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  2. nobody can opt for euthanasia, medical experts said.
  3. I read that the MG ZS SUV "performance" model has a 1 ltr 3 cylinder turbo engine, yes the times are a changing....
  4. That's the guy who stole my wallet: Belgian tourist does the pointing Picture: The Pattaya News A 63 year old Belgian man told police in Pattaya that after befriending a Thai man in a Jomtien beer bar he took him to his room for sex. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1097099-thats-the-guy-who-stole-my-wallet-belgian-tourist-does-the-pointing/
  5. Yes, it comes down to the individual DLTs, or who you get on the day. Pattaya DLT is hit and miss, I have done license renewals and vehicle transfers (2 weeks ago) just using yellow book but other report not being able to.
  6. So you assume everyone is like you? yes, sad.
  7. People have different political views and opinions, but not their own facts. Bending reality to fit your opinion and political affiliation is rather ridiculous.
  8. The BBC are showing their bias again, for a country that voted to leave, they chose again 4 remain panellists. How bad can it be to have Caroline Lucas, Vince Cable and Jonathan Ashworth on the same panel. Caroline Lucas got booed for suggesting that Nigel Farage is drumming up hate by starting a Brexit Party and Vince Cable got equally booed for saying there should be another referendum. Time for change. 
  9. ... except of course that gunfire in a densely crowded situation... Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. The dog has been to the vet and kept in for a day and a night and treated, he probably did Bloodwork. The vet gave us medicine for her.
  11. That's the guy who stole my wallet: Belgian tourist does the pointing Picture: The Pattaya News A 63 year old Belgian man told police in Pattaya that after befriending a Thai man in a Jomtien beer bar he took him to his room for sex. But while Luc Rapoye was in the shower Thalang Thamnao, 29, made off with his wallet and escaped on a motorbike. Pattaya station chief Pol Col Prawit Chorseng and chief of the tourist police at the resort Lt-Col Piyapong Ensarn were soon on the case. They studied CCTV and talked to those in the area and discovered that the thief was hiding out at a room in Sa Liam sub-district of Phatnat Nikom district in Chonburi. There the thief was arrested along with 100 Euros, 1,500 baht and a wallet. Thalang - who The Pattaya News said was a gay man - has been charged with theft during the hours of darkness and receiving stolen goods. He was detained and fingered by the victim at the police station. Source: The Pattaya News -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-26
  12. Says one who wholeheartedly supports a person who lies compulsively and constantly. The reality disconnect is staggering.
  13. I have been, and still are, involved in numerous legal cases, some of considerable size. My personal experience is that the system works, it's just very, very slow, and yes as a result of the time, the amount of paperwork, and you wanting update meetings to make sure rings are moving, lawyers fees can get expensive....but that is the same in most countries. If you really want to take a matter to court, be prepared for a year or 2 to actually get to the first court date, be prepared for the the other party to not turn up the first 2 sessions and waste more of your time and money, and be patient with the legal process. The actual court process is a bit of a pantomime, but I did not feel that being a foreigner was any disadvantage. The law prevailed. If you are looking for a quick legal process, I recommend that you seriously consider the arbitration process, which the court will usually insist on as a way to avoid going to court.
  14. See if you can email ThaiVisa Forum and ask them to assist you... Do you have a penalty for using a word or words that are offensive to some sensitive person? Did you acknowledge a moderator's post? Good Luck!
  15. I agree that the source of funds anyone uses to pay in Baht 65,000 a month should be irrelevant. Among other reasons, there are people who meet the age requirement for retirement in Thailand but who would still be too young to receive a pension. And the wide variety of sources of retirement income around the world would make it hard to settle on a single definition of "pension" even for those old enough to receive it. But what law are you referring to that defines income "legally?" Even if you can find some dictionary definition that suits you, that doesn't rise to a legal definition of "income." Certainly if you have a pile of money sitting in a bank account at home, you might draw on that money for living expenses in Thailand but, aside from the interest you earn, the money sitting in the bank wouldn't be defined as income. You'd be very upset if the taxing authority in your home country defined that money as "income" and taxed it as such every year. Some (most?) taxing authorities do provide explicit legal definitions of income that would exclude some reasonable sources of funds for retirement in Thailand, for example. Also agree that getting a decision reversed would be difficult when dealing with the same officer, but this reference to "saving face" and "Thai culture" is a little tired and often used as an excuse when some farang doesn't like something. There is an avenue for registering complaints re: immigrations and, when done diplomatically, there have been successful appeals. Just a casual skim through Thai Visa provides evidence that "saving face" and admitting fault is rare among farang, from which I suppose it is not part of farang culture. In fact Thai Visa would probably be a far less successful enterprise if not fo the masses of posts motivated by farang loss of face and stubborn refusal to admit to being wrong. Tossing about unsubstantiated terms like "legally" and referring to "loss of face" and Thai culture don't really add anything to what might be a legitimate complaint.
  16. If a Thai national changes their official residence (is recorded in a different Tabien Baan) they must also change their ID card to a new address but they are still valid documents throughout Thailand. As I understand it, the same/similar rules apply, a pink ID card is still valid when visiting anywhere in Thailand, not just their home province, but, if a foreigner moves to another province permanently they must obtain a new yellow tabien baan plus a new ID card for that new address. My daughter is studying Thai Law at University at the moment and this is the explanation her lecturer gave her. It most definitely is possible, I do it. The last time was when I renewed my licence in Chonburi just four months ago, in December 2018. My DL shows my ID number and not my passport number. Important to remember that your pink ID card is only proving your ID (in place of your passport) awhile your yellow tabien baan proves your address (in place of a residence certificate). You need to take both to renew your licence, not just your ID card.
  17. Just heard CNN say the Brexit vote was influenced by Russian hackers. 5555 Is that Ruskies with cigarette coughs? Not sure. Anyway just remembering the "Good Ol' Days" when DM was designated as a likely place to store the rice the Thaksin sister bought.
  18. Me too. Looking for a Thai woman with long hair who rides motorbike.
  19. I suspect that would be for husband/wife use. Forum rules are available under forum heading of main page.
  20. So you're gonna wait 2 weeks for Daikin people to come out and tell you that theres no damage? I just cant understand why you don't just pay some local installers to swap the units around, but instead choose to not use 2 aircons in the hottest part of the year. 12k and 9k BTU aircons are almost the same size, the probability that there is any damage is almost zero. And if you swap them out, Daikin can still come and see if they are functioning properly - which would likely be nothing more than checking the pressures and putting a thermometer in the air handler and checking the temp. The way this is going I think you are opening yourself up to being possibly ripped off by the Daikin people when they come, telling you you need a whole new aircon.
  21. Channel 7 just showed a clip of his supporters welcoming him back at the airport. I couldn't help thinking that I'd never seen those currently in power ever get a welcome like that.
  22. Chivas


    That is ludicrous. It works perfectly and I have used it since outset. It does exactly what it says on the tin no idea why you would have written that
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