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  2. The snowbird season starts soon. Hundreds of people locate here for the winter for between two and six months; many have been doing it for years. Some even rent bungalows year-round despite only wintering here. It will be interested to see how these regular visitors are treated by Immigration.
  3. By now, a learned guy like you should know that many a time, right and wrong are a matter of perspective. Information warfare is the name of the game. While Im no expert on constitutional law, the optics of what the Dems are doing are very bad and will come back to haunt them....but they have no choice...they must proceed because they have no governance ideas... the whole party has to choose between violently lunching to the left and an ageing Obama crony who is neck deep in overt and covert signs of corruption.
  4. Why did you quote my post when your reply has nothing to do with it. Trump supporters really do show themselves as the lowest common denominator when facts are in the way.
  5. Many things I brought with me from Europe (Scandinavia) continue to work in Thailand, whilst numerous electric appliances bought here failed. It might be a coincidence – for both of us. To OP @DanFromHawaii, as other posters have mentioned, the 50 Hz frequency might be a problem. Anything not very expensive, or not very important, might be better to buy locally than bringing in, and investing in voltage converter plugs; a proper 220 volt to 120 volt transformer might make more sense, apart from the frequency difference. Check labels on your stuff, some newer equipment may work from 120 volt to 240 volt 50/60 Hz.
  6. With the risk of once again being suspended for making references to failing reading comprehension - I have never made any references to images. The only place where that hapåpened is possible your imagination. Go back and read my post once again. You're not too familiar with the concept of analysing data sets, are you? I have made references to the DATA. The DATA. Once again, so listen up carefully: The D-A-T-A. Data. Ok? And I linked to the page where the data can be found. Good grief...
  7. May be I am wrong. If a large number of top people (high government officials, top big influential businessmen and families ) died in accidents it would make the government want to do something about the situation. If ordinary people like you and me we are nothing in their eyes.
  8. RIP little fella, very noble end to a young life.
  9. Was it difficult to keep it stapled inside your passport?
  10. I think it's a myth that they eat mosquitos. I've seen mozzies flying around their heads with no reaction. They run around chasing crawling insects and larger flies, but they ignore mosquitos. Admittedly not a comprehensive study, but they don't seem to be effective as a mozzie control system and I still need to get the electric tennis racket out.
  11. Thailand could easily counter this by telling that those people had not the correct visa and were trying to cheat and make clear what a tourist visa is for and wha not. And Thailand would be spot-on right.
  12. Anyone in Trump's position who believes the members of the House or Senate can be impeached is clearly an ignoramus. So the kind of nonsense his lawyer was obviously written to please trump since the Constitution and the weight of jurisprudence about the Constitution are clearly in contradiction to those claims.
  13. why NOT do away with U TURNS and install MINI ROUNDABOUTS. These keep traffic moving like in the Uk....OHHHHHHHHHH wait they will NOT KNOW what to do at a roundabout WILL THEY???
  14. well the RTP can do something about the guns if they wanted, but sadly can do nothing about the prettiness of the girls.
  15. It would be pretty sad if a multiple entry visa was immediately invalidated as soon as you entered any other country that required a visa to enter. In fact, there are many people who do border hops to places like Laos while holding a multiple entry Thai visa. They do this to get a fresh entry on their multiple entry visa, and the fact that they must get a Laos visa when doing so has absolutely no effect on their Thai visa.
  16. On Jan 20, 2021, Trump will be inaugurated for his second term.
  17. I am still super confused about this. Do we need to have the work permit finished to apply for Non-B Visa or is it possible to obtain a non-B visa while we are waiting for the work permit to be processed? We have all the correct paperwork, stamps, pictures and everything, welcoming letter, company finance papers.. the works.. but not yet a work permit. We called immigration authorities in Songkhla and they say I can just go to Penang with the papers and apply for Non-B but on the internet pages of the Penang embassy they tell me to bring a copy of the work VISA. But I am applying for the work VISA. Very confusing. Not sure what to make of this.
  18. If I would have included the cooling my point would have been even stronger It's amazing that after 12,000 years of recovering from an ice age that we are getting record temperatures eh?
  19. What about the last 15 seconds? I love it when people zoom into timeframes to find something they like. Provides lovely trading opportunities to screw them over. Point being, when you pan and zoom enough, you'll always find some spot to fit your hypothesis.
  20. Theres no way i can take on an entire familly on in there own home and no way would i be able to move out and take her with me ... they have the power over me as i am n alien.
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