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  2. It's still holding up reasonably well - think a good base to start indyref2 from.
  3. She was expecting sex and get paid; he was expecting to trip the light fantastic till the disco closed. A misunderstanding of pay and expectations on both their parts, she deserved some compensation. Not all her fault.
  4. Uncle Moe aint knowing anything about Workpermit but he said who drink his beer they pay the bills or they get the kick in the seventh planet. donim is volunteer and has always paid his own workpermit shouldn't the company pay that or the fee lower to free? Foreigners working here for a salary, why is the moan of company not paying for the foreigner papers. It is what salary are for, paying for your own dues.
  5. But if you are applying for an extension based on the income method, that is a different ball game.
  6. I don't know what constituency you think that kind of garbage will play with but again, his touchy feely thing is not going to be a big issue for Biden.
  7. Bring your BP machine in to any pharmacy and have them take your BP then compare it to what your machine shows. Any proper pharmacy can do this. This will help determine if it is accurate. You should also review the instructions regarding calibration. I would hesitate to start taking antihypertensives for a BP that is only elevated in a hospital setting, and mainly elevated in the systolic (upper number - this is what happens when one is stressed). If your machine is not accurate get a new one and keep a record of your BP at home for a week or so. It is not unusual for people to have what is called "white coat syndrome", an elevation of (mainly systolic) BP when at the doctors or a hospital which is not reflective of true BP at rest. I also wonder if you are taking a beta blocker? As that would explain the low heart rate.?
  8. One thought I have is the Rotary. They could possibly auction it as a door prize at one of their events, or I’m sure they could find a recipient in need. just a thought.
  9. Okay, so yours are bigger than mine, I get it [emoji51]
  10. Nah. I think Biden can easily get at least 30 percent in most primaries. That will be enough to win most primaries and maybe the nomination. Or alternatively, the convention is going to be a real humdinger!
  11. FYI map links for others on the same quest. Haven't tried the breads yet: The Baguette (Phetkasem road near soi 39): https://goo.gl/maps/Qj1RfjJcKKH5Nno59 Boucherie Jean-Pierre (soi 88, the long part that goes way west, not the short part that becomes soi 94, with Swiss bakery across street according to post above): https://goo.gl/maps/eu1yB6JK3c1rMF747 Hua Hin Bakery (Ang Nam area, Khao Hin Lek Fai Rd): https://goo.gl/maps/eu1yB6JK3c1rMF747
  12. It is a crude name for Suvarnabhumi international airport (BKK) in Bangkok. It comes from the airport being built on a swamp.
  13. The few hundreds people who may have to go to immigration is a huge minority of the tens of thousands tourists in Pattaya. The huge majority of tourists is in Thailand for a rather short trip who doesn't need an extension or anything else at immigration.
  14. SCG rolled batts from Homepro, 0.4m x 1.2m, 425baht each. Homepro crew installed and did a good job, just needed some guidance on the details. I used more than expected as I covered the tops of the interior walls and the inside of the exterior walls.
  15. It's just easy: not a glue of an idea doing first a concept of drainage all!!! the places before start any work that ends up in a disaster. But yes, it fills up many pockets and empties quick the pocket of the city and the people of Thailand. But well that's business as usual and mostly nobody complain. Just the crazy foreigners. Better get rid of them.555555
  16. It's a 6 day trip.....not my trip thankfully. When does this VoA "promotion" expire? Can you link to/attach the relevant news?
  17. If an Indian passport, then it is, indeed, a visa on arrival. Usually, as @ubonjoe advises, a fresh visa on arrival will make the most sense. A re-entry permit is possible, and might make sense, for instance, if you intend reentering Thailand at a land crossing with no visa on arrival desk. However, it is important to realise that the re-entry permit does not change the end date of your permission to stay. For instance, if you arrive in Thailand getting a visa on arrival on May 1, your permission to stay will expire May 15. If you leave on May 4 with a re-entry permit, arriving back in Thailand May 7, your permission to stay still expires May 15. If leaving Thailand by air, it is easy to get a re-entry permit as you leave Thailand. If leaving via a land crossing, it is safest to get a re-entry permit at the local immigration office servicing the area where you are staying. At most land crossings, there is the possibility of applying for a re-entry permit at the border or nearby, but this often only applies during opening hours of the nearby immigration office.
  18. Thanks, checked both package on post web site same as Thaipost. The addressee has not received the documents. I have submitted a query both in Thailand and Post in Lux and their investigation teams are looking for the package.
  19. I can, these are the same ones who don't have a measy 27K dollars for a visa.
  20. I like Daikin, their Inverters are really quiet and energy effecient And, I also like that they (AFAIK) only make aircons ;)
  21. The idea for this poll was a bit of a joke, but perhaps it's a good idea to actually do it. Of course I assume the result would overwhelmingly be that people that can still get embassy income letters would want to continue to be able to get them. But I don't know that. So if you'd like to see a poll as above, I will start it if this post gets TEN likes. Otherwise, not.
  22. Yes - the "problem" is it is a "different system." The new "biometric" bits are probably also a "different system." Why not hire a decent IT team to build a complete-system that actually ties together all the pieces? It hurts my head to think of how their databases are structured (or "not structured").
  23. I saw an analysis yesterday on the BBC that summarised the state of play as 2 old white men leading the field to battle it out with another old white man. The analyst reckoned that Biden's and Sanders's poll ratings (both in the 20s) were as good as they were going to get. A supposedly inclusive Democrat party would ultimately have to reject these 2 and other candidates (all currently polling in single digits) would emerge. But which ones? That will be the interesting part. I'll guess Kamala Harris; she's a PILF.
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