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  2. No link? so much BS on here you just have to laugh
  3. It is true all human beings lie but not on such an epic scale and that’s the plane truth of the matter and it seems to me the trump supporters sound more desperate every day
  4. yes i took over in villages for as long as it wasnt a hazard signal someone intended to turn, worked like a charm since nobody would leave signal on out of laziness, but all would signal in advance prior to turn, and none would cut a lane occupied
  5. The rain was highly localised and very inconsistent. It will take a whole lot more rain, which is not forecast, before there is any meaningful improvement. But every time I drive past Ruamchok intersection and see the 10000 litre blue tank and it's dozen misters spraying water a metre into the air I breathe deeply and thank our Governor and the big man in Krungthep for doing so much to help us.
  6. Thanks @eyecatcher I'm pretty sure that's not the original, but it's worth adding to the pinned topic anyway.
  7. Naw, maybe a straw one. I draw the line at Coolie Hats and Sola Topees, although I have been known to break out my Wolsely Pattern Helmet on occasion when I need to give some native a good hiding, by jingo!
  8. Awful lot of assumptions. On the other side of the coin trump articulates already proven lies and misinformation every day, with increasing frequency, which his base invests heavily in supporting / justifying as demonstrated on this forum.
  9. "The survey was conducted by Agoda, a renowned global online travel agency: credibility. God I love this city!!
  10. please keep up the delusional attempt to impeach. it will be another epic failure, just like the phony investigation. this is going to backfire in tremendous fashion, and it will be hilarious to watch the left meltdown even more http://https//theintercept.com/2019/04/18/robert-mueller-did-not-merely-reject-the-trumprussia-conspiracy-theories-he-obliterated-them/ Glenn Greenwald, no fan of the president, produced what I consider the most detailed, fair response to the Mueller report: In sum, Democrats and their supporters had the exact prosecutor they all agreed was the embodiment of competence and integrity in Robert Mueller. He assembled a team of prosecutors and investigators that countless media accounts heralded as the most aggressive and adept in the nation. They had subpoena power, the vast surveillance apparatus of the U.S. government at their disposal, a demonstrated willingness to imprison anyone who lied to them, and unlimited time and resources to dig up everything they could. The result of all of that was that not a single American -- whether with the Trump campaign or otherwise -- was charged or indicted on the core question of whether there was any conspiracy or coordination with Russia over the election. No Americans were charged or even accused of being controlled by or working at the behest of the Russian government. None of the key White House aides at the center of the controversy who testified for hours and hours – including Donald Trump, Jr. or Jared Kushner -- were charged with any crimes of any kind, not even perjury, obstruction of justice or lying to Congress. These facts are fatal to the conspiracy theorists who have drowned U.S. discourse for almost three years with a dangerous and distracting fixation on a fictitious espionage thriller involved unhinged claims of sexual and financial blackmail, nefarious infiltration of the U.S. Government by familiar foreign villains, and election cheating that empowered an illegitimate President. They got the exact prosecutor and investigation that they wanted, yet he could not establish that any of this happened and, in many cases, established that it did not. As he noted, here are some of the press accounts obliterated by the report: Paul Manafort never visited Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy; Guardian reporting otherwise is utterly fake. Buzzfeed’s claim that the President told Michael Cohen to lie about negotiations to build a Trump Tower is Moscow -- FAKE. CNN’s claim that Cohen asserted that then-candidate Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting (bruited by Carl Bernstein, Jim Sciutto and Marshall Cohen) -- FAKE. Rachel Maddow’s charge that “the Russians may be controlling our government” -- FAKE. Claims by Marcy Wheeler (repeated by others, including the Washington Post) that the post-election contacts between Trump and Russia were evidence of a conspiracy -- FAKE. Also FAKE: the Steele Dossier, pee-pee tape stories, secret meetings in Prague, and corrupt financial dealings with Russia going back years before the election. Claims about the Trump Tower meeting in 2016 fell flat -- there was nothing criminal about it. In Greenwald’s words: One can debate whether it’s unethical for a presidential campaign to have dirt about its opponent released by a foreign government, though anyone who wants to argue that has to reconcile that with the fact that the DNC had a contractor working with the Ukrainian government to help Hillary Clinton win by feeding them dirt on Trump and Manafort, as well as a paid operative named Christopher Steele (remember him?) working with Russian officials to get dirt on Trump. In sum, neither during the investigation nor at its conclusion did most of the American press cover itself with glory. Neither did the Democratic Party and the intelligence community. They deserve our scorn for deluding Americans for years, and I predict they will get it
  11. But I keep reading from anonymous bar stool boys that the economy here is in the toilet' Who is right the japs with there billions or harry the hump posting in his underwear?
  12. I simply don't believe it. If top 5, they rank 5th. I couldn't tell you the last time I've actually noticed Japanese about and I'm on the MRT daily crossing thru Sukhumvhit. Maybe for the *five day holiday* in essence, for five days a year. I'll grant you that.
  13. Thought you'd have been a Fedora kind of guy/dude/bloke.
  14. In reality, so long as the meter isn't going backwards when the meter reader calls (and he notices), nobody will ever know. Grid stability is indeed becoming an issue in some countries with a large proportion of renewables. With less and less rotating mass (flywheel effect) attached to the grid the frequency can fluctuate relatively rapidly which in turn can trip out generating capacity, before you know it the grid has gone dark. Over the years I've looked at (and not installed yet) hybrid solar which runs grid-tie but also has a battery bank. You can set the inverter to "do not export" so any excess power goes into the batteries which you can then use when the sun is sleeping. It has the added advantage that if the supply goes off you still have battery (and the panels if it's light) to supply at least some of your power.
  15. Think we all know what way this will go. Wouldn't want to be sleeping on that thing at night. !!!!!!! Splosh.
  16. Re-elections conducted at six polling units BANGKOK, 22 April 2019 (NNT) - The Election Commission (EC) proceeded with re-elections at six polling units in five provinces today, as the deadline for the announcement of official election results approaches. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096365-re-elections-conducted-at-six-polling-units/
  17. Re-elections conducted at six polling units BANGKOK, 22 April 2019 (NNT) - The Election Commission (EC) proceeded with re-elections at six polling units in five provinces today, as the deadline for the announcement of official election results approaches. The six units are: - Unit 32 of Constituency 13, Bangkok - Unit 12 of Constituency 1, Petchabun - Unit 6 of Constituency 2, Pitsanulok - Unit 6 of Constituency 2, Yasothon And two units in Lampang: - Unit 3 of Constituency 4, and - Unit 6 of Constituency 4 The Election Commission ordered the rerun at the six polling stations where it was found that the number of voters who turned up did not match the number of marked ballot papers received for counting. Meanwhile, a recount of votes was ordered at more than 200 polling units around the country where there was supporting evidence that the results of the vote count on March 24 were inaccurate. The Election Commission is scheduled to announce the official results of Thailand’s general election 2019 on May 9. Its heavy workload is being expedited to meet the deadline while more than two hundred election-related cases are waiting to be resolved. -- © Copyright nnt 2019-04-22
  18. They all lie. The only difference is the dems think their side tells the truth all the time. trump supporters know he says what is politically expedient on any given day. I could link you to many lies from the dems which go ignored, the libs act like your crap doesn’t stink.
  19. Japanese investors to raise funds in Thailand BANGKOK, 22 April 2019 (NNT) - Foreign investors are still confident of Thailand’s economic prospects, with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) expressing its interest in investing in hybrid vehicle production in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), thanks to the Thai government’s clear investment promotion policy. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096364-japanese-investors-to-raise-funds-in-thailand/
  20. Boarding will be expensive. Any school with stature will require some form of entrance exam although you might get some sympathy and a break from only a private school $$ He doesn't sound like he enjoys school much and that's ok as long as he enjoys learning. But he does need to be aware that in three years, he needs to be doing something with his life. I'm inclined to steer him toward Don Bosco Tech in Bangkok. Uncertain abt boarding. They do lots of tech-y stuff and have relationships with some big international corporations. Then there is St Dominic's nearby. I'm uncertain the relationship between the two but loads of boys go here. The two might be interconnected or Bosco could serve the Tech students and Dominic's the more academically inclined. Both worth a look! Another option is Assumption College. I think they board, I could easily find out. But he'd need to shoot for a lesser campus such as Samut Prakan or wherever that is. Not Ban Rak or Rama 2. Little known and often overlooked... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajiravudh_College They board. I've honestly never met a grad from there and have only seen a few job posts in 5 years. Academically, discipline wise it seems perfect for him. No idea how he'd fare academically. I'd look at Don Bosco. As for boarding, there are private dorms about but he'd really need to be in charge of himself. I've taught many students from outside Bangkok who live in dorms but they have focus, ambition and drive. Good kids that can be trusted not to get into trouble. Of course, relatives best option perhaps but do mind the hassle of the commute to school. Finally, if you have relatives in Khon Kaen or Ubon there are some ok schools there. Benchamamaharat in Union, but again it's public so entrance exams. I think there are a few decent privates in KK. I think there's a military academy up in Mae Hon Son as well. Hope this helps
  21. One assumes you are talking to trump enablers / supporters https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/03/04/president-trump-has-made-false-or-misleading-claims-over-days/?utm_term=.1a2c322a0e25
  22. What a silly premise, could you just say don't eat durian on hot days? and what if you eat said fruits in an airconditioned environments? would that be ok?...
  23. Japanese investors to raise funds in Thailand BANGKOK, 22 April 2019 (NNT) - Foreign investors are still confident of Thailand’s economic prospects, with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) expressing its interest in investing in hybrid vehicle production in Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), thanks to the Thai government’s clear investment promotion policy. The President of JETRO Bangkok, Hiroki Mitsumata, said today that Japanese investors are still confident in the Thai economy despite the current period of political transition. He said investors are especially interested in hybrid vehicle production in the EEC because the Thai government has a clear policy of promoting industries that focus on new technologies and innovations. The JETRO Bangkok President said trade and investment in both countries will continue to grow from the previous year. According to studies by JETRO Bangkok, more than 5,400 Japanese companies in the automotive industry and other sectors have already established their businesses in Thailand. Now, investors from Japan plan to raise funds in Thailand to pursue tourism initiatives. About 73,000 Japanese nationals reside in Thailand, and about 53,000 of them live in Bangkok. These figures show that Thailand is one of the top destinations in Asia for Japanese people. In 2007, there were only 745 Japanese restaurants in Thailand. Last year, the number rose to more than 3,000. To celebrate the 131st anniversary of Thailand-Japan diplomatic relations this year, JETRO Bangkok together with the Embassy of Japan in Thailand, the private sectors of both countries will organize an event entitled Sakura Matsuri, featuring more than 100 cherry blossom trees and authentic Japanese food. The event will be held at the EmQuartier shopping mall and the Helix Quarter in Bangkok from April 26 to 28. -- © Copyright nnt 2019-04-22
  24. Well, this is much better than ''Thailand named least miserable country' item of yesterday, even if it's done by a travel outfit with an agenda...
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