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  2. Various reasons: Room nights not increased at the same rate as arrivals due to shorter average stays; Bigger hotels catering to package tours are booked out with Chinese and Russians but smaller hotels/guesthouses/hostels get very little of this market; Airbnb and similar operations are growing quickly.
  3. Looking at the photo, one can only hope this "White Power Supremacist" was denied any sperm bank donations.
  4. This humorous Video report by CNN is hilarious on Kim's train travel pomp and circumstance. I love the James Bond Oddjob comparison. https://edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/04/24/kim-jong-un-polished-train-moos-pkg-ebof-vpx.cnn
  5. Strange that they should show a group of farangs, when they have just finished telling us that we are of no importance whatsoever !
  6. in a country where youth have HITLER or a swastika on their t-shirt ????
  7. Lol, the first one says it is not an ID card. I rest my case, whatever it was.
  8. We would buy this brand name stuff too if they didn't have luxury bs tax on it. I can literally take a flight to germany, buy a watch way cheaper than here, get VAT back at the airport, take a flight back and it was still cheaper [emoji23][emoji848] For the saved money i could prolly stay 2 weeks in italy at the garda sea and have a holiday... Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  9. In a usual case, the thieves would be sitting with bowed heads by a desk at the police station with 10 officers standing behind smiling, and the robbed pointing at the them. Buuuut since they are Chinese.....
  10. From memory, they want to be a republic or an autonomous state
  11. UPDATE: UPDATE: Armed Mercedes snake man to be charged By The Thaiger No previous mental medical health problems have been identified for the man who released snakes on the road outside Central World in Bangkok yesterday. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096851-video-chaos-outside-central-world-as-armed-man-releases-snakes-bringing-traffic-to-a-standstill/?do=findComment&comment=14077963
  12. Hi I am sure you are correct, is there any one you know who has been successful in gaining a extension of stay based on benefits being accepted as pension i only ask because a pension is some thing that belongs to you and can not be taken away (Unless recession and the crash of financial investments happen) the government don't give you it it is yours paid for by your self. Benefits depending on your financial income can be given but equally taken away, you might be given housing benefits if you are low income but if you suddenly won the lottery i doubt you could still continue to claim them. I should mention i am from the Uk so our circumstances will be a little different, but what i can say is i never ever come across any one on Benefits (Hand outs) securing a car loan or a mortgage from a Bank Regards TB
  13. Fair enough, I stand corrected. I seem to remember there was a lot of fuss made about this a while back .
  14. I’m intrigued- why is everyone comparing what goes on in the Wild West ( Thailand ) concerning traffic regulations in those in the UK ( the epitome of civilization on the roads)
  15. UPDATE: Armed Mercedes snake man to be charged By The Thaiger No previous mental medical health problems have been identified for the man who released snakes on the road outside Central World in Bangkok yesterday. The incident caused bedlam and stopped traffic outside Central World. A man, armed with a large knife, stopped his new black Mercedes right in the middle of the road. He then got out, posted some signs around the car and started releasing snakes out of a blue bag onto the road in front of the bewildered passersby. Metropolitan Police revealed at a press conference that the man was 42 year old ‘Kanetpitsanuthep’ or Kanthapong Jakkrapopmahadaecha. He told police that he was worshipping as part of his beliefs in the Buddhism and Hindu religions. He says he received power from the sun (solar powered snake release). The man released two cobras during his impromptu demonstration yesterday. Full story: https://thethaiger.com/news/bangkok/update-armed-mercedes-snake-man-to-be-charged -- © Copyright The Thaiger 2019-04-25
  16. Why? Because the point of the enquiry was public concern about hot weather bacteria contamination. The hygiene issue was a secondary conclusion to the enquiry.
  17. Welcome to the future world. excuse me I have to rush off ... I now need to get in my oversized engine car n drive to the mall to buy petroleum based shit wrapped in petroleum based shit I don’t need.
  18. Ukraine has cut them off from everything, restrictions to travel, including money for governance, basic utilities, medical and everything else but Now Ukraine is crying Russia offers passports to Russian natives.
  19. The marriage desk at Jomtien Immigration has a reputation for being rude. I guess a lot of people with fake marriages attempt to use that office. Immigration was fairly civil to you and your wife and took your application, which doesn't always happen, so that was good.
  20. I'm sorry but your history is a bit off. I don't think Richard the Lion heart ever drove Saladin out of anywhere. He was trying to recapture Jerusalem during the third crusade. The massacre of Jews and muslims after the capture of Jerusalem happened during the 1st Crusade. In any event , two wrongs don't make a right
  21. my laptop show an error dell error code 2000-0333 when I connect it with wifi so I want a proper solution.
  22. Maybe I missed to look under a certain carpet, to locate my stolen Harley...
  23. Well depends on the bird they shacked up with to be happy in LOS..... If no bird it could be a wow.....
  24. Ulic

    Paying Bills

    I pay the whole year in advance in cash the day I arrive. That way I don't have to drop it off monthly and my excellent landlord does not require a deposit.
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