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  2. Well-educated , but someone must have brain washed them (the Koran) , they actually believed they would reach Paradise where 72 virgins will be waiting for them . I blame it on low IQ and pure stupidity.
  3. The one at CMU is quite dirty I found. Also the main pool is split into 2 parts by a rope and buoys. There is a life guard there also. You must be a member, I think it was about 500 baht, then 50 baht each time. 700 year stadium is much better IMO. No life guards, or trees shedding leaves, very clean. It's next to the gym. As above you must have proper lycra swimming trunks. It's 60 baht without any need for membership. Once though a professional team turned up with a coach. They dived over the top of me and took over the pool. I had to get out. How bloody rude!
  4. Positives of Vietnam: Much less police/army presence. French influence breakfasts very good. Traffic more civilised. It looks chaotic. I hired a scooter in Danang, drove around no problems at all. Immigration was quick, efficient, none of the Thai BS. Liked Dalat and Danang. Nice climate in Dalat, good beach at Danang. Cheap beer. Excellent coffee. Negatives: Lunch and dinner unexciting. Man cannot live on spring rolls and pho bo alone. Not many English speakers. Can't comment on the women. All the Vietnamese thought my Thai GF was Filipino.
  5. Fair's fair, bang him up in detention for ten days and fine him 800k Baht, then deport him.
  6. Mister Harkpan on "holiday" in the USA - I will not say any more for fear of breaking "laisee majeste" laws.
  7. That is not universally true. Udon requirements are that it be kept for 3 months.
  8. A very good post.My perception is that Thailand is seen as old hat in Australia-sexpats are somewhat despised-and that there are far better places to go. I was surprised by the lack of interest compared to when I first departed in 2009.
  9. what's the difference between a white supremacist and a liberal? Nothing, they both think their better than everyone else.
  10. Are bums good? Bums and legs are a major selling point for me.
  11. The whole negative versus positive paradigm needs to be dropped. What's important is whether a poster is being honest. Someone who dishonestly claims everything's perfect is doing just as much, if not more, potential damage than someone who dishonestly claims Thailand is going down the tubes. If a post honestly reflects the poster's thoughts and feelings, the post has value and should be welcomed.
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  13. Back in the 60's and 70's we just explored the world , without reading any negative or positive stories about a place. I think its healthy for us all to just look at anything published on the Internet as pure entertainment and not real stories. Yes you can still listen to the daily news , just turn on BBC or something real news channels. And forget the other noise you will find online. Do your own research online, but never take it as the only truth.
  14. The brakes didn't work well enough, or he'd his dashboard amulets in the other van. A speedy recovery for the poor guys!
  15. app-facebook JS100 Radio 22 hours ago ชายจอดรถป้ายแดง เทงูลงบนถนนหลายตัว ใช้มีดทำร้ายตัวเอง หน้าศูนย์การค้าเซ็นทรัลเวิลด์ ตร.รวบตัวได้แล้ว ประชาชนแตกตื่น ยังไม่ทราบแรงจูงใจ (Cr.@annniex_,Kwanjai) ดาวน์โหลดแอปพลิเคชั่น #JS100 ได้ที่ >> goo.gl/hoc9w8 #JS100English Images of someone releasing cobras from a bag right in the middle of Ratchaprasong Intersection whilst also cutting himself and the reptiles with a long knife. Bystanders have fled from the weapon-wielding snake whisperer, and thus far, it is unclear what the motivations are for such a disruptive act. #ThaiRoads #DrivingInThailand #BangkokTraffic #Snakeman#SnakesOnTheRoad #SnakesOnAPlane #ConcreteJungle #Snakecharmer https://seeme.me/ch/js100 Use our SOS feature with the free JS100 Radio app: goo.gl/ See Translation Glad to be of help ! it is in the original post. if it were green grass snakes, I guess no-one would be "boffered". cannot make it out on the snapshots, but take the word of a well known radio station for it. :-)
  16. Except that the CSD is on Phaholyothin Road, not Lat Phrao.
  17. FYI surface pros have only 1 usb port and the repairability is 0. Only way is to open the display and you might risk cracking it. Try your luck with Microsoft support, Pro 4 is known to have many issues so you might get a replacement even its out of warranty.
  18. It all depends on the terms of the double taxation treaty between Thailand and the country in which the overseas income was earned.
  19. ???? Why ???? Because all the people in the area do not like the sign? Or, were you implying something else, i.e. that the Op must be scum if he is living in the same soi as the dregs of society who hang up signs like this? .... If you are going to try and be an intelligent smart arse, try and include some smart arsed intelligence !!!...
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