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  2. Check with your local office. Some offices will allow you to use the online system (normally reserved for hotels etc.) to register - mine did. You may need the owner/landlord to visit with you to set it up or they may accept a signed copy of their tabien baan. If you do get it set up, take screenshots of each stage of the reporting process - its in Thai and you'll be doing it on your own next time.
  3. All kind of wood products like jewellery box, cigar box, photo frame, for home decor, etc. Email- kunalbboing@gmail.com Contact no. - +918178792174
  4. Yeah, you're right about "trump" -- his behavior towards women (grabbing their …) and children (being a peeping Donald on underage girls at his beauty pageants) has been despicable. Biden if he does get to run against "trump" can stand up tall knowing all he has done is to be overly affectionate to all.
  5. This story is untrue. The german did not have to give a bribe allowance of 800'000 THB to Thai officials. He had to shell out much more probably !! And also nice to see that the court asked for a receipt ? Do they have small sticker receipts attached on the brown enveloppes for sale ? Could come in handy !!
  6. If they want you to it is printed on your 90 day report slip
  7. I tried googling Surakul's stadium matches schedule -- nothing, called their number -- nothing. Is anyone aware when is the next big game in Phuket? Cheers.
  8. If you are in Phuket you will need one every time. Other offices normally don't want one.
  9. Never requested todo any of these BS Gesendet von iPhone mit Thaivisa Connect
  10. Yes..but they must represent him thusly-hence a threat to public order. Apart from one sea dwelling the size of a dog kennel Thailand's external enemies are few and far between.The hunt for internal enemies must continue.
  11. The only way Don, or anyone else in similar circumstances, could force the hand of the Thai authorities, is to overstay a few days, then ring all the media outlets and arrange for them to be there when he hands himself in and is detained. With the right headline, a story like that will go global, and this may shame the Thai's into some change. Problem is, at 90, Don probably would not survive detention.
  12. what format of Beam, I beam H beam, C channel. there are galvanising factories around. where do you live? have you looked at the lysght (bluescope) steel range of purlins etc ?, that is all galv and better than most you can buy locally. The cost of what you want to do with black steel will add up considerably if done properly. http://www.bluescope.co.th/segment-type/building-construction-en/ you might want to get a purlin catalogue from australian website to check you requirements and then speak to blue scope to see what they have. to answer one of your original questions, remove the oil with thinners and lots of rags (buy some chemical proof gloves as it is not very good for humans) the jotun paint i mentioned you can buy from global house. i have also seen the brand International for sale on marine websites here in thailand, i used a two part polyurethane as a mid coat twice then used a colour to finish . i dont know what your design is or the spans etc. but you could use black steel for the base then glav on top. for rafters etc As for the welding. you can buy a gasless Jasic mig welder and wire here in thailand. unless you builders are at expert level they will not be able to perform (good) weld using stick on the thinner metal. i had all my trusses made for me by a contractor in Khon Kaen, and i just craned them up and bolted them togther. some were welded on site. the structure i made is well over engineered but it wont rust, i will never have to paint it and it wont fall down whilst i am alive. the whole structure 100M2 took about 5 days. then i had to install the insulation and mesh my self . then the roof sheet. and guttering all of which is colorbond from Australia (nicer colors than than the Thai pallet) Pm if you want to chat Shaemus
  13. breakfast and coffee 65 baht before 9am
  14. Hi to all, First sorry for my simple english. I left my country (Spain) with my wife because she have vig problems with stress and decide make new Life in Thailand. Now we are living in Bang Sare, a peaceful fishers toen near from Pattaya. The problem is my wife need Lorazepam, and we are finished what we take from spain. In farmscy sell diazepam and bromazepam but are so powerful. First we wo to a pataya bankok clinic in bang sare but only sell 10 pills and told me i need prescription to buy more. I know i can go to hospital, but you know if its possible go directly to a doctor to tske this prescription(we hsve the spanish prescription so i think we cannot have so much problem with any doctor) or the only way is going to hospitals? I read sbout shattahip navy hospitsl, really cheap but i prefer your experience to tell me best option. Thanks and best regards
  15. ...with his purported despicable behavior towards women....and children....is this to be condoned...??? ...let alone applauded...??? ...a sad testimonial....another sad day for humanity....
  16. So, restorative justice with compensation, and no court case. Pretty good police service, that. He got his money back and he got to finger the sex worker for free - although with the cops watching.
  17. You posted, you didn’t want official points on your licence so you took 500 baht into the police box. You didn’t want points so you walked in with the sole intention of offering a bribe. They accepted now your claiming you where robbed. If he’d refused the bribe and thrown your ass in jail you’d also be complaining. Be thankful your not locked up or deported.
  18. It's really funny. The "trump" fans in the "trump" twitter troll / Fox "News" bubble actually expect people not similarly brainwashed to adopt their propaganda talking points. Talk about pathetic and clueless!
  19. gaviolit

    GRAB app

    Hi in the GRAB app I can't find the option to choose higher category cars (camry / accord), any suggestions? Thanks
  20. On top of it be on overstay …, with possible a certain ban on return depending how long that overstay would be because taking the money out ? So many not clear consequences to discover coming month's up to the first complete 1 year extensions becomes done Any Guiney pigs here to help us out ??
  21. If you can achieve somewhere else higher returns than with property then it is a better idea to invest your money somewhere else. "Rent money is dead money" is a little bit too simplified.
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