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  2. You can touch it all you want. You can take it out. You can leave it in. Up to you. There are many ways to live in Thailand. One method is income another is a 2 year Visa from your home country with no money in Thai banks. If you choose the 800/400k method you must leave the money in the bank but at all times it is under your control. The variable is the visa/extension.
  3. If you want a detailed discussion of the economics of repatriation in the U.S. feel welcome to revive the thread I abandoned about that (as I'm not currently interested) or start your own. The general point is obviously the truth. Expatriation from richer countries to poorer countries for retirees is usually motivated by the hope for improving the quality of life in the new country. That certainly applies to almost all the Latin American choices, except for the more expensive ones like Chile.
  4. Many years ago, I was a "cheap charlie", that is to say a sensibly frugal type. I had one fork, one spoon and one knife. This was a hangover from living out of a bag for several years during which time I was something lower than a "cheap charlie", something like a proto-person or pseudo-hobo. P.s. I found your comment amusing on more than one level.
  5. I was diagnosed as borderline 12 months ago. Have taken statins for many years. Only lifestyle change I have made is to replace beer with bourbon. Tested again last week, plasma glucose level 5.4 mmol/l. Range 4.1 - 7.8. Never been a sugar lover and eat very little rice.
  6. If you have a live-in Thai Girlfriend or Wife, you will automatically have a drawer containing several thousand drinking straws, plastic spoons and red elastic bands. So just check there for your yogurt spoon. I don't believe all the stats from Greenpeace about plastic waste from Thailand, nothing escapes the draw under the sink drainer.
  7. You said rents in the US are through the roof. I am disputing that statement. So I listed specifics. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/12/rent-prices-are-falling-in-these-7-major-u-s-cities.html
  8. There is a good chance the hospital will register the birth at the district office for you. Get your wife to ask them if they provide this service. If they do, they will provide your wife with a copy of the requirements. Normally, it would be a signed copy of your passport and your marriage certificate. Your wife will have to provide her documents aswell. As you are married then your name has already been transliterated into Thai, so no problems there. It needs to be exactly the same spelling on the birth certificate. Do check the requirements of your own country regarding translations of Thai documents into your native language (if required). It's going to be much easier to get things sorted in Thailand if you are certain what is required. Remember that your child must be registered in a Thai house book within 15 days. Your wife can do this or she can authorise someone to do it for her. Once the house book is completed you will be able to get the child a Thai passport. Remember that you must be at the passport office with your wife to apply for the passport. It's also a good time to renew your wife's passport if the validity is short. Good luck, congratulations in advance and feel free to ask questions so you can get your timeline sorted.
  9. Intermittent water fasting gives your pancreas (and other internal organs) a much needed rest. Your body will appreciate it even if only doing occasional short term 12 or 24 hour water fasts. Type II diabetes (as well as hypertension and many other ailments) can actually be reversed by water fasting alone. Of course you would need to fast for longer periods of time (say 21-30 days or even longer) to correct chronic long term ailments (and it is advised that you do so only under qualified medical supervision). I have done several 10 day, 14 day and even two 25 day fasts so far and looking forward to a 30 day fast next. Lots of good info on line and if you want to hear it from a reliable source (Medical Doctors) with verified concrete studies then look up the True North Health Center in California. They have a website and lots of youtube videos. It's not for everyone though, it takes commitment and motivation to get through some of the roughest periods. The 1st 3-4 days you will feel hungry. After the 4th or 5th day you will completely lose your appetite and can sit at a dinner table with others while enjoying your glass of water and not even get hungry at all. There are some rough "healing crisis" periods to go through depending on how clean or how polluted your system is and how you prepped for a longer fast (such as drinking only fruit and/or vegetable juice for several days or a week prior to starting a fast). It's amazing when you look into it and discover just how beneficial it really is. I know, some naysayers here will say it's just starvation and it's stupid etc. Like I said, it's not for everyone so you be your own judge and don't judge others if you have no real knowledge or experience with it. You kids play nice now okay!
  10. Exactly. This is onerous. This is highly unusual compared to any other international retirement visa program. Of course your money is locked up and if you do go under presumably to prepare to leave Thailand, you instantly put yourself into questionable legal status. Really, many of us are kind of stuck here more or less for various reasons, but these changes should put all prospective future expats on high alert.
  11. Geography lesson seriously required. You wouldn't be American, would you?
  12. That wasn't the tactic on Wednesday. You didn't win the game but merely advanced on the away goal rule. Not to worry. Your advance won't mean picking up a trophy
  13. Really? Keep up the good work. Your credible boasts make us proud to be Texans
  14. Bkk Trendy Condominium suk soi 13.. nice laps pool.
  15. Why would the UK even care about the Irish Border? The EU would seem to be the ones with an incentive to secure the Irish Border in a post-Brexit world, no?
  16. Think he ran that tackle off but was starting to look a bit knackered late on
  17. from experience filipinos speak english you can actually have a conversation
  18. BREAKING NEWS ! OP TRUE IDENTITY REVEALED ! Thailand Visa Forum Member EVENKEEL is a spoon thief. BANGKOK Tha Vis For Usr Far Donim, known as 'Big Don' has discovered that LittleSpoonFarang, known as 'EVENKEEL' , was responsible for draining the stock of small yoghurt spoons at the SevenEleven convenience store chain. He transfers the spoons from his plastic bags to the bathroom and allegedly making a swim in it, a selfie on his TummyBook profile was confirmed. The incident allegedly occurred on an moment when the heat roared trough the roofs and all water was used during last week craze. He also sent shockwaves across the forum when he accused the SevenEleven chain of forcing him to use his vingers and a chopstick to eat his Yogurt, as one member stated 'every one knows yoghurt tastes best when you dip you fingers in and lick your fingers.' unclear is what the relation is with the member and his fingers. Meanwhile, TV News reported that deputy Pawneese said that no investigation or further information will be released regarding the shocking fact that a spoon was missing with his yoghurt set .  Earlier this week it was reported that EVENKEEL is hiding in a pretty swanky hotel in Singapore. Tha Vis For Usr Far Donim ordered him to be questionized uppon arrival in Thailand. Also, FamilyMart are summoned to increase their stock of spoons as a temporary ban on SevenEleven is requested. Full Story : Missing Spoons at 7-11
  19. Da Roadrunner has worked for five car manufacturers and owned a garage business. The old cars had a separate chassis (pickups still do). Despite unitary construction, modern cars still have a chassis. Take a look underneath the floor pan, it's just not separate anymore. Once bent they are seldom ever the same again. Even with a chassis jig and laser alignment. Chassis jigs are rare in Thailand. What you get is Somchai with a tape measure! Thais also try to straighten old bent parts when they should have replaced with new. The whole lot is then covered up with plenty of body filler (otherwise known in the trade as 'pudding').
  20. Sounds like? It's been this way for the last 12 or 14 years despite frequent badgering of the local PEA by homeowners and the village headman. They inevitably send a man with a meter during the day and says it's all OK. Getting myself one of them stabilizer thingmabobs that Crossy mentioned.
  21. Motor sai. There are no constant clusters in Thai. You are projecting. There is no K or L etc etc . Learn to walk before you try to run sonny.
  22. I just took it to a translation shop and they took it to the MoFA. No need to leave Pattaya.
  23. Gloating about what exactly? You've not won anything and probably won't
  24. She is one of the most prominent gun rights activists in Russia. That is why she was known to one of the most famously Pro-Gun Rights Politicians in Russia. Butina was in fact born in "Siberia" to an upper middle class family, but moved to Moscow as soon as she graduated and speaks fluent English. Does that answer all your questions? Even the oldest and most prestigious Left Wing magazine in the United States denounced the prosecution of Butina as a farce. She is not a "spy". Not an "agent". Just a political activist interested in gun rights: https://newrepublic.com/article/153036/maria-butina-profile-wasnt-russian-spy
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