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  2. On my old licence top half in Thai, bottom half in English, the same as for my Thai wife. New format/layout on my new licence. One central section: Name in Thai name in English DOB in Thai DOB in English Thai/English ID number Again the same layout as for a Thai National
  3. I agree with going down peacefully of your own accord instead of suffering for years. They couldn't have been both in excruciating pain and if they were how do they travel to Chiang Mai. and why not do it in the US why come all the way to Chiang Mai to do this. if they have relatives back home won't this caused a lot of problems to bring them back? It all sounds strange to me.
  4. What qualifies as "most functions"? What is it that you're having issues with? Your watch has a gazillion applications which operate independent of your phone, and has WiFi. That said, the lack of 4G means you do need WiFi or a linked Android phone via BT, for internet connectivity, which limits mobility a bit. Maybe watch a few WearOS and Fossil Sport walk-through videos on Youtube? This is wholly inaccurate. It looks like an awesome watch. Google actually bought some tech (and people) from Fossil earlier this year. I know a few people with Fossil WearOS smartwatches and the only negative I hear is battery life, and the kludgy proprietary battery charger. I go back and forth on the smartwatch concept. My biggest issue is the daily charging requirement. Then I think about the Citizen Eco-Drive, where you never have to worry about power. WearOS is a must (rather than Android 7.1.1.), and I'm always leaning towards the TicWatch E2 or S2, for now.
  5. I can’t imagine how he became flustered dealing with a customer like you?? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. I agree, my experience in the past has been similar to yours, and maybe it was just a one off delayed day, which I thought I'd chosen quite carefully, mid week, in a week of no holidays. Will see if others have similar experiences in the coming days or weeks.
  7. My DL is Thai like, Thai name on top, English on bottom.
  8. It’s on private land. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. Quick story, bought a Daikin from Lazada, paid to have fitted - there was a problem with the vane being broken - fitters could do nothing - called Daikin - they arrived in less than 24 hours changed broken parts with no worries at all - they stand by their warranty. Daikin have the best product on the market now, before I would have said Mitsu but the control system/electronics on Daikin is much better now, had all sorts of problems with the last Mitsu we bought, the electronics were too complex for the fitters.
  10. Quote:- "Nobody spoke English. It was really intimidating" - well he was in a THAI cell!!!
  11. Irrelevant how many have actually left. Regarding my hypothesis, that the majority of posters complaining bitterly about the visa changes are US citizens, no need for a poll, just troll through all the posts on TV, in the last 12 months and compile your own statistics.
  12. Speak to the district office not the police. Has he paid the tax on the sign and did he get permission for the sign Tax return and filing deadline Owners of signboards must file the tax return (PP.1) within 31 March of each year and the tax must be paid within 15 days after notification of the tax assessment. The return is filed at the Local District Office. Documentation required in support of the tax return: 1) Photo of the sign or billboard with details of its size and the date the sign or billboard was erected. 2) Copy of the company’s affidavit (issued no more than 6 months previously) certified as a true copy by the company’s director together with the company’s seal affixed. 3) Copy of the previous signage tax receipt (if any) Penalties In case of failure to file a tax return, there is a 10% surcharge on the signboard tax payable. Failing to pay signboard tax carries a 2% surcharge per month on the signboard tax payable. Setting up or altering an existing sign A company must notify the Local District Office within 15 days of setting up or altering a sign (for example changing from Thai language to a logo, picture or foreign language).
  13. OK saying he paid 800.000 baht, but who did he pay the money to? He upset the local hoteliers, and they put the boot in, he needs to learn a lot more about corrupt practices here before spending serious money on any project.
  14. I thought the "Songkran backup" might have been an issue, but it did not appear any more full than usual. But I was doing my EoS well ahead of renewal date because of all the upcoming holidays. The actual time with the IO was pretty quick, as usual, as all paperwork was in order, but it's the wait before the number gets called, and the on this day, the wait after the stamp was issued.
  15. What has the ill-fated ANZAC expedition at Gallipoli in WW1 to do the Death Railway in WW2?
  16. That's happening because since you are sending to you Bangkok Bank account and Transferwise is also using Bangkok Bank as its partner bank for the transfer then Bangkok Bank treats it's as an "internal transfer" between Bangkok Bank accounts but still codes it as an international transfer without any international receiving fee--it's just unique setup they have with Transferwise. Now if Transferwise had used K-bank or TMB to accomplish the final leg of the transfer to your Bangkok Bank account then there would still have been no receiving fee but it would "not" have been coded as an international transfer....just as any ol' domestic transfer.
  17. Yes I see DHL does service Luxembourg. In hindsight I should have just gone to a DHL branch office and couriered my letter with them.
  18. Can you read basic English or would you like I translate into another language ?
  19. Its good to see some pointing returning to police/crime stories. Its one of those things that has gone by the wayside. I cant recall the last post or story that had some expert pointing. How are we supposed to determine who is guilty, police are doing a great job etc, if nobody is pointing. Good to see, Bring back the "point"
  20. My brand new shiny pink card also shows my home address, the same as in my yellow tabien baan. Though it's not surprising that some don't.
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