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  2. That was my first thought. "Try our new "Black Hole" glazed doughnut."
  3. lopburi3


    I do not store shop much but have found Tops delivery to be much more reliable for having advertised stock than Lotus delivery and much better at being on time here in Bangkok. On many items I buy the Tops price is also better lately. Agree Tops stores I have used are more 7/11 than supermarket shopping experience.
  4. Kkickstart did my retirement extension to-day, at Lopburi office, and they say 800k 3 month before like it has been ever since the office opened, now about 10 years. And now they put a sticker on your passport saying 800k must remain in your account for 3 months, then after 3 months it must not drop below 400k ,no mention how they are going to check the amount needed is in the account ,next 90 day I suppose I will have to take my bank book with me and a bank letter.? I also completed my retirement extension but no mention at all of keeping money in bank the new rules etc and after reading your post just checked my passport but no sticker in passport. However I will comply in full for the next 12 months of the new rules.
  5. Kinda like the last 3 years ,spin ,spin! Except for the conclusion! Barr, Mueller and Rosenstein together with the Mueller team and DOJ lawyers all took part in editing the redactions of the Barr report with no executive privilege adjustments,No Collusion ,No Obstruction and No Conspiracies by any American
  6. well there you have it. no collusion, no obstruction redactions are mostly grand jury/ongoing cases. The russia collusion conpiracy is finally over. Soon you'll be able to read the report, pick at it like a vulture on road kill. viva la resitance
  7. I did it last week and the translation at the MFA took 15min but officialy it's advertised as 1h. Certification took about 30min before being told it was not available same day (it was the day before songkran). Officialy you bring your paper before noon and they start giving them back after 14:30. I took EMS and it took 2 business day to receive them.
  8. This is a good time to think over. One might want to make Notre Dame look exactly like it looked before. But why to do so? Why not mix the old architecture with a new building materials and new architecture? When rebuild let the church show both it's past as well as it can reflect what today's people can do. Improve it, like we should improve all of our old traditions to meet today's needs. Glass ceiling has been one of the ideas. I'm pretty sure the folks who made the church would have loved to have a bit more light coming in to the building. We now have plenty of burn resistant materials available, which can make the ceiling to be better than it was before.
  9. In Pattaya, Naklua Road Soi 18 there is a Thai (German) company called Lohr. I have no contact details but it seems they have a good reputation. Soi 18 on the right side when entering from Naklua Road.
  10. Dude you have been spouting the same meaningless slogans for months. We get it, You hate the Thai army and the Junta. Your comments about them are duly noted. They dont care what you say. Nor do the Thai people. Nor I reckon, do most of us. So why continue? To hear yourself pontificate?
  11. How is it possible there are 10 pages so far about Farangatang to launch a Brexit party amazing Thailand or just no news
  12. My darling speaks fluent English , better than mine she learn in Pattaya . No joke , i am so lucky , i not speak thai.
  13. some Amphurs require your passport to be translated as well and certified .(god knows why) its a passport for gods sake !!
  14. Nice will check this out,I tried to take out a paid subscription to Eurosport they blocked it as only broadcast to Europe.could just use vpn with that too I suppose.
  15. Any idea on flexibility as to when you return to Immigration? What happens if you are out of Thailand for a few weeks on the due date?
  16. ... And if you think he will kill me... I'm careful. I will go only when everything will be settled Tony Sent from my ASUS_Z012S using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. Something more modern? Something more European? How about they make it look like a mosque?
  18. I will raise to the bait and answer your comments Suradit69 Firstly it was merely an observation on my part and the comment you make about another foreigner digging deep to find something to complain about, I will respectfully ignore. Secondly I am fully aware that the USA has an alien regestration system. Thirdly your Daily Mail link is nearly six years old. Try calling anybody now in the UK anything like an alien and expect the politically correct boys in blue to be knocking on your door. Finally I have no desire to be a Thai Citizen nor am I shocked for not being so.
  19. Using a defibrillator for 20 minutes as CPR? Erhmm.. That doesn't quite sound right..
  20. It is within the Contiguous Zone of Thailand: "within which a state can exert limited control for the purpose of preventing or punishing "infringement of its customs, fiscal, immigration or sanitary laws and regulations within its territory or territorial sea" Claimed by Thailand in 1995 and recognised by law. Contiguous zone | international law | Britannica.com USA has also claimed (and had recognised) a Contiguous Zone. Both countries CZs reach out 24nm. Thailand, unsurprisingly, is choosing to "interpret" the law as it sees fit.
  21. Spin...spin...spin! Whew, getting dizzy with all the misdirects.
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