the river to Ang Thong, one of the few places I've never been to. Has anyone cycled up to Ang Thong? It looks like a pleasant little ride.
  3. "Thais obviously have an awful problem with both these things..." What was the outcome of your investigation into the nationalities of the drivers in this incident, then?
  4. It was the airline who refused to let them fly... Probably there have been other instances and Taiwan has sent out a memo to Airlines warning them that they may refuse entry and fine the airline. But I would think Thai Immigration would take a dim view of it also.
  5. No comparison. Retirement in Malaysia is for rich people far more expensive than Thailand. Who you trying to kid?
  6. The same amount as wine and cheese ie zero
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  8. I assume this is a libelous / derogatory reference to Makro. At least we don't have a Thai "People of Makro" http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/
  9. WOW thank you to everyone who took the time to reply, some great advice thanks. I have found a website https://property-asia.com that has a lot of properties in areas you mentioned. Now I am stuck between Darkside, damn that is cheap for places to stay or Jomtien, the beach is luring me that way and as people have said, a Baht bus isn't to hard. Am guessing a taxi is only 200/300B if I needed to get back home at night.
  10. How many of those are in your weekly spend?
  11. WOW! Heavy, man. That's some profound shit.
  12. Coffee machines are ridiculously cheap in U.K compared to Thailand !!!
  13. Once you arrive, shop around and get to know the well-stocked pharmacies in your area. Build up a relationship with one of the pharmacists and you will be surprised how much prices drop. In Chiang Mai I believe 850 Baht for a 30-day supply is the average. I pay less through a friend, so it pays to shop around, make friends, etc.
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  15. ‘Peasants’. You’ve clearly never been to Switzerland.
  16. Democracy is based on truth, not lies ... democracy based on lies is an affront.
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  18. so your hookers are going older and less
  19. Surely there must be some inflation? or is it deflation nowadays?
  20. Pattaya may have a central sewage treatment plant, but what percentage of it actually works? And what is it's capacity?
  21. I have got 3 different treads now from fine to the more course in the picture in the post above. So far it have worked out well with normal fittings with fine treads, and silicon. We will see how it goes in the future.
  22. I'm aware of at least two condos in Bangkok where the lobby and the lifts are littered with signs in English, Thai and Chinese warning against short-term lets and threatening legal or even police action. Tourists struggle by them with their large suitcases almost hourly
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