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  2. Another total embarrassment for Thailand. Over reaction without investigation. The structure could certainly be a problem for shipping lanes but a simple request to remove it could have been made first. Now the world knows how the Thai government handles international situations (poorly.)
  3. Saw some homes in Dubai which are floating homes on the discovery channel did not know that was a threat to Thailand if he built one.that could be a good earner to any country like Thailand or any country
  4. Check with a neighbour or family member as well.................... it is not unknown for an elderly relative to be given the package and they simply forget about it. The 'Out for delivery' suggests that it is still with the postie.... in out neck of the woods it is not unusual for them to sit on post for a couple of days. My money is on it being at the post office...
  5. We get some strange, even disturbing replies off topic now ...the topic has changed from refusing to give member card for whatever reason to NOW small sized condoms. Some posters implying they are not big enough for their penis...OMG
  6. I like plastic....I dont ever plan to stop using it.....I dont like recycling either.....Plastic yesterday plastic today plastic tomorrow...
  7. Either nothing will change or it will get worse. My usual pessimistic forecast, which I hope is erroneous.
  8. That's all that needs be said. Every 4 years there's an election. All the Democrats have to do is come up with someone that doesn't look so uninspiring that Trump wins by default. That shouldn't be to hard if they avoid the corporate lackeys.
  9. hey assh9oe some posters here want people to post back about moving back to their home countries. I did that <deleted>. why don't you stick to FB I am not 19 and not Narcissistic rambling <deleted>.
  10. You talked about only ONE potato. Let us know when they have Mashed Potatoes I have never had real water.......any idea who has real water? or real rice? anyone?
  11. To conform to the clear requirements of Thai Law? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. You portray yourself - just my opinion - in a rather unfortunate way. Never mind. Have a smashing day.
  13. Who is a very hard line remoaner See photo Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. i actually ask for a big plastic bag for each small spoon. I have over 1392294732894723248 tons of plastic in my room, soon to end up in the Pacific Ocean and destroy the world, galaxy, and universe. god i love plastic. i'm going to open 9287492384272398423 manufacturing plants and only produce plastic
  15. Better to define dictatorship, I see in the picture only two dictator brothers
  16. The law makers should get the unredacted version us commoners must settle for the redacted version and it’s pretty damming as is and mr Barr acting more like Donald’s attorney than the AG is deeply disturbing dump the chump 2020
  17. seems to me they came up with a solution that was win win for everyone - easy for us (show bank statements) and easy for them to verify (thai bank) i mean, we can't really expect them to know the statement format of every bank in the world!! many countries like thailand don't use roman numerals nevermind thai ones! (and for the record getting 12 statements sent over from abroad through the post is MUCH harder than you think - ask anyone trying to get their tilak over to the UK to confirm that, its been a pain in the ass for me i'm like 3 months behind already and 1 has gone missing!!) they could have just thrown us all under a bus and said 'not my problem' and demanded we all put 800K in the bank under the circumstances the solution is far from perfect but its certainly could have been worse
  18. Try using an asian size condom instead of a regular size condom (assuming you are regular sized) and report back how it felt
  19. Can you give a single example of a local stabbing a tourist and being fined 500 baht? Just one. TV fiction.
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