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  2. not a luxury condo no more with day renters, value just dropped big time..
  3. If you are opening a 63A breaker you need more than a simple supply upgrade. You may be able to get a 30/100 (up to 100A incoming breaker) but PEA are not happy to install in a village environment. Next step would be to go 3-phase. That said, we have a 15/45 on a 63A incomer, even with the welder and compressor (and Madam's 5HP of irrigation) we have never opened the incomer.
  4. If you can swim, it’s very simple to teach another. Use a buoyancy aid. Understand flotation. Develop techniques for motion. Not brain surgery, is it
  5. Not the case. My wife has received tickets for going 92kph in a 90kph zone. That is inane.
  6. Much cooler here now the "rains" have arrived
  7. So perhaps a generator set is best for the welder, although i don't use it much anymore now that everything is complete at the house. I built a large metal fence, gates and a covered area for the whole property.
  8. I have a credit limit without any collateral that I can draw down on whenever I need or want I received a card which also serves as a creditcard with a limit of 15,000 thb If I draw down I need to choose option; personal loan and the CC can only be used as that, no cash draw down. At the time my Thai was limited some 15 years ago My partner was not involved when I requested and received. And she never signed anything No security deposit
  9. Well, in all honesty that is not their job. But, it is indeed what most of them do.
  10. Yo Just saw EV Charging Station beside Pizza Hut, Would be nice to see if Ubon have any Electrical cars as i have not seen any so far
  11. Depends how you manage it. You don‘t really live in Thailand as Long you have an residence permit Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. We live in a 4 bedroom townhouse near Chiang Mai Airport in a complex called The Clover. Five adults, 2 small dogs, 3 cars and 2 motorbikes. Cost was 3.1 million Baht plus another 600k to build the 4th bedroom downstairs, enclose our small back yard into a Thai kitchen, build built-in cabinets and furniture. We financed 1 million so my older daughter could get a credit history, mortgage payment is 7k Baht per month. Seemed like a good idea at the time (3 years ago), intended to pay it off after a year or so, but now I wish we had just paid completely up front. My 2 older kids (early 30s) build/remodel houses and have hit hard times with the slow down in getting new customers and I have had some financial problems of my own. We got 3 years free HOA, but now pay 9600 Baht per year, billed with 7 days notice 2 months ago (I was expecting to be able to pay each month, but no). Our unit is on the end of the building, so we only have one common wall with the 2 bedroom unit next to us and the owner lives in Bangkok so is not here much. We generally have good neighbors, although some partying at times and because of the renter turnover, first-come-first-serve parking can be an issue on the narrow streets (only 2 of our cars fit in our carport, our pickup parks beside our house on the street). There are still a few 3 bedroom end units which have never sold and there are also a few 2 bedroom middle units which were sold originally, but have been for sale (or rent) almost as long as we have lived here with no takers. Not sure if the slowdown we (friends and family) see in Chiang Mai is only temporary or how long it may last. I suggest caution.
  13. It feels like more Brits dying in Thailand than the UK time againRIP
  14. On a main highway, I drive at 120kph, and it is a safe speed, under good conditions. I get passed by others all the time. I am not a speedster. 70 miles per hour is not speeding. Laws have to be sensible, in order to encourage people not to break them. Otherwise, some must be ignored.
  15. Usually it's just the switch for the kitchen.
  16. no, the ones on the left is the main breaker. the ones in position 4 (living Room, air con and all associated), position 5 is the kitchen and outside outlets. i have been throwing breakers are running around with a shop light.
  17. Just separate the boys from the girls and we will all be safe.
  18. As normal the Chinese think they are superior beings and can do what they like. Look at Cambodia, it will be the same here in time unless Government policy towards them changes. Which of course is highly unlikely. People warned about the condo fiasco when Thai property developers started aggressively marketing them in China as investment opportunities. Thailand is doomed if they start to allow Casinos.
  19. That justice will have to reach beyond the current judicial system politicized by nomination criteria and appointments made through and by years of intervening military coups. In fact the Abhisit government (Abhisit and Suthep specifically) was ruled innocent by the courts in the "killings" because it acted under a State of Emergency which also shielded the military (just following orders) for any of its armed actions (whether intentional or not) taken against the protestors and civilian bystanders in general. The only outside legal authority to which Phayao might appeal to is the International Criminal Court. However, Thailand has yet to ratify its recognition of that court. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/States_parties_to_the_Rome_Statute_of_the_International_Criminal_Court I'm sure she already knows the Thailand Human Rights Commission and The Office of the Ombudsman were "defanged" by the Prayut regime and unable to pursue any legal remedies.
  20. All news of him has gone suspiciously quiet as if news outlets are scared of something..... someone
  21. Huh? Are you saying that if you turn off the breakers labeled 32amp in positions 4 and 5 (is that right) you go black??? The breaker on the far left is your main breaker and, I think, 63a. Your welder can probably run on 20a circuit but NOT via extension cord.
  22. Why else would the Chinese buy up so many Condos if they weren't going to make money from them .
  23. On highway 4, the main north south artery, it is 90kph. On the overhead toll road, going to Don Muang, it is 80kph, on a six lane divided road. How is there any sense in that?
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