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  2. seems to be a few friend of friends reporting or from strangers chatting by the pool and one thread just shut down with another friend of a friend misinformation. Not much credibility there
  3. I did a bundle of cash at the Eumundi market heck of a busy venue with some inredible artists that inspired me no end, at this moment i am into gourds amongst other projects wich i will make , 1 of those is featured in my gourd farming project farming section . regards J.
  4. What delicious irony how principled and noble is the saintly Mogg.
  5. from time to time, people post here about how they were "deported / stopped / denied entry" in thai airports, telling us how well they behaved all those years and the advanced degrees they hold from several universities. i must come to the deffence of thai immigration , based on my experience. i was also told by immigration officers in thailand that i come to thailand too many times on tourist /waiver visas, and that if i will continue to do so, they will deny my entry. so i kept on doing so and i was warned again and again, until i understood...the nice way. that is, i understood i better issue the right kind of visa. so it must be mentioned, to the deffence of thai immigration authorities, that they do give all the right warnings on time, nobody is denied entry just like that out of the blue. all the people who come to complain here about how they were denied entry and how "thailand no like falang anymore" are just talking nonsense. The thai immigration authorities are quite fair when dealing with most visitors and give them the right - and kind - amount of warnings before denying their entry.
  6. When I was a child in Sydney, the police had a boxing club for boys in Newtown (dangerous place). It kept many a lad off the street. I wonder if it still exists.
  7. I would wear shorts for 90 day reports but long pants for extension business. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. I visit all kind of places in Pattaya, and when I stay for months in Bangkok I reside in Thonglor. There I usually go to the "Old English Pub", very decent place in the afternoon, once 5 p.m. a lot of British come to have a drink, coming from work, or even teachers, well it is disturbing. But OK, we have a different opinion about the matter. Here a copy of a well known book in France, my first contact with the U. K. and citizens, long time ago.
  9. I think if the RT Hon member for the 19th century wishes to remain leader of the house, then he’ll get rid of that amendment tout suite.
  10. Without doubt. But putting an under equipped and under strength army up against the Wehrmacht was always going to result in this. Its a valuable lesson from history which we are now repeating. Thinking just because we are British we are somehow superior is what got us into that mess. A mistake we are repeating it seems. It certainly was a setback for the 51st Highland division who were sacrificed in order to protect the beaches while the evacuation was happening.
  11. Why not run as Future Forward? It is the only large independent party now in the face of political threat from the establishment political parties, both pro and con military supporters.
  12. @NancyL Would you be able to offer any advice?
  13. 7-28 days for average but longer if use it a lot . If taking a test you can buy flush drinks that will flush your system in 24 hrs and you will pass any pee test . My mates took them all the time as were tested regularly before allowed to work on high rope access jobs .
  14. Right ! sorry, it's not Joe who decides the things, it's immigration office ; event if it's wrong the officer this morning told me that even with an extension and already an insurance in my country, I must have one in Thailand ; I hope to have very soon an official who says cleary " extension don't need " ; so far , nothing like this
  15. 20 years is a long time. However the 5 year breaks even against the 20 in only 10 years. That's a 50% discount. This also means that if Thailand no longer suits my interests in 10 years, I could sell the Elite for a 10% transfer fee and used discount rate. On that basis it seems a much better value. How hard is it to find a buyer for a used Elite Visa? If anyone has dealt with the used market, where would one go and what is a fair discount to buy/sell one for?
  16. A post using ALL CAPS has been removed, please turn off your Caps Lock when posting.
  17. No, I mean climatologists publishing peer reviewed papers, or which would generally only include a fraction of the actual research. But even if I did mean all scientists publishing peer reviewed papers, that still would not include enough scientists to support the 97% lie you guys are constantly regurgitating. For every climatologist there are how many other scientists? For every publishing scientist there are how many that don’t publish? Keep drinking the Koolaide...
  18. I did ask a question . How can asking a person a question be consider as "not making sense"?
  19. Probably won't but no guarantees. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  20. Exactly! It doesn't make sense, buy almost nothing here makes sense, everything is ran by bureocractic machinery, no silly laws can be changed in any way, because, you know, that's just how it's always been. The whole system seems to be like a badly designed robot, incapable of learning, unable to adjust with times and conditions. Even if some civil servant realises how idiotic some regulations may be, he/she knows not to make a peep about it. Initiative is discouraged, and likely penalized. Everyone wishes to believe that mandatory health insurers will affect O-A visa holders only, but that makes no sense. It makes much more sense that Bangkok wants every long term visa holder to have this mandatory insurance. It is very possible that whoever dreamt up this new insurance requirement, is not aware there is O and O-A visa, he/she may think all retirees are on same visa, same extension. Otherwise this law accomplishes nothing, why should holder of O visa be treated differently than O-A holder. But then again, nothing here makes sense.
  21. Louis Pasteur eradicated a serious disease many, many years ago by heating the milk. Now the new age yuppies are willing to allow it become introduced again for some stupid reason.
  22. Report post #1 Posted 7 hours ago Senior army man denies trying to murder "pretties" in their car Picture: Daily News A senior military man presented himself at the Bang Kruay police yesterday. The sergeant major denied that he shot two "pretties" in their Yaris. He claims he sold the gun used in the attack to a friend a long time ago - Maybe he sold his gun to the judge who shot himself in Bangkok a few weeks back just a thought ! ..... even with the evidence ? Ignorance is bliss. An example must be made and stripped of his title and sentenced to at least 15yrs in prison. However being an army state he’ll get promoted by sitting behind a desk and it will be sweeped under The carpet...
  23. Which unfortunately looks like it could be illegal under UK law ironically thanks to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s own amendment to the previous Taxation bill. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  24. In my overwintering condo in Jomtien - two immigration officers very helpfully came to assist an elderly gentlemen who lived down the corridor with his visa extension. What a friendly and accomodating service.
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