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  2. Because literal right & wrong does not matter to the Democrats right now. 2020 is coming up and they are all-in on the smear-trump-get-soundbite stupidity.
  3. On the pink ID the name is only in Thai. Thai IDs have english as well so they can use outside Thailand. Pink ID has no purpose outside Thailand so doesnt need english.
  4. This report was NOT written by the Democrates Mueller has been a Republican all his adult life. If no collusion and no obstruction of justice and following through on the Mueller report will work against the Democrates why is POTUS obessed with with blocking any further investigation. He should welcome it to highlight the DEMOCRATES CONSPIRACY and his total innocence.
  5. How much would a worker at an upcountry Isuzu dealer earn? He is 37 and been working in the parts department for 7 years... I think he is not making much more than 10-15,000 baht a month - - any ideas?
  6. I thought I remember someone recently talking some scheme where you could mail the NY branch a check with certain additional info included, once it cleared then the NY branch would do a baht transfer to your in-Thailand account. Maybe it was in a post or in a PM. Maybe that was the Thai baht remittance scheme Bangkok Bank is now mentioning. But I can't remember where I read that....and too burnt-out over this whole non-IAT goatrope to try to find it again. I'll just wait and see if the NY branch responds to my request for info.
  7. Ummm, some economic sources such as Siam Commercial Bank's Economic Intelligence Center are now saying 3.6%. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1094746-thai-economy-shows-good-performance-scb/?utm_source=newsletter-20190412-0608&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news
  8. Yes, I have a BKK bank account opened with pink ID, thats how I found out about it. Opened the book up and saw thai name then asked why, the girl said because you opened it with thai name ID. Yes, some airlines are english only but some thai ones have both. I was just putting that foward as an example of to use the pink ID you need to do things in Thai name.
  9. Maybe thai immigration regard acenase’s staying of 90 days each time he was in Thailand as too long for a repeat tourist. I travel to Thailand monthly for a period of 10-14 days for past 25 years. No problem with the IO at all....both airports. I did try to spend less than 180 days a year in Thailand though.
  10. I did visit there , the place has a Koh San Road/ Pai feel about the place , Westerners far out number the locals . Many backpackers and tourists and the whole new town is geared up to accommodate them . But that may not be such a bad thing and its only 30 minutes from Danang
  11. No the are not. Just a check of the balance 3 months after date of application.
  12. I have no idea what the above sentences mean. How did the failed machines "not meet the proper standard of hygiene"? It would have been helpful if The Nation had actually explained what that meant. In the past, in these kinds of checks by the Ministry of Public Health, large portions of these kinds of dispensing machines were dirty, had filters that were never changed or long overdue for changing, not serviced as required, etc etc. One thing I know, however -- I'd never buy drinking water from any of those kinds of dispensers in Thailand.
  13. Yes, you pointed out something about the investigation. Trying to divert the meaning of my post Mr. Spin Doctor?
  14. "White guys with only 2 Leo beer cans and some deodorant". Deodorant? Edit: Just seen that you beat me to it, Benroom.
  15. Have searched the forum but can’t find anything definitive on this. My son is dual national (Thai/British) wanting to join the UK forces, but due to Thai national service the UK requires a letter from the Thai military waiving conscription – or documentation that might show it would not required for those living outside Thailand. I'm told obtaining such a letter from the Thai military might be possible after he has initially registered there from the age of 17-18. Problem is, he is not yet 16 but is at the age where he can apply for the UK forces. Hoping someone who has been in this predicament can shed light on this… Cheers
  16. You would be perfectly happy with a '<deleted> YOU" sign placed on the house opposite yours where your children can see it each and every day.... Your snowflake comment is well out of context in this case.
  17. Your post wasn't that hard to read 5555 If you mean The Mueller Report, why don't you be clear about that. Have this report read all along since it was published to 'the people'. Agreed, time taking and also pretty boring.
  18. But but...Khun Dan...if you too support the Chinese invasion, you might be out of business in a few year times or months as they will be no more farangs interested in thailand or getting a visa here.....and maybe thaivisachongching might be the next thing closest to thaivisa. Sad really. Let us know your secret.....are u planning a mandarin version of Thai Visa?? Or going to have a bollywood music channel on Inspire TV to cater to the next closest group of tourists potentials?
  19. Typical teen behavior. They do it because they are bored. I grew up in a small town in Ohio. Same kind of crappola by teens week in and week out. Then I lived in California. Same thing but with guns. The cops were just a body collection service. They were too busy raiding topless bars to bother with real crime prevention. Sound familiar?
  20. My last ACH transfer from a US bank was sometime late last year. Now I've also done several Transferwise and OFX transfers over the last few month but they are "not" done via ACH. I do not have any of my US govt benefit payments going to Bangkok Bank although I do have a Direct Deposit account setup which I opened about a decade ago and used briefly for military retirement payments...but stopped that after a few months once I got some no foreign transaction fee debit cards. But I have kept that account open and do put some money into it....send some transfers to it occasionally. Maybe only people with Direct Deposit accounts are getting the letter. But the letter I got did not have any account number listed...I have multiple accounts at Bangkok Bank. Hard telling what grand plan is being used to mail the letters out. Maybe up to each branch?....my accounts at at the head branch in the HQ Bangkok Bank building....branch code 101. But I figure if they are mailing out registered letters of notification they are serious this time....30 June will be the last day to squeak a non-IAT transfer thru the system.
  21. Is not the name is also written in English? In my GF's ID card, her name is also written in English
  22. I totally agree with Richard, and I went to a grammar school, funded by the UK government, and got sweet <deleted> when my parents died. So keep your silly opinions to yourself please. Drugs or drink ??... something very odd in that post by manchega - he may need to explain his irrational rant but perhaps lacks the smarts to do so, hence the 'privately funded education' chip on his shoulder.... !!!!....
  23. ‘The Great Bake Off’ to get first Asian version in Thailand By Tim Dams The Great Bake Off is to be remade in Thailand, marking the format’s first version in Asia. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096848-‘the-great-bake-off’-to-get-first-asian-version-in-thailand/
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