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  2. But they need the money to fix emission problems, buy new tires, and fix the brakes
  3. A traffic light controlled by the emergency vehicle? Come on, that's 21st century technology and Thailand is still in the 1960s when it comes to traffic control! Computers? Can't trust those, let's send the police out...they can do a much better job!
  4. What is the monthly price for this "minimal talk and text plan"? Cricket does offer WiFi calling (and notably SMS) on certain models, which would be helpful here. Assuming you registered your Cricket number with BoA, you could receive SMSes here with their WiFi Calling app. This might be a good back-up when the SafePass dies. Google Voice and Talkatone, among others, offer similar, albeit totally free, capabilities as mobile apps. A 10-digit number in an area code (and in some cases prefix) of your choosing, free calls and texts to/from the U.S. over WiFi or even mobile data here, just as if you were in the U.S. I've been able to get most family and friends back home onto a messaging app. (WhatsApp!, LINE, Messenger) which makes time-shifted communications a bit easier. Obviously, these platforms offer enhanced messaging, voice and video.
  5. The unemployment figures are probably massaged as some other governments do - work one hour a month, hey presto you are employed. I would say Thais seem to be happier than most with their extensive social networks; however, the rating didn't take that into account.
  6. Many Thai toilets are superior, although I concede that many are far worse!
  7. Wow my op has now changed topic into something of an hot potato. In my humble opinion these new financial requirements have been done for one thing and one thing only, and that is cheap loans to Thai Banks. They can then invest your 800.000/400.000 baht relatively safe in the knowledge that you cant touch it. I expect similar conditions going forward to apply to the 65000 baht method.
  8. BKK to Pattaya will happen way before that. If you are alive in 20 years, maybe to CM..
  9. Would add it probably best to visit Bangkok Bank main office on Silom Road in Bangkok as this is a special system to deposit into Thailand using New York branch routing and no other banks offer this method. They should understand when you mention direct deposit of US Government retirement payments. Although account may be with a branch; the branch may not have a clue.
  10. AKA the polls were wrong. We have state polling and nationwide polling. They were wrong. Not only were they wrong but the "analysis" and "speculation" was wrong too. And Clinton lost.
  11. A figment of his imagination I suspect, so maybe he did!
  12. Hang Dong. and the roads parallel behind Makro aera power fallen onto moving traffic roads blocked just one resident trying to stop cars ploughing into wires poles and cars no road block no signs looked like carnage wont get fixed until today so I am told
  13. I love Thailand too, it keeps "Georgia on My Mind" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIp9TwSEgFg
  14. On my first visit to Thailand, I found the foot paths, with contingent liabilities galore, abhorrent. Immediately, I commented to my new Thai gf about our 5' wide, unobstructed, smooth, wheel chair friendly sidewalks in Canada. But as soon as I said it, I realized that I was sounding too much like the immigrants that were aplenty in my youth. How well I remember them saying "how much better things were in the old country." To that I used to think "then why are you here". Those sidewalks (paths) no longer bother me, nor do many other Thai traits. TIT is now how I view our differences. Seldom ever do I voice my opinion about "the old country". I just adapt and be happy.
  15. More brexit misinformation. The UK borders have always been controlled, do you really think that people just walk into the UK. Controlling who enters is another matter altogether and something the government has had control of wherever the people came from. Tens of thousands of migrant workers from Romania and Bulgaria are to be blocked from working in Britain amid concerns that economic migration is placing new strains on public services. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2007/sep/23/immigration.eu Discontent arose in the UK because the government failed to provide the funding necessary to accommodate the numbers they decided to allow into the UK. It cannot be denied that hate crime equates to being racist and xenophobic. It cannot be denied that hate crime against EU citizens has risen following the result of the brexit referendum. It cannot be denied that abusive element on the leave side is a minority but the vote to leave fueled the flames and you cannot put spilled milk back in the bottle.
  16. Our policy covers everything including Storm damage and yes we will change broker and insurance company next month when we have to renew anyway. Have contacted our lawyer but as we all know it will probably cost more than the claim .
  17. Exactly. I'm bored to death being called hansum man by women 'workers' here.
  18. It's a can of worms that should never be opened. No way to close it after!
  19. Local Latin American color like that adds value to the thread. Thank you. It's kind of a rule of thumb if you're seeking a better quality of life abroad that you want your wealth and/or income to be well above the level of the typical local. Of course there are always some filthy rich locals. Bless their dear hearts. This brings up a mystery to me about Queretaro Mexico. I'm getting conflicting info on the wealth level there. Some information indicates that it's actually higher than my level. If that's really true then I couldn't afford it. As most people realize most foreigners coming in tend to need to overpay for lots of things and don't have the benefit of a local support family network. So that's a degree of a built in economic handicap. So if typical locals are at your level or higher then you're basically screwed and objectively poor even in the local context. Poor and assumed rich. That is not at all good. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  20. Western countries have become anti-nationalist. So western people come to Thailand with the same attitude. Most Thai's are nationalist however...hence the problem.
  21. That's the moment to pat your tilac on her ass below her mini skirt and smile at those backpackers.
  22. Have you transited in Dubai? En route last week the departure gate changed twice. The original gate was right next to the one I arrived at, but had to go through security and round in circles for about 15 minutes, up and down lifts, through duty free, only to find an Emirates employee sending us off to another terminal on the train. So, I don't think Suvarnabhumi, or Thailand in general has the exclusive rights to frustrating airports.
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