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  2. I imagine it was a quite "weighty" experience, especially for the poor horse - having that bouncing around on his back!
  3. @Crossy will know exactly what they are I could be completely wrong and they are just surface mount units like these circuit breakers. that go into a consumer unit. I don't particularly want to open the one I have to check as I'm going to install it soon and I might just let the magic smoke out. Anyway unless someone knows the Lao meter names you probably need a picture of the 3/9 meter as the current rating will be on it together with an estimate of the wire size (it may be printed on the wires) coming from it into your 60A circuit breake. I think I've reached my level of safe knowledge now. I lied, I've just opened one (no magic smoke release) they do function in a similar way to the ones in a regular CU I don't know how much current has to pass through them for the heated metal strip to trigger, certainly more than the rating. So these need to match the size of the cables feeding them. The guidelines are here The thing you seem to be missing (unless that 60A unit is one from the French system) is an RCCB
  4. THAT is indeed the problem, how do they decide / search if it was earned the same year it was sent? from what i read, a tax resident in thailand must pay taxes on income earned ALL OVER THE WORLD, besides capital gains . so the question is, what is defined as capital gains? say i hold a stock for two years, than sell at a profit and transfer to thailand the same year i sold - will it be considered taxable income? AND how will they decide if it was earned the same year? ohhh, thailand, so easy, and yet so blurry.
  5. Ha Ha ..... I know what you're saying. The sad fact is that so many guys get into situations here (and elsewhere) that they just didn't expect. Even two very nice longterm friends of mine are living in relationships that I could not. Guys get stuck and don't know how to get out. The child factor is often a reason.... but sometimes its just lack of fortitude. Other times bad financial "arrangements". I made mistakes, think most of us do. Its what you do after that which will determine if you can progress to a better life. Will OP succeed ? who knows No woman No kwai
  6. Three off topic posts removed. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. Well I am not an expert so you have to ask someone else
  8. Sinn Fein has welcomed Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. In a statement its president, Mary Lou McDonald, said: I welcome the fact that an agreement has been reached between the European Union and the British government. There is no such thing as a good Brexit. Brexit is being foisted on the north of Ireland against the democratic wishes of the people. As a party, Sinn Féin has worked to defend Irish interests from the worst impacts of Brexit. It was Sinn Féin who first made the case for a ‘designated special status for the north within the EU’ and it was Sinn Féin who insisted on the protection of the Good Friday agreement and no hard border on the island of Ireland as bottom lines. We have also insisted that no veto can be given to unionism. No wonder the DUP are saying no !
  9. Jim, Must be because you were one of the founding members and/or being so "hansum." I just checked my USAA acct to see if I got freebie domestic wire transfers and no....the standard $20 domestic transfer fee is being quoted when I start a domestic transfer. See below snapshot of part of the first screen when beginning a domestic wire transfer....and I guess this is where your screen reported a $0 fee where mine is saying $20. And I use the Multiple Factor/6 digit security logon.
  10. one thing you haven't considered in your calculations is how hot the room gets in the day, or how much residual heat is stored in the walls. I live in a ground floor condo and the walls get almost no direct sunlight, so a 9000 BTU is more than enough for 18 m2.
  11. You need to go to your local office for extensions
  12. Stay where you are we dont need people with the scumbag attitude.
  13. At least ive given you something to sling you handbag at , obviously you have not kept up to date with my latest thoughts on this topic.
  14. And that's the point of this law. There is no other explanation.
  15. I dfon't believe this. If this officer goes down for taking bribes or for whatever reason they might very well render illegal all the document that he stamped. And when it is your visa - you are out. I will stay away from this kind of visa.
  16. I seriously do not care of your judgement of my credibility . I deal with reality. I see literally dozens of primary school kids riding scooters (and lets face that's what they are, little more than a motorised push bike) and I personally have not heard of one getting killed coming or going to school. Not one. Ever. Sure there have been some injuries but not worse than riding a push bike generally. I'm sure the anti everything nerds will trawl through google to find something to refute my statements and as far as I'm concerned they can do their best. It will not change my opinion of what I see, live and breath every day.
  17. Well at least Fat Kim has some hair, even if it is cut in a remarkably silly style!
  18. Drunk in a bar? I never ever been in a bar all my life and I am not drunk either
  19. Oh i thought it was a boy trolling here....silly me...
  20. Reported yearly loss due to unpaid hospital bills is 100 Million THB. Think about that figure. I'm guessing, losses due to expired Aspirin jars in Thai hospital pharmacies amounts to more than 100 Mil THB. $3 Mil USD a year, this is pennies. You can't seriously believe it is about $3 Mil.
  21. his Go fund me page has raised zero baht .... looks like and I hope folks have wised up to these stupid go fund me con artists.
  22. So, it looks like my current extension of permission to stay from my original O-A visa (about 8 years ago) will expire while I am out of the Kingdom. No way to get a new extension in time. In an effort to get back in to status (extension of permission to stay), I am preparing Plan B. Currently it looks like I will arrive back in Thailand and get a visa exempt entry (US citizen) for 30 days. Once in, I'll file a TM87 for change of visa to a Non-O. I'll already have 800k baht in a Thai bank for more than 60 days. Assuming the change is granted, I have to file for the extension of permission to stay within the last 30 days of the 90 days you get the non-O under the change visa procedures. The questions that remain are: 1. Do I stay in Bangkok for a couple of weeks and do the process through Bangkok immigration or do I come back to Chiang Mai and deal with that office? My general feeling is that Bangkok is less arbitrary in how they handle things than Chiang Mai. Also, as I understand it, the TM87 has to be sent to Bangkok anyway for approval. 2. While I have not found any clear listing of what documents need to be filed with the TM87, I have found references to leases and letters from hotel/guesthouse with letterhead indication residence. Not sure if a lease from my condo in Cm would work for filing in Bangkok. Also, updated bank passbooks and letters from banks - in my case Bangkok Bank - showing the current balance and stating that the funds came from outside of Thailand are required. If I stay in Bangkok, I have to check with my local bank here in CM to see if the main bank can produce that documentation. If not, I think I may be stuck dealing with CM immigration. So, anything anyone sees about documents I may have missed or thoughts on which office to deal with would be appreciated. Also any information from anyone that might have done a TM87 change of visa at Bangkok would be appreciated as well. David
  23. Is it just me, or have Phoebe and Monica from 'Friends' really let themselves go.
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