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  2. Although I was talking about the dangers for pedestrians crossing the roads in Vietnam
  3. Thanks. That was also my understanding. Also, if I am not wrong, I don't need to notify to immigration every time I am travelling within Thailand? For example, I am to Bangkok tomorrow for few nights, will stay in hotel, then will come back home in Phuket? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  4. Khao Kheow Open Zoo uses sprinklers to cool the animals BANGKOK, 26 April 2019 (NNT) - The temperature in Khon Kaen recently reached more than 41 degrees Celsius, prompting the zoo to find ways to cool the animals by making iced drinks for giraffes. At Khao Kheow Open Zoo, animals are being given fruity iced water and sprinklers are being used to reduce the temperature during summer. The staff have had to provide cool surroundings for the giraffes at Khao Kheow Open Zoo because of the very hot weather during the day. Among initiatives, the staff have now installed sprinklers at various spots in the zoo and provided the giraffes with more shelter from the sun. They have also planted additional trees and arranged cool water sources to reduce the ambient temperature and keep the animals cool. Winter animals such as penguins, red pandas and seals are displayed in air-conditioned rooms. This April, they are being given frozen fruit instead of iced water which directly affects their health. Meanwhile, the temperature in Khon Kaen soared higher than 41 degrees Celsius this week, prompting the zoo to provide iced water for the giraffes, and filling a large basin with cool water for ostriches in the African animal exhibition zone to refresh and relax the animals. The staff have also installed sprinklers on the Skywalk and in other exhibition zones to sprinkle water to reduce the heat for tourists as well as the animals, and are providing food that helps keep the animals cool. -- © Copyright nnt 2019-04-26
  5. I did a TM-30, signing as "POSSESSOR", 6 months ago in BKK. Look at the SIGNATURE line on the form, strike out the 2 other titles. Saying why the landlord is unavailable and you can't contact him, I have signed the TM-30 as "POSSESSOR" because I just moved to the property, and am here to COMPLY with the regulations - DON'T LIE about anything!!!!! Do within 24 hours. If you plan your move in advance ( I try to do 30 days in advance ), you can get utility bills / deposit receipts / instillation paperwork to add proof to your legal "POSSESSION" of the property. Have ORIGINAL Lease and 2 copies, complete a TM-28 ( Some offices USE a TM-47 instead - I have heard ) , complete a 90 day report ( TM-47 ), copy of PP photo page, copy of extension stamp page, copy of Departure Card ( TM-6 ), copy of entry stamp ( and re-entry stamps if you have ) page. Hand the " package" to the IO within 24 hours ( open IO days - best to move after 6PM on a Friday ) of moving ...... Its overkill ....., but I was done in 7 minutes at "MY LOCAL IO" in BKK, the IO looked at me and said "Good" when I filed. I also keep copies of filed paperwork and the numbered ticket. [ The above was suggested to me by a Immigration Officer ] "YES, Its the landlords responsibility to do a TM-30", but, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE keeping the NECESSARY paperwork to stay in the Kingdom UP TO DATE, If missing paperwork, YOU PAY the fine, and the infraction is ADDED to YOUR immigration computer file. QUIT bit¢¢ing about paperwork, I hate doing it also. YOUR LOCAL IO SETS THE RULES / POLICY, learn what they want!! I keep 3-5 ( or more ) blank copies of TM Forms of all of the above. Also I keep copies of related PP pages and copies of my 2 issued Thai ID cards. Related.,..Another headache, somewhat enforced. If you are hosting a foreigner on your property, you need to inform immigration of their presence by FILING a TM-30. Any private home owner who fails to report a foreigner staying with them "within 24 hours of their arrival," could be fined 1,600 to 10,000 baht for EACH unreported person ......per the regulations...... So, if your foreign buddy "Joe the drunk" passes out drunk at your house, and sleeps on you floor overnight, you should do a TM-30 on Joe .... That's what the regs say, UGH! Being respectful, period, when dealing with ANY government office or officer is the KEY.
  6. "Mental problems" usually is being used as an exit strategy to get someone out from a tight spot if he is connected with the right people of course. Like that nutty judge woman few years ago. I wonder what happened to that one btw. And speaking of this guy, if he is indeed mental, is he still fit to drive? On second thought, TIT.
  7. I got pulled up at toll gates NW of Bangkok and told I had changed lanes too fast which was BS of course but what can you do and the fine was Bt400 with a receipt he would keep my licence and I could drive 3 hours from Pattaya to pay the fine and pick up my licence or Bt1000 cash no receipt no 3 hour drive. Bt1000 went straight into his pocket. Royal Thai Police, the best money can buy.
  8. No increase BEFORE the so called election of course, just one month later
  9. Obviously not, otherwise he would have done it the normal way. The agent probably told him the Poipet/Aranya entry point would deny-entry if he had spent much of any time in Thailand recently - which is true. Another possibility is that he already had 2 visa-exempt entries by-land this calendar-year. If he was blacklisted or "wanted," he would not have tried to exit legally, and gotten caught doing so. There could be more to it - but based on the story as printed, that would fit. If he didn't have 2 visa-exempt entries already, he could have just traveled to Ban Laem and entered w/o an issue. Ignorance plus risk-taking is a bad combination.
  10. That doesn't matter, she hasn't appeared in court yet, so she has not been found guilty yet.
  11. My good friend over there said its got nothing to do with his job, its because he voted against the junta, ( blood runs thick in his family line as his father would never vote for a non democratic party), thats why there is no result yes as they are still looking thru the votes to see who else defected in voting. If you know a Thai, ask them, they know the real truth. ( well educated Thais anyway, hard to find i know, but my friend is a doctor.)
  12. Hover your cursor over the person's screen name -- a window will pop open -- go to the bottom of the window and click "Ignore User"
  13. Speaking of choosing ! The latest dem polls show three (bernie,biden and buttigieg are in the lead !It appears nobody want's a women for POTUS in 2020! I hope I live long enough to see a young moderate women achieve that
  14. If he acts like this in public what is he like when there are no cameras around?
  15. There has to be better property investment options in the third world than Thailand. Why do Europeans come here and invest money in a country most know little about.? Can this German speak, read and write Thai? Can he read documents. Thailand's insane property and business laws/regs kill off hundreds of unwary and lovesick farangs every year. If this guy upsets some army brass in the South... look out.
  16. "Amber in the UK means STOP" There's a little bit more qualification to it than that.
  17. When they're not lobbing sulphuric acid in your face !!
  18. Think about life after the military. Get an education, go to flight training (if your health and eyes permit it) do your time in the military as a trained military pilot and when you get out (or are fed up with the military B.S.) you can go to work for an airline and make a decent living... There is a major shortage of pilots the world over presently and I do not see it easing anytime soon.. Conversely there are not so many military occupations that so readily transfer to the civilian word.. Aircraft Mechanics, air traffic controllers, and a few other occupations you can probably think of.. While being a grunt and the best shot in your unit does not transfer to a well paying civilian job usually..
  19. This racket was well entrenched before BJ entered the scene. Some of the fast track service providers ask to be paid by credit card online. You are met at the gate, taken to the fast track lane by an escort who hands over cash to the Immigration Officer, openly and without embarrassment or shame. You are then given a nice smile by the IO, stamped and waved through without question. It happened to me and I have no doubt it still goes on. Search Google "fast lane service Thai airports" and a leading advertisement will tell you all about it including prices but without any mention of the bit about the Immigration Officer getting his cash cut. Perhaps BJ was trying to stop this illegal enterprise and substantial flow of income into the Immigration Department food chain.
  20. Now I am not a psychiatrist, but most laymen would probably also come to the conclusion that someone covered in blood and waving knives in one hand and snakes in the other, was indeed experiencing some mental problems. Not after all, something you see every day, even in Thailand.
  21. Or Street lights on these uneven footpaths.. but at least they left some 30cm deep holes so you dont hit your head on a overgrowing tree branch. Or the broken electric wire thats fixed with a coke bottle. Thailand
  22. Perhaps there is a realty TV show concept in this? Judge Pong's Food Court Cash Cards Night Court Where real life people argue their cases of being wronged by errant food court cash cards countered by food court cash card clerks that only reply by rolling their eyes. Then Judge Pong a 300 pound Thai albino tomboy in a toga makes the final ruling. Everyone celebrates after over moo kata BBQ. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  23. Coming from the UK if every time I committed a minor infringement on the road I simply had to hand over 500baht and be on my way I would love that system. Where I come from it is a condescending lecture from the police (who wipe out dozens a year with their shit driving), followed by a court case unless I cough up unconditionally losing my right to challenge it, large fine now based on income, plus a 'victims surcharge' (now added to all UK fines) and your licence docked points or worse revoked - and a day off work losing more income to go through that crap ! Give me the thai system every day of the week ! PS You weren't 'robbed' the decision to hand over the money was completely yours so do you want to change the thread heading now to remove the completely wrong message and its clearly incorrect insinuation?
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