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  2. I'm more than happy that NZ has the Queen of England as head of state. Means that we don't have to pay for another <deleted> politician. BTW, why is he called an emperor when Japan does not have an empire any more? Surely he should be a king?
  3. What country are you moving to that does not have a religion? Go back to USA you will be surrounded by Jesus freaks, even UK and Europe have their share, and their laws and traditions are based on Christian values. Anyway, it is clear you are not serious about your GF or the child. If you were you would just move out with them both to a rented house or condo. But that would take some effort and sacrifice on your part. Funny how you have enough money to fly back to where you came from and give money to your GF, but you don' t have enough to rent a cheap place? From your posts you clearly just hate Thai culture and people and are annoyed those people are not under your control. I think it will be better for everyone in this story if you did go back to your perfect religious free country.
  4. Post removed. Keep it civil and stop the personal remarks. 7) You will respect fellow members and post in a civil manner. No personal attacks, hateful or insulting towards other members, (flaming) Stalking of members on either the forum or via PM will not be allowed.
  5. Used to go there & visit a gal friend....Nice gal = but never found much that was appealing, likeable, entertaining, or convenient about the place.... Some places are just too blah - add dirty with difficult parking & very, very limited english speaking possibilities..... You won't have access to anything there versus BKK.... Even with that nice little gal, I don't think I would have lasted a year there....
  6. TE does not avoid need to file 90 day reports and TM30s. They can help do the 90 day but not the TM 30. However depending on where you live both can be done online which is far easier than sending off your passport to TE office. I would not focus on the reporting part.
  7. What kind of stamp do they put in your passport?... A scarlet letter?... What would be the future ramifications of this stamp?
  8. Sorry, i'm looking at the pics, but i don't see it. I don't understand the fwd extension on the timing cover, as i can't see anything externally being driven from it. The rear extension to the timing cover could be a modified electric start ES timing cover driving a mag possibly? And even if it was a unit once, why? I'll have a look at their website later. Cheers.
  9. Ah, you're a prisoner who doesn't recognize the court.
  10. I appreciate all the replies. We visited Headstart, British International and then a small school called Buds International. We were really shocked that such a small school with half of the prices offer all the same prestation for much less money. So I wanted to get some feedback. Thanks for mentioning these schools. We are looking for a school where we can find quality education for our budget without having to waste the money. I think we are happy with Buds. Has anyone heard or been to Buds?
  11. I wonder what the US would think if China started protesting about the "wall" on the Mexican border.
  12. An interesting question, are you a member of a local cycling club who may be able to assist? You should probably look into getting a Carnet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATA_Carnet which ought to allow you to travel in and out of both Thailand and the US without issues. The Thai Customs website has the procedure (Thai language only that I can find) http://www.customs.go.th/cont_strc_simple.php?ini_content=business_160426_03_160909_02&lang=th&left_menu=menu_business_160421_03_160725_04
  13. Because rich Arab Muslim countries don't grant citizenship to Muslim refugees from other countries. They may let some in, let them work and live there, raise families there - but do not grant them or their families citizenship. They look after their own citizens, first, second and last.
  14. I don't think I'm wrong. Firstly, I read section 6 as saying ' anybody who ENTERS Thailand on a non-immigrant O-A Visa must buy health insurance that covers the length of stay in the KINGDOM - not for the length of validity of the visa. So, after entering with an O-A visa when getting an extension based on retirement you have continued your length of stay in the KINGDOM and could well be required to continue with the insurance until you physically exit Thailand, not when the O-A visa expires. Which appears to be confirmed by what Tanoshi was told.
  15. Good luck to the OP; I will keep any eye on this thread. Does anyone know if there is any additional help (housing?) available to veterans in such circumstances?
  16. Those republicans must be pulling their hairs out that Pelosi and Schiff simply treat their request for votes as a nothing burger. They must be cursing themselves for their own shenanigans in 2015 and giving the Dems the power to ignore them. Karma is a bitch. Ouch.
  17. Why you need to stay in Thailand? Brothels are available in all countries. Sent from my Hi9plus using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. It seems most Thais (and not only Thais) "think" that kids grow up and they somehow become an adult. It seems most have no idea that when the kid grows up everything is important: the people, the food, the surrounding, the education, the friends, everything. Now try to explain that to the average Thai. Good luck! I think in Thailand there is mostly a clear pecking order. Who is in charge? And if you are not in charge then it's obviously someone else and that someone else decides. If you want to be in control then do what has to be done to get that control - not only about your daughter. And when you think you won't be able to be in charge then decide if that is how you want to live your life or else.
  19. Did mine last month. 10 hours practical (two hours of which were on the road) and just over half a day of theory before taking both practical and theory tests. My wife did hers a couple of weeks earlier. The practical test requires three things, 1) drive forward and reverse between a set of posts, 2) reverse park in parking bay, and 3) drive alongside the curb and stop (not exceeding 25 cm from the curb). Theory test is 50 questions and you must get at least 45 correct. Because some of the "correct" answers for the English test are actually wrong, I took the test in Thai. Basically, the test does not focus anywhere near enough on driving on the roads, etiquette, things to watch out for, etc. But I have my license now and bought a new car so at 56 I will start on the massive learning curve of driving a car on the dangerous roads of Thailand. BTW I have not driven a car since I was 18 (and failed my test in the UK).
  20. It gets even worse when one fires ones lawyers and says he can defend himself...
  21. The word of the day is "Competition." I used to fly Thai ... then tried Air Asia. 100% of my flights with them have cost less and left on time. Not a single delay or cancellation. Pretty simple to solve that riddle.
  22. Yeah, we know you and Tug hate Trump. This is a post about Turkey invading Syria to exterminate Kurds. And Putin's reaction. We know Trump dumped the Kurds, no need to repeat it like a parrot on every thread. Any intelligent comment to make on the OP?
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