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  2. They are denying entry to people with tourist visas as well. Many of which have reported they fly to a nearby country and enter at a land boarder, with the same visa that was denied at the airport. Go figure.
  3. That's a no brainer. But one person to loose 3 children in a foreign country, while on holiday, in a violent manner, makes it a tad different.
  4. The first one was in 1975 and the result was to remain. The second one was in 2016 and the vote was to leave(by a much smaller margin), 1-1, let's have a decider.
  5. Ya ought to be here in the US, where the only thing in this world bigger than Trumps mouth are the asses on these chicks. Talk about jiggling mounds of blemished cottage cheesed butt cheeks....Id get lost! And the droopers in the front? Floor draggers! With tatttos. Its the look, these chicks in the USA today look like cows.
  6. Multiple off topic, baiting leading to bickering posts have been removed
  7. Incorrect as I understand it. It is not an abandoned platform, just currently unmanned. A very big legal difference.
  8. I wonder if anyone has heard of the 'Identical Twin' scam operating over here in Thailand where a proficient qualified driver can 'sit the test' for a 'nervous person' that is about to apply for a driver's license? This happens regularly in other countries - even in the United Kingdom. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2011/aug/02/driving-test-fraudsters-jailed
  9. You mean ... "Finder's keeper's - Loser's weeper's"? We are not in kindergarten anymore. We are supposed to be adults and act like such.
  10. Pick up something not yours, don't hand it to police, go somewhere else with it. That's theft anywhere, even lawless UK. Wake up.
  11. For your consideration: Most goals scored vs England's top six: Sergio Agüero - 43 Jamie Vardy - 29 Eden Hazard - 26 Lionel Messi - 24* Harry Kane - 22 Wayne Rooney - 20 Robin van Persie - 18 *Messi has never played in the Premier League.
  12. Palm oil as a fuel source for electric generation produces more CO2 emissions than fossil fuel. And maybe that's why it doesn't figure in any of state-owned monopoly EGAT's Power Development Plans just updated last year. EGAT has been focused on reducing coal-fired power plant and increasing use of natural gas and alternative renewable energy sources to reduce overall CO2 emissions. The government has been promising to do more to support the three-year old Paris Agreement in reducing greenhouse damaging CO2 emissions. Last year Raweewon Bhuridej, secretary-general of Thailand’s Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning Office, insists that Thailand’s commitments to Nationally Determined Contributions are a good fit for the country’s current situation. Yet, without additional new measures, Greenpeace country director Tara Buakamsri said,Thailand’s contribution will not be sufficient to meet the global mission to cap rising mean temperatures to the below 2-degrees Celsius limit agreed upon under the Paris Agreement. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30360522 Either the Deputy Commerce Minister is unaware of Thailand's NDC commitment and EGAT's PDP's or hasn't bothered any coordination with EGAT and the Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning Office on the matter of using palm oil for electrical production.
  13. It was your graph that mentioned him well Turkey. Who knows. I wouldn't want that in any organisation but the EU are playing with fire with him. The EU's federalisation of Europe anything is possible. Look at the countries that are now in the EU! More than half shouldn't be in there IMHO.
  14. No, it has to be jailing of the village poo yais to get the message across.
  15. Yes, but what appropriate documents have the Thai authorities implemented for this sector of tourists? Zero? They just let all that money go to Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippine, Bali etc, because, "You come Thailand too much. What you do here?"
  16. It should have been the day after the referendum. As for borders we have a great big sea that conveniently gives us a natural border. If you want our fish of course. You can buy them. I am not against our European cousins just the corrupt entity called the EU. Sadly most of our EU countries do not realise they are getting well and truly shafted.
  17. Thats me! Im so unfit, I dont even pay for play anymore, I just find women who hate me and I give them stuff. Hey baby, hate me me? Sure! Cool, here have my left 'nad, your gf allready has the right one.
  18. And that poster, along with several others, have provided verifiable links showing that it was a true statement that was made, despite your best efforts to suggest otherwise. I know.... your idol is of the opinion that repetition ad nauseam of lies, makes them true, but I’m sorry, this is simply not the case. Ferment a lie, and expect to be challenged. if you feel the need to post a comment which should only be answered or commented upon by one person, perhaps you should consider using the pm function, otherwise everyone has the right to comment on your post
  19. I have plenty. But I’ve not revealed them here. Your fixation on assuming stuff about others for which you have no basis is worthy of some introspection on your part. I don’t hold out much hope on that front.
  20. anybody wants to try to toss their iphone in the water to see if it even floats? pretty sure it does not
  21. Although not entirely disagreeing with your sentiments here in this post, the UK doesn't have a codified constitution like other countries do ... just legal documents in lieu of one, so really, as long as you have the stable rule of law you don't need one. When people talk of the British constitution then they are usually referring to historical documents and important laws like the Acts of the Union. As for TM, she should step aside and let a Brexiteer PM carry on to either a stunning success or a woeful ruin, as she doesn't believe in what's happening and has made it so that no-one will be happy with her half-way house solution.
  22. Same same. I do fifo work.and have been doing so for 9 years filled 2 passports with visa exempt flying into Don muang and swampy never been pulled up.
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