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  2. He was last on here "viewing" 9hrs ago. It must be killing him keeping schtum when he always has so much to say
  3. Not so many mentally ill people in UK or Italy.?????
  4. kinnock making money on EU issue's we can add JRM and BJ to that
  5. Has most of the pain gone yet? My broken wrist (many years back) hurt like hell the first night, then a dull ache for another three-four days, then it was just awkward in the cast for six weeks with no pain at all.
  6. Here's a review but IMO you're better off being an idiot & opting for one that uses capacitors rather than an internal battery that might fail due to heat or humidity.
  7. Just wonder how all this marijuana ends up in Thailand. I am sure foreigners have nothing to do with this since Thailand attracts only the good men with good intentions.
  8. Do not kid yourself Thailand wants real tourist not people living here on tourist visas or VOA. This has actually been a long term battle for them as I can remember rule changes and better enforcement back in 2004 and 5. Of course the people pulling this all said the same thing, they just do not realze how much money we contribute. I guess it just isn't that much for them to worry about. Get the proper visa or go to one of the more welcoming countries at least in your eyes
  9. so why all the moaning about the UK paying more than the small nations,i quoted germany as to get you to take the bait which you did,pound did recover more against the dollar after brexit compared to the euro,what you totally dont seem to grasp is that the pound generally only recovers on news of brexit not happening,there are days when good economic figures are released and it barely rises or even falls because some politician states that a hard brexit or crash out/no deal is likely,its been the same pattern for nearly 3 years,you obviously dont follow the subject,
  10. I agree. Dash cams (front and rear) are hard to argue against too. But as always, there's the way it should be and there's the way it is. Sadly, things will never be the way they should be (anywhere on this planet).
  11. Acknowledged. ''Say no to all single use plastic'' would have more appropriate. Non the less, that didn't stop the comment from receiving 10 'likes' and 7 'thank yous' did it. Being PC can become just a little bit too fastidious at times.
  12. There are actually a lot of places where you can get a good acoustic guitar. I'm pretty sure any music store will work well for you. I can only share my personal experience - I bought a nice Yamahaat the CT music shop (you can look up the address on google maps). Concerning humidity, that doesn't really depend on the store where you get the acoustic guitar. It's not up to them to decide if humidity will impact your guitar or not. The guitar I got was yamaha fg 800 and it stood well in Thailand climate. You can read the review I linked to see if this model works for you.
  13. Not planning to go anywhere....but I could be wrong hopefully.
  14. Like it. Hard hitting truthful post. He knew the team 'punched above its weight' in that season. Utd, along with Liverpool, Barca, Real M, Ajax, Bayern and a couple of Italians (and Celtic perhaps) are known throughout the football world. Might even put a couple of Londoners in there. But the first two - Utd and Pool - are right up there, and have been for years. So were Villa and Forest a while back though. A lot of work to be done at Old Traff'. A general clear-out is needed.
  15. Well Watson can talk as his constituents voted leave considerably 68.18%. Another self serving politician. Who is lying and being dishonest. By the way we love how polls are correct. No people say the 5 council presidents are unelected. Totally different,.
  16. are you for real...or just pulling a chain...a spoon???? come on.
  17. 750 arrested ,given a nice hot meal cup of tea and allowed back to protest Sent from my SM-A720F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. I agree, I've done Siam Reap (January) and Phnom Penh (April) and enjoyed both. My pals have done Siam Reap, Phnom Penh, Sinoukville and Kep this year .... enjoyed all except SV. Said all of SV was a big dusty, dirty noisy building site at the moment and nowhere to stay, I trust what they say.
  19. best leave here and not return i am thinking like this more and more
  20. Many of those foreigners promise to marry those girls and get them a better life, but after they get what they are looking for, they just vanish and leave those poor girls in worse situations.
  21. I wonder how many times this has happened. Police plant the phone as the plane arrives and then go watch the monitor until someone picks it up. They then follow the person and threaten to throw them in jail, dropping subtle hints that a bit of cash will help solve the problem there and then. This guy obviously didn't take the hint or didn't want to pay the bribe so they made good on their threat to throw him in jail.
  22. I was 70 fractured wrist not broken a few future hospital visits and meds all fixed about a 1000 + a bit.
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