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  2. After that the dems jumpn in to the room and force people to become Vegan and give up cars. Can we call is "Soylent Green"?
  3. I think if I were a pensioner, I wouldn't get the 20 years, but perhaps 10 years, if possible. The OP has been living on a retirement visa for 15 years, so I calculate must be over 70.
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  5. The real road toll is published by various watch groups.Thailand is about 45 deaths per 100000 . which is about 27000-30000 deaths per annum.One of the worst tolls in the world. Officially its half that along with absurd stats on tourist deaths here. Its all about mass tourism income. No tourism? Thailand's finished.
  6. OK, let's say Russia was trying to tilt the election in Trump's favor. Let's say Trump was happy they might do that. Who's job was it to keep that from happening? Who's watch was it? Who was resposible for thesanctity of the US election process in 2019? Was it Vladamir Putin? Was it Trump? Who?
  7. If I understood the setup correctly, the whole point of the Muller investigation was to push all the data and therefore charges to the state courts, which Trump doesn't have power over. Do the initial investigation and make sure that Trump doesn't have powers to overcome those investigations. Trumps is a turnip.
  8. Allegedly the MRT card is not Emoney because it can only be used for transit and not in retail outlets like McDonalds etc. Some operators are arguing that this is incorrect and that BEM should enforce registration of their cards too, the jury is still out on this one.
  9. Much the same as no plastic seal around the neck of a water bottle cap! More talk... No action as usual... Dribble...
  10. We are not islands .... People who are injured when not wearing helmets have impacts on others. Friends and family end up as carers or mourners....family income is lost. The rest of us? ......well, we end up paying ever higher insurance premiums and taxes for the services these victims require. Not wearing a helmet isn't an individual freedom or right, it impinges on others, friends, family and society.
  11. That will drag out for about 9 years with a halfway decent lawyer.
  12. Lets face it, original man feared everything and thought if he worshiped the gods of rain, sun, etc etc etc they would save them from a horrible death. Before they worked out that the "gods" never saved them from anything the men in funny hats had made it obligatory to be a "believer" so they could get rich and eat well. Religion and spirituality are completely different beasts.
  13. Getting the permit will not cause you any doecial scrutiny or problem. Just go through the green channel as usual. If bags checked at that point produce the permit. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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  15. But the new York State attorney general does not. It ain't over yet. Tax fraud, bank fraud and money laundering are equally damaging Sent from my SM-J250F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  16. A sub thread of that- Siam Commercial bank are using XRP for foreign remittances. Digital assets, ie cryptocurrencies have done and are doing away with old fashioned money transfers.
  17. These medications are readily available in all Thai pharmacies and cheap. No reason to bring them with you. Next time write down the names and show them that. Pictures may cause confusion because the brands here are different. Different brand names and different appearance. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. Don't think the Malaysians felt that way. They, unlike Thailand, have greater transparency. Cha Cha is a bug compared China and a does not have what it takes to deal with them. YOu can kind of tell by the look on Xi's face. Your unquestioning nature is the worst of all as you should know better.
  19. Yes, Russel is to smart for the Trump circus doesn't jump to the ringmasters tune!
  20. Pence would be able to hold office, but would anyone want him too?
  21. More than 4,100 constituencies are being contested in total across Cambodia’s 25 regions. TREUY KOH COMMUNE, KAMPOT PROVINCE — Cambodia’s ruling party is preparing for local elections to be held in May, but few Cambodians appear to be paying much attention to what has become largely a sideshow after the Cambodian People’s Party banned the main opposition two years ago and handed their jobs to loyal officials. In Treuy Koh commune, Kampot province, five seats are up for grabs. Pov Son, the CPP commune chief for the past 20 years, believes his colleagues will all vote for the ruling party, adding, “They have to vote for CPP since they are the members of CPP.” More than 4,100 constituencies are being contested in total across the country’s 25 regions, but only the incumbent 11,500 commune councilors, many of whom were installed by the CPP in 2017, are eligible to vote. Prior to its dissolution by the Supreme Court, the former opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party held about 43 percent of the seats. Since then hundreds of former opposition officials defected to the CPP amid reports of coercion. Pov Son, Treuy Koh commune chief of the ruling Cambodian People's Party in Kampot province, spoke with VOA Khmer in Kampot province, Cambodia, February 2019. (Sun Narin/VOA Khmer) The CNRP had majorities in some regions, including the capital Phnom Penh, where it held 53 percent of the council positions. While councilors have some degree of devolved influence, they are not empowered to the extent that district and provincial officials are to form and implement policy. “The councilors from provinces, cities, and districts have the power to set up plans, meet to set up plans for the governor to implement,” he said. Chea Chiv, a former CNRP official from Battambang province, said the election will have no legitimacy following his party’s dissolution. “It is a one-party election and incomplete. There is no need to have an election, wasting the national budget. [The CPP] can set it up without an election,” he said, adding that the ruling party’s actions were “like riding a wild horse handsfree”. For many, this election will be another reminder of the CPP’s consolidation of power since 2017. Prime Minister Hun Sen launched an extensive crackdown on independent media, civil society activists and the opposition party ahead of the national election in 2018, which critics labeled “the death of democracy.” Soth Pov, 48, is a salt producer in Kampot province, Cambodia, February 14, 2019. (Sun Narin/ VOA Khmer) But Cambodians are largely indifferent to the vote, given that they have no say in the outcome. Soth Pov, 48, a laborer at a local salt producer, said he had not heard there would be an election. “When is the election?” he asked. Since the crackdown on dissent, a climate of fear has spread in rural Cambodia as ruling party officials grew increasingly paranoid of suspected plots to oust Hun Sen, labeling opposition party supporters terrorists. Chhaom Chanthy, another Treuy Koh villager, remains wary of discussing politics in public. “I am afraid of talking about this,” he said when asked about the election. “I am just a normal citizen; it is hard to talk.” However, he said he wants to see the ideas of the country’s leaders challenged. “It [Cambodia] can’t progress if there is only one [party],” he said. source https://www.voacambodia.com/a/facing-no-opposition-cambodia-ruling-party-expects-easy-local-elections-wins/4881573.html
  22. Apparently his crime was to publicly scrutinize the Court and disagree to its dissolution of the Thai Raksa Chart Party. While the Constitution allows freedom of speech, apparently such freedom should be personally held (talk to oneself?) and not publicly presented. In other words, Thais have the freedom to think but not to EXPRESS. Meanwhile, the Prayut government and the NCPO are free to criticize anything and anybody regardless of any foundation for such statements, and waive the Constitution and laws without accountability. I anticipate that if Prayut is "elected" PM that Thai People's freedoms and rights might be further denigrated by more junta-appointed NLA laws that will essentially make Prayut electoral proof (PM for life?). How? In comfort of securing PM but prior to endorsement (aka "installation") of the new government and dissolution of the NCPO, Prayut as Chief of the NCPO can issue more Orders that have constitutional authority to politically safeguard his elected PM position (in perpetuity?) and assure that the current NLA passes those orders into law which it is currently doing with currently issued Orders.
  23. Any immigration office can do the stamp transfer. You only have to do it at a immigration office if you are on an extension of stay. There is no official fee for the stamp transfer but some offices have been reported as wanting as much as 500 baht to do it. If you are on a visa entry it can be done on departure from the country by showing both passports.
  24. Just one little thing, though: if you're on the electoral roll with a UK address, aren't you also liable to be called up for jury service? Might prove a tad awkward having to fly back to Blighty at short notice!
  25. Well, the quote that's sometimes attributed to Stalin: "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime" might well have been employed by Mueller but as it turns out, Trump's honestly and honorability was and is too much for attempted coup to overcome.
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