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  2. A photo of Premchai in handcuffs with ten cops pointing at him would have been a better deterrent!
  3. There was a similar question asked a few weeks ago. I, and many others replied, and they are mostly probably relevant here. I'm sorry, but I can't get anywhere with TV's search facility, but I'm sure someone should be able to find the relevant topic and provide a link.
  4. You can get dimmable versions of those (or virtually the same) in HomePro I have the dimmable colour changing (walm to cool white) versions from china in my bedroom.
  5. Have also looked at that and specs are great and cheaper than ford and mitsu. From my research though really bad at holding value and hard to sell.
  6. My missus has made 5 applications. All were successful; each one had it's different hoops to jump through. https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/download-schengen-visa-application-form/ Sample checklist:- https://www.vfsglobal.ch/switzerland/india/pdf/tourist.pdf
  7. Sorry but thaivisa is a great site but can they please make sure to check all stories etc so as to not make them bad in anyway, plus I know that they get their news sources from other dailies but some of these English dailies do not have a reputable degree of journalists who check and ask questions etc. Just a suggestion , for news on cancer or medical info, check out these two local sites: www.thailandmedical.news and www.thailandcancerhelp.com , interesting updated stuff.
  8. I never said you were. No, you had 43 years of EU, now we have our turn of No EU as the referendum decided. That’s the only democratic way, the British way not the EU way.
  9. More like 80... This is why the blindness of many farangs who really dont understand what a revolutionary change the 97 peoples charter, and rise of the power of Isaan etc really was..
  10. Yeah it does I just prefer the hi rider due to rains. I will be getting a ramp for them to get in and out
  11. I believe there have been recent reports out of CW Immigration BKK of tenants being fined for failing to have TM30 receipts when going to do regular marriage or retirement extensions.
  12. Is this fake news? I'm told twice daily the opposite by the guys with many medals on chest!
  13. Obviously they are eager to get all large projects signed before the next government is formed. Well, just in case they could not manage to be the government again.
  14. You are right I like ford. Others for example is my driver, when I asked him he said his friend has one and always fixing something . I owned 2 mitsu’s before and never any issues, I have never owned ford before
  15. I don't have a problem with dimming my outdoor LED, those are the ones in a snap. They start off low and get brighter as you turn the switch. I get enough brightness at less than half power. The ones that wont dim are the LED ceiling lights.
  16. Only with the same airline he flew in with, though. The OP's airline seems to only go to PP from BKK.
  17. They didn't "plaster" the break, but put on a soft cast to immobilize the break. Often they want to wait a few days for swelling to lessen before doing surgery. I have a friend in a very similar situation who decided to forego having her wrist properly set and save 30,000 baht. At the time she thought she was very clever -- after all it wasn't her writing hand and she is no spring chicken. A Brit who is always astonished at how much medical care costs. Now she regrets it every day. The wrist twisted in an odd fashion, she can't move her fingers fully and she always seems to be cradling the wrist with her other hand because she says it throbs with a dull pain.
  18. Death Penalty has already taken out. The maximum penalty will be Jail times.
  19. Why do you want to go back? I read a couple of your posts but I read only negative things about your wife - written by you. The only positive thing I read, and we can argue if that is positive, is that she is a carrier woman. You didn't mention that you love her or enjoy time with her or she is such a good cook or lover or whatever...
  20. Post again when you reach 90 although going by the tone of your post that's probably 70 years in the future. I don't think so... Youngsters have not yet lived long enough to get that sour.... He comes across as a typical bitter-barstool-steader... .....Probably in his mid 50's already divorced, quit his factory job to retire over here, hooked up with his latest acquisition in a relationship which is already turning fetid hence the ensuing bitterness... Apologies to others - but that's just the opinion I have of someone who's ready to beat up on a 90 year old Gent who's sadly forced to leave a place he loves.
  21. If I say they are 60w I mean 60w. Have enclosed snap of box and bulb I do like to be correct if I can as it helps everyone. So the old inefficient incandescent bulbs not LEDs
  22. Impeachment...........BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! Wasnt there a thread titled 'Will Trump be impeached' that died in the ass about 8 months ago? I dont like Trump but I cant stand all the CNN soyboys even more. GET A DECENT CANDIDATE to run against Trump.....THAT should be your new game plan....this little chestnut has been overcooked! Now, according to CNN Putin is meeting with Kim Jung to make plans to start a war with the US.....Yeah, thats right Putin....the guy Trump was found NOT to have colluded with!! It just gets more and more tiresome...
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