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  2. agreed that If he is guilty then he should get his due desserts and rot in prison. the problem is as stated here that the truth is often shrouded in lies and corruption. there are many people who make a good living from the paedophile industry. the latest and most expensive cars, motor cycles, laptops, tablets and now even real estate. ngo's are to be seen in the finest restaurants and bars. there are not enough paedophiles to support their existence. why are not more people complaining about these miscarriages of justice which can ruin the life of a victim.
  3. business as usual!!!! do you expect any thing less??? surprise, surprise, the norm is still working!! does any one really expect any thing to change, this is normal Thai. business!! chalk one up for normal business!!!!!!
  4. While True is a leading company in Thailand I never buy a bond rated less than A by Moody, let alone a company B rated by Thai agency.
  5. There's often no choice as to pay, you simply get blackmailed into doing it. Want that building permit or hotel license? Want to do due diligence on a chanote history? Pay or otherwise it takes 5 years or longer even if everything is correct, legit and in order....
  6. The monotheistic religions...certainly The Big Three...include in their fundamental teachings that they are exceptional, chosen and special. The only right possibility and every other is wrong. Even different sects of the same! Some of the not so nice tenants of those big three are bigotry, discrimination, hate, misogyny, fear, homophobia, eternal damnation and even slavery (tho human decency has almost done away with that)...as well as other unappealing and offensive doctrine. With the exception of the 1 or a few...what most everyone here is referring to is not a god, religion or a faith, but rather humanism and humanistic values. To which most atheists prescribe and welcome. No deities necessary. Humanism: an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.
  7. Thank you all. Toyota seem to have missed the bus, they don't sell any plug-in vehicles here. Plug-in Hybrid (or range extender) would be ideal, but we are also considering a pure EV. For us electricity is almost free.
  8. and yours was too long as well and not even mentioned their ridiculous demand of witness and many other things that they eventually will ask you for ...
  9. I have lived in The Kingdom for almost 9 years, and 4 years ago changed address and submitted a TM30. I make the trip to Chaengwattana every 90 days, because I do not trust the online 90 day report system. Once they call my number and I am at the window, the process has never taken more than 60 seconds, and no one ever asks for a TM30 or any other document. Perhaps my landlord is doing his job well and that is in the system??... no clue really ... just reporting my experiences.
  10. Please lets us know which way you went on the tires as I am getting ready to swap out mine on the 150 cbr as well and following this thread with interest.
  11. During an emergency why would we waste time calling the British Embassy, knowing that absolutely nothing will be done.
  12. What's the current going rate for that short stay visa in sterling, USD, THB, Casino Bitcoins, or whatever? Anyone?
  13. ALPHA TESTO Boost X :-berries of the saw palmetto plant. This plant is frequently used to advance the sexual soundness of the two people. It can likewise lessen ALPHA TESTO Boost aggravation, bolster prostate assistance and improve digestion. https://www.lusciousbite.com/alpha-testo-boost-x/
  14. in the US diet Sprite useta mix OK with vodka, lots better than diet coke or pepsi... ye gotsta try diet Dr Pepper, king ob de vodka mixers...
  15. No, you will need the 800 in the bank for 3 months before and after going forward. You only have 6 months where it can be reduced to 400.
  16. Remember Thailand - this is the kind of tourists you were asking for and encouraging. Good luck with that. As far as taking sand from the beach - just LOL. Even if every tourist took a jar home it would take decades to make a noticeable impact, and even if it did then just import more sand. In economic terms that jar of sand would cost a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of 1 baht to replace. Want tourists? then pay up for upkeep because guess what - tourists ruin nature.
  17. I spent last November on the island and couldn't wait to leave. The traffic is horrible with one road around the island....the Songthaews rip you off....charge 50 baht but want a hundred. The beaches I saw were not very nice, and the water wasn't clear and was quite cool compared to Phuket. The hospital I was getting specialized treatment at charged me 1,200 baht for my last anti-rabies injection, and where I live it would have cost 700 baht at a private hospital. Not easy to get around the island, and I had my car with me. The scooter riders are crazy, the cars not much better. I lived on Phuket for two years and I think it is miles further ahead than Rip Off Koh Samui. And I don't want to hear from all the lovers of this dump as I won't read them. If you check out Phuket try the area around Ao Yon.....beautiful beach with very few tourists, clear warm sea, Songthaews for 30 baht, but expensive taxis......but both islands are the same in that regard......but at least you can leave Phuket without getting on a ferry for 90 minutes. On Phuket everything like Big C etc are pretty centralized......on the other island not quite as accessible. Whatever you choose....Good luck.
  18. Right. I didn't think that you would be able to expand on your assertion. To quote you, "it may be better for everyone on here if you stopped with your weird nonsense, it's getting boring".
  19. If using an agent, no need for seasoning or 90 day proof of 800k How can you be so sure there is no need for the 90 day proof of 800k as that will happen for the first applicants next month. A new extension next year requires 800k for 3 months, not 2 and also that you never went below 400k during the middle 6 months. Again you can't be certain that agents will have a way around that until it actuall happens.
  20. Hi Sheryl, Thanks for the courteous reply. Actually at this moment in time only 6 companies can provide the Long Stay Visa mandated insurance. I hope as I have said this is opened up to any plan that meets or exceeds the mandated amount. System and regulatory wise we are not able to just sell add on OPD cover for 40k, it would solve a lot of problems for people with great IPD only plans. We will have to see how this plays out, one hopes logic prevails.
  21. Marriage certificate plus a copy, copies of your wife's house book registry and ID card signed by her. Letter from your wife requesting the consulate issue you the visa. The fee is $200 US.
  22. Quite right, I had many offers and they all said "no problem " but for sure the next year, game over. Dont be a stupid farang is my advice !
  23. Meanwhile, in the German corner, a 1936 Zundapp KS500 that looks the business.
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