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  2. There is no requirement to prove that to obtain a retirement extension.
  3. Ahah! Well-intentioned, but obviously not working as intended?
  4. Permanently barred from Thailand. Useless long haired thief (Minus dreadlocks)
  5. Another but Thaksin, is getting awfully boring, and off-topic.
  6. Well, that's a nice change. Only the nut behind the wheel was killed.
  7. Why not both? With storage so cheap, it makes sense to avail yourself of as many ways as possible to secure your porno data!
  8. Not 100% sure but there is something on Sathorn or is it wireless?
  9. Being kicked out, by which you must mean having your currently running extension cancelled, sounds extreme. Nobody knows for sure but the worst surely would being required to show the reason for accessing the money with proof, and being required to reinstate it.
  10. Someone in an earlier post said that you could only use the pink card in your own province. But I assume going by your post, that you have used it in other provinces. Just looks like another case of Thai authorities making up their own rules.
  11. 2 reasons. # guy has a benz and may be someone important and either him or his family could make trouble for cop # dont shoot a guy that likely has money and can render a nice negotiation fee
  12. I wonder if the police have a "Gang Unit", "Gang Suppression Unit", or a "Gang Taskforce". Perhaps they have a gang member database, dedicated officers who work on gang related actvities, gang member dosiers and proactive surveilance on these thugs and thugettes. If they do, it may be an illusion as is often the case here. I await the next collective photo op.
  13. Has no one in Thailand heard of the presumption of innocence? To spend ten days in gaol as a presumed innocent man is odd justice isn't it? To commit a crime in civilised countries, like Thailand, one must do so with "intention" (to commit the unlawful act). No one, in a civilised country, would go to gaol for unintentionally committing a crime. Perhaps it was because he refused to sign a document admitting guilt? Another odd facet of Thai "justice."
  14. Rubbish. Have just had a 10th service on my 2.8 Toyo lump. In the service bay 9.05am driving out 9.25am. That's including greasing the prop. Hardly had time to finish the free coffee.
  15. PHUKET XTRA - April 25 ANZAC Day in Phuket 2019 |:| Army starts rolling in emergency water |:| Coral breakthrough at Thai uni. |:| Election Commission could be sued over poll |:| Gov. pushes water-shortage solutions Hosted by: JP Mestanza || #Phuket -- © Copyright Phuket News 2019-04-25
  16. Two howlers by De Gea, though I think City would have won anyway. Sane coming on made the difference. United have a lot of work to do in the Summer. Where to start?
  17. Insurance is on the car and is sold with it (if still valid). You need the docs from DLT (or go there together with the buyer). Certificate of residence or work permit from you and if the buyer is falang, same for him.
  18. This extra step should save the wait for people not present (which is often 5 minutes or more before a new number would be called). It should speed processing up.
  19. Well, I have the requisite cash, both THB800k, for about 3 1/2 months, just 'cos I wanted to get the transfer done when I was planning the year in January, but no other reason. I would be prepared to pay an agent to deal with my laziness, (aka not wasting 9 1/2 hours enjoying the exquisite beauty of CW and the journey to and from..)
  20. Well spotted. So they 'might' own the land. But unlikely any planning permission.
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