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  2. the old lady was really kind of angry, you dont see anger in thai people....at least not me.... well i was singled out.... i mean staying 3 months, that is only like 3000 eur.....i saved money....will not work here etc....it is simple as that.... only massage and realx sabai di mai...
  3. If your friend comes visa-exempt (without visa) and does not plan to stay longer than 30 days, there will be no issue whatsoever. However, if he intends to stay longer and wants to extend his stay, he will have to make sure that the address where he stayed before visiting the provincial IO for his extension has filed a TM30. When he stayed in a hotel, they will have done it for him. But if he still stays at your place when going for his extension of stay, you should register your home so that you will be able to file his TM30. Registering on-line so that you can file a TM30, was a headache before but is now relatively easy to do.
  4. knowingly possessing child abuse material. how do you accidentally possess it and who decides?
  5. When it comes to money, I would not trust even a farang in Thailand as they are worse sometimes then the Thais.
  6. and didn't asks for down payment/security deposit/ID/ CC printed slip... nothing, just let him go because he claimed to be doing research on behalf of the interior minister but no recommendation letter or anything to support his claim and she's the hotel manager
  7. To be honest I don’t see this as blackmail - I have already accepted that I will not receive deposit back irrespective of this message. However I do intend to submit details to revenue department to avoid her doing this to someone else.
  8. I think Thai patriotism is wonderful. I think they got a great country. It isnt the US, but then 99% of the world isnt. So Thailand is OK and they are lucky to live here, there are far worse places, like International Falls or Aberdeen in the winter or Detroit anythime
  9. The beginning of the international car and truck theft season begins.
  10. Welcome to Thailand ... HUB of Non-Performing-Loans
  11. There must be a few in the bells ,whistles and funny noises departments very popular here. Most series here follow the same story line,rich woman,nasty young daughter, hansom man, who her daughter fancies,but there is already a really nice young lady in his life, add a couple of maids, and there always seems to be a gay man, that's it, just add the funny noises., job done.maybe there's only one screen play writer, doing them all. regards worgeordie
  12. This section is for those seeking visas or for travel out of Thailand, I’ll move your question to an appropriate forum. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. It is the stupidity of the desperate people scammed, that feeds such criminals.
  14. Update....I'm having all sorts of trouble renting a property with my wife. There is a "right to rent" requirement and someone in UK on a visitor visa does not qualify. Investigating online to find a way around this. Anyone else had this issue? Thanks
  15. i switched to vpn and i think it is ok.....my hotel is really high end, but seems lots of spammers reside here or who knows i moved around the world too before, stayed thailand 3 years, but 7 years ago, never had a single problem only now....with this true,co,th apparently, shady shady
  16. The address on the TM6-card does not have to be your address. It's more of an initial address and every tourist are allowed to travel around. No hotel room has to be booked in advance. The TM6-card address is not important to Immigration.
  17. Bet365 has live footy video streaming on their site. Wouldn't dream of having a flutter,. Well, just a little dream!
  18. Will not be long before they are able to eliminate speeding by having the speed of the vehicle controlled by the GPS data that will be sealed in a tamper proof box.When coupled with radio GPS can be accurate to within a couple of centimetres.We build rail and roads and even do land boundary work with GPS so people better get ready because this is well on the way to becoming reality.How do people think google are able to provide google maps?I can tell you it's not with a tape measure and a theodolite,they even operate planes with this technology.Not to mention all those military drones!
  19. It seems on most bikes the original brakes fit the needs. On front wheels they need to be stronger than on the rear. I am pretty sure the original PCX brake will do the job. What do you expect from a rear disc brake? Better braking? Faster stopping? I have my doubts.
  20. No combat yet... maybe because the need has not presented itself, but there they are, dabbling in America’s back yard, contrary to the point of view earlier expressed Russia is involved, and captain bone-spurs has further enlarged their sphere of influence, wreaking both the US sphere and NATOs influence. the Syrian debacle was a US led NATO operation, and dunderklumppens betrayal of a friend demonstrates that the US is an unreliable partner in any geopolitical enterprise. I’m sorry... but... what? Those “arbitrary lines” are oftentimes drawn in blood... but the question should actually be : why assist allies and friends, in reference to the Kurds, and if that needs explaining, I’m shocked... and expect it’s more willful ignorance than true ignorance. your comment about atlases makes me wonder what century you grew up in as world borders have changed very little since WW2 and protecting borders... what? Would the US not protect its borders, and in need, would it not expect its friends and allies to support them in protecting its borders. With comments like that, I can’t help but wonder if you understand the purpose of alliances. Perhaps the problem at the US southern border would go away if the US gave Texas and California back to Mexico. I recognize the stupidity of that sentiment... And holds true elsewhere... ie... its a stupid sentiment... one that’s heard said by the loser as it runs away. “It’s only a bit of dirt, let em have it if they want it!”
  21. Wow, rented to some Chinese 22 years ago thanks for the updated info.... The head scratcher for me as you are talking about investment. Why would anyone buy anything in Thailand period for investment?? Certainly under the current conditions, seems reckless and uninformed....
  22. does that include those having wives with penises??
  23. Perhaps you should have a look at the table and the reason United undertook the tactics they did, 3 at the back and 2 wing backs. Wan Bisaka got forward a lot. Young didn't, that was also a plan as they saw the main damage coming from Liverpool's RH side. I bet a lot of other teams wished they had got a point and nearly 3 off Liverpool when they played them. This tired old cliché "parking the bus" is nonsense and comes from being brain washed by the pundits to describe any tactic that frustrates an opposition which were clearly superior on paper, at this stage of the season. Results matter Judge United when they get key players back from injuries which have restricted them to pick patch up teams. Your tactical/knowledge re how to set up a team, according to their current predicament, seems very limited
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