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  2. Thanks for the comment and advice , lifting the outside A/C unit up off the floor and installing it high up out of the sun light and rain sounds a good thing to do , where I live the house is surrounded by red earth fields and at some time a red dry dust can be seen in the wind and it tends to leave a coating of dust over things . Having the A/C units mounted high up will not look so attractive ( you will see the mounting brackets / frame ) as mounted directly on the floor , but may be its worth loosing some of the attractiveness for the extra benefits that high mounting would bring. Never having A/C installed before I'm really not sure of what temperatures I would be happy with in each bedroom , the other thought is what sort of noise will each outside A/C unit generate , with them being close to the bedroom windows .
  3. For sure it can. I actually did this on my car the other day after a run to the IO for my 90 day 'checkup'. The compressor had a separate switch so I turned it off and let the fan run until the air was warm. I also turned the air circulation lever to let in outside air during that minute or so. I learn something new every day! that's exactly what i said. lost your reading glasses?
  4. You got some convictions or even indictments to support that contention?
  5. If you have problems communicating (on either side) its not really going beyond basic pleasantries etc, its hardly surprising then is it.
  6. The entire left? Most of the left? Does the left have a Pope who speaks for it? Got some data to show that this is a widely held view? Stop lying.
  7. Id say that if those figures are even remotely indicative of the actual opinions of Trump, the left and their media lapdogs have done a pretty good job manipulating people for the last couple of years and further dividing a nation. Id also say that if the left actually cared about "Obstruction of Justice" then why did they hamstring Bernie Sanders to give hillary the nomination? She literally and blatantly obstructed justice on multiple occasions. Its just hypocrisy at this point, and tribalism, and politics. End of the day the left has no message at all, and has no chance in 2020. ALL they have right now is pandering identity politics, division, smears and hypocrisy. They've gone from the "party of the working man" to the "party of anyone BUT the working man".
  8. Sad-eyed Boonrod gets his own Facebook page after Gulf rescue By The Nation Boonrod, the dog rescued this week from the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, can now show off his own Facebook page with more than 6,000 followers. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096099-sad-eyed-boonrod-gets-his-own-facebook-page-after-gulf-rescue/
  9. Understand but it is the same tax laws and forms and if not working and only income is US nothing different for federal tax. State tax you may want to avoid if currently paying and that can be an issue with some - but Google can be a great help. If you have more than 10k in overseas bank accounts at any time during year another form to file online (FBAR). If married to a Thai choice to file single or married (wife must declare to file married and her income would then be subject to tax).
  10. Don't worry. As a fellow American I am arranging a GoFundMe campaign to repatriate his carcass. Anybody want to donate?
  11. Basically locking up all the money so it can't be used for whatever happens if the change of leadership happens. But it won't! Old political trick.
  12. Sorry but whilst certain commercial enterprises might make money from individuals, there is no such thing as meatless meat. It's a con. By definition "Meat is animal flesh that is eaten as food" If it isn't animal flesh then it isn't meat. It is just an advertiser's gimmick.
  13. I agree. They might realize what kind of mess they've created with the various forms of financial proof, and introduce a "one size fits all" bond instead. Which would be stricter in essence. Personally, I'm convinced that mandatory health insurance is next on the list, and while I think it makes some sense in principle, it's very likely that the implementation will be dreadful.
  14. Sad-eyed Boonrod gets his own Facebook page after Gulf rescue By The Nation Boonrod, the dog rescued this week from the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, can now show off his own Facebook page with more than 6,000 followers. Launched on Friday, Boonrod บุญรอดหมาอ่าวไทย (Boonrod Gulf of Thailand dog), has Facebook user Vitisak Payalaw serving as an administrator. The rescue of the tan-coloured dog, named Boonrod (“Survivor” in Thai) by his rescuers, hit both domestic and international headlines after he was fished from the gulf last Friday by Chevron rig workers 220 kilometres from the shore. They spotted his head bobbing between the waves. How he got there and how long he had been lost at sea has remained mysterious. Boonrod was brought to Songkhla province to be under a vet’s care and is said to be recovering. His sad eyes, clearly visible exhaustion and quiet appearance pulled at the hearts of many who followed the rescue. Boonrod will enjoy a new life, as the Chevron worker who rescued him has decided to adopt him. His Facebook page is now full of drawings and paintings of him made by his followers. Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30367991 -- © Copyright The Nation 2019-04-20
  15. i wonder if the defendant has to pay for the ozzys hospital bill.
  16. Cambodia uses agents, the Cambo agents get around $20 out of the $300. Yes you need business paperwork for the business VISA (since 2017), but nothing (if over 55) apart from the $300 for the ES VISA.
  17. As said, contact them directly. Some time ago it was on the market for THB 400 million or CHF 12 million - I am not a broker and came across the property when looking for some land in Doi Saket.
  18. I do but unfortunately all I got out of the conversation was a bag of ice not much use in topping up my phone credit
  19. If it is true that the people in the village aren't going to understand Central Thai, consider paying some of the men to be a "language parent" to tutor you in the local dialect. The Spanish professor in the video did just that and acquired conversational Arabic in 1 year (1000 hours). The video is long but he explains everything. https://youtu.be/illApgaLgGA
  20. As said before, why not start rather to hunt down those who agreed to build the structure ?
  21. As it is early days yet nobody can confirm if you will have to return after the 6 month point and demonstrate the 400k is still available as required. It may only be a check when you make your next extension application. The fear that your current extension may be cancelled should be enough to deter you from spending, unless you see no likelihood of needing to attend immigration during the rest of the year.
  22. In CM up to about 1pm is tolerable outside, but anytime after that the temperature rises drastically and peaks around 3-4pm. What was it here yesterday... 41C? 105.5F
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