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  2. 0 counts of Russian Collusion. Funny how the people that 'knew' he conspired with the Russians now 'know' he's guilty of something else.
  3. I do what I want. If they are not happy, call my lawyer! Why the double standard?? I have seen many thais with their feet to the sky. No problems when they do it!
  4. "The variable is the visa/extension." - No. The variable is the punishment for using your own money. The 800k / 400k for next year's visa is akin to "can you send 800k for sick buffalo."
  5. If so, it's because you keep the 800k in a regular savings account. In a term account, it's not possible.
  6. Travel back to the UK for 2 weeks every year. If I get too old to travel, look for my name in the Pattaya flying club. I have no intention of growing old gracefully. I have zero interactions with UK authorities whilst in Thailand. UK address, bank accounts, GP, etc. I have managed fine living on my company pension, in Thailand, for a number of years. If I get caught out, I'll manage just fine.
  7. You can get more than 2%, and it's more that what is offered by many western banks... And for the new expats, if they don't like this method (800k) to stay, at least 3 other methods have been given in this thread. Hard to think that none of these 3 can be easy for them.
  8. I would first try OCPB to see where you stand with this. Not sure about Thailand , but in Oz they use to have a rule if damage cost over 70-80% of the value , they write it off
  9. This'll give you something to troll about:
  10. No country is obliged to grant a visa to anybody, even if a court decides the seastead is in international waters and Thailand has no jurisdiction. No contradiction.
  11. YES! And the interaction is much more interactive. They don't ignore you if your with your spouse or gf. You feel equal and part of the family. In Thailand, mostly ignored even if you invented the thai language.
  12. Yes, and not to mention the lousy 1.5% return you get to be able to get next year's visa. Now, it's ok for those already embedded here, but a lousy deal like this is hardly going to to attract new expats to Thailand in the future.
  13. If you are despondent you should come to Thailand. We have a blast here! And the Thai police are EXCELLENT compared to the UK and USA police.
  14. Depending on what you are trying to achieve some of the above foods would be considered too "bad" as they are too high in carbs or sugar... Examples: Fruit is almost all sugar... an easy source to eliminate Grains (of any type): most have been GMO'ed (genetically modified) and are hard on the body as well as being mostly carbs... another easy source to eliminate... (contrary to what WHO, or the AMA tells you, brown anything (rice/wheat) is only fractionally better than the white or bleached versions... Dairy: with the exception of cheese and cream... Dairy == Lactose == sugar! Yogurt is not any better for you either for macrobiotics... which you can get from other sources without sugar... easy to eliminate from your diet... Processed foods from big Food industry: READ the LABELS... sugar in all it's many form is a deceptively large portion added to all processed foods... They disguise sugar under hundreds of different names... learn them and avoid... Unhealthy oils: Big Food strikes again... In their effort to sell cheap crap... they created processed oils (canola, vegetable, corn, etc)... they are hideously bad for your body as they cause inflammation.. so easy to just eliminate them... Meats: well, above, I pointed out that most grains are GMO'ed... guess what they feed the livestock... and guess what you consume when you eat that meat... so some quarters recommend cutting out the cheap big Food processed meat... and switch to organic, grass fed, or pasture raised meats... Lastly: Tofu... This is a tricky one... For guys... Estrogen is not exactly good for your body... Soy promotes estrogen... better for Males to go easy on soy... (google it or watch the youtube vids I pointed to in another post to find out why)... The trick to getting started is not to freak out... just to learn and adjust your diet accordingly... MY experiences are: in the West, it's easier to adhere to the above, and other things I have not mentioned yet... In Asia (and Thailand), it's harder cause the ingredients are not generally available... but it is doable... Learn how the locals prepare their food... aka In Thailand, look at how much sugar they add to their dishes... yikes... and avoid... You just need to learn what your body will tolerate and begin to track what you eat... Good luck...
  15. Yeah it’s to give us the illusion that we are quicker than we are.
  16. Which one you went? Pratunam or Ngamwongwan. Pratunam had a renovation craze, and after that many shops did not return. The rent was too high and the ambiance was gone. On the Ngamwongwan it is still the same as before, it was not great compared with the Pratunam one and still is. But at least, they did not change. The same shops still here, mostly for printers, ink and cables it is fine. Pratunam was better, as it has more gadget, 2nd hand computer parts, games, and so on.. but now.. phone phone phone and cables cables. They had a concurrence too at the Palladium IT, opposite the junction. And that mall now is dead more then Pantip self. Only 5% of the shops is open, the rest is nada zero. (I am talking about the IT floors, not about the floors below.) Palladium has the idea it would run great and had even a sixth floor ready for shops next to the 4th and 5th, but that floor never opened. It is all faling, online and interrest and rent. I stick with Zeer Rangsit, it is renovating too but it seems that the stores not dying, only some changing old goes new come. Pantip on the Ngamwongwan, in the weekend a great fleamarket in the parkinglot on the top floor. I fully agree with Denim. The only reason for me to go there, about two times a year. Rgds
  17. Yep. It's a cloud cuckoo land rule. We're being jerked around. End of.
  18. In the past many people (Thai and non-Thai) have evaded paying this tax by simply opening multiple accounts and never allowing them to individually accrue 20000 interest. Banks never reported the collective interest accrued in all accounts. Now the Revenue Department intends to collect the tax if the total interest of all of the individual's accounts by having banks report on every account.
  19. When you look at it, objectively, they say the deposit of this money is to ensure you can support yourself, but you can't use it to support yourself this year, otherwise, you don't get a visa for next year. So, it's not money you can use at all, really. It's just a cheap loan to Thai banks.
  20. No. You are severely restricted from touching it if you want to use it for the bank method. That's what the point is. People using the bank method.
  21. Yeah just seen that. He was clearly on side. Have you changed the running track? Looks much better
  22. I think emergency meetings can be called. I think police and Immigration officials can be involved or invoked. I think public notices and letters of warning can be used. I think door key card privileges can be revoked and water and electricity cut off. That's what we do in our condo.
  23. Robbed by the officials. Perez clearly onside and disallowed, then they go up the other end and equalise. Quicker they bring in VAR the better.
  24. Interesting. I wondered why I'd never got a new SS card. I have that alien pink card but my foreign colleagues don't. Are you saying that they can't be treated in a hospital with the social security unless they get a yellow house book?
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