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  2. Why didn't the victim drive to a police station? Maybe it was a cop trying to kill him.
  3. I believe what you're asking me is about the printed version of your portrait photo and not so much the uploaded version. Of course, my own guide is to help those who are having difficulties with the online process, not so much the requirements that are stated on their own website before and after this procedure. For that, I must refer you back to the embassy's website. Personally speaking, I didn't use my iPhone to take a self-portrait due to the lighting issues and the need to crop it afterwards, as well the need to print it off on photo-quality paper. I simply popped along to a Photo-Me booth at W.H. Smiths (though they're also in Tesco and Sainsbury's) and got the necessary prints for just £6. I then scanned that photo and turned it into a JPG and uploaded that. No fuss and no problem with sending it afterwards. One of the many requirements that are listed on a taking your own digital photo is that you need to print it off on photo-quality paper. If your printer doesn't have this, then it's pointless going down this route, and I suggest instead just visiting a photo booth which will give you everything you need. My guide is for the 60-day SETV, which is what I applied for. There is no such thing as a 90-day visa. That would involve extending your SETV when you're out in Thailand close to the end of your 60-day stay. Personally, if you're intending to stay beyond the 60-days and extend to 90-days, I wouldn't tell the London Thai Embassy that you're thinking of doing this.
  4. You mean gates for the wailing, teeth-gnashing, hand-wringing "They don't like us here" crowd?
  5. Bit difficult to see straight or sideways or up and down when they are having their power nap.
  6. Way hey, glad you got it sorted. Pump running OK?
  7. There's that. But then the reporter who released the story isn't exactly a lightweight. Also not too clear from your post what Saudi Arabia's angle would be, publishing the information. With regard to Russia - if you imagine that Israel could freely carry out long range air raids and missile attacks in Syria and Iraq without Russia being aware, turning a blind eye or approving them - try harder. Some form of coordination is certainly in place.
  8. When you read a research report that estimates 25% of pregnant Thai wives are physically abused by their husbands or you watch a YouTube video of a well dressed Thai man hitting his wife with a baby in her arms in front of his other children is it really suprisingly? It is a violent, abusive culture.
  9. Weeeeelllllll, yes but the OP doesn't seem to realise there is already a NRV in the pump manifold. OP: unscrew the black cap on the suction side. There'll be a spring and check valve plunger. Make sure it's clean. Top up water with the plunger removed until it is full, replace plunger, spring and screw cap back on. Should work.
  10. This is a standard payout for an insurance policy in Thailand 300,000 baht, now if the insurance did the right thing instead of playing along with the system jack the rate up for the company at fault for hiring a driver who is untrained and had murderess driving habit, this payout in my opinion is nothing to be proud of that requires a photo shot!
  11. In fairness, Australia allows a huge number of foreign nationals to use the automatic gates at airports, causing aussies to stand in line behind huge groups of tourists only to tap on the screen twice and take a ticket. About time we got some express service IMO.
  12. After a full day wasting time found the cause. There is 1 pipe that goes to the garden taps and the pool, which is not on a zone that can closed off. After walking around for half an hour noticed a small puddle in the middle of the lawn and a sinkhole nearby. So started digging there and found a blue pipe that had imploded and subsequent crack. The hole is open now, but too much water in the ground to repair, so will be job for tomorrow. Strange that a pipe that is in the ground for 10 years can implode at one point. From the location I suspect it is the pipe that goes to the pool, but all pipes in the ground are 8.5 pressure rating.
  13. after doing some study on this theres no answers but many people do suffer from the problem. It seems most likely to be dirty lines. As I said the beer tasted good. I remember ten years ago draft beer in walking street was undrinkable, and if I was with a lady she would tip it down the toilet to stop them reusing it. i have also had bottled beer in thailand that was undrinkable, checking the date on it it was usually only a month or so old but that seemed to be enough time for it to go off. But this beer tasted good. another possibility is tyramine. in any case there are people all over the world that cant drink draft beer but have no problem with canned beer. as its worldwide I doubt its formaldehyde. Its surprising that the beer companies haven't researched it, but there you go, and never again will I drink draft beer
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  16. That’s exactly what I do I use my monthly pension income only and that method works just fine for me
  17. Provided they are functional...
  18. Sign "falls on deaf ears" ?? Great sub editing Signs are made for EYES
  19. Yeah I never used it for monthly transfers and I have some other banks that I can transfer using SWIFT. But I really have appreciated the flexibility and low cost of that BB ACH scheme.
  20. That's some nice bit of historical revisionism. In reality, the point was that the world did not stand up to that guy, until it was (almost) too late.
  21. Underage gay sex ring busted in Ang Thong By The Nation Two men were arrested in central Ang Thong province on Friday for allegedly procuring around 10 boys under 18 for sex with gay men. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1119380-underage-gay-sex-ring-busted-in-ang-thong/
  22. Marko kok prong You said: i would like a long term relationship,i don't think she has any other falangs,and she has been honest with me from the start about this, i am just getting to the stage now wether it is really even worth thinking about having a relationship at all with a Thai woman for me it always seems to end badly,and my poor wallet has taken a hell of a thrasing. You just split with your wife who was a bar girl (hooker) because things were not good. Now you hook up with another bar girl and say above that you wonder if it's even worth getting into a relationship with a Thai woman. Sure but with a Thai woman not a bar girl. Sure bar girls (hookers) are pretty, sexy, good in bed but you don't think those cute little honeys at 7--11 put out. Sales girls at malls or college cuties can't f--- ? Or do you go for bar girls because they are readily available , speak some English and won't reject your advances? Some of the Thai Malls like Central Lad Prao show movies only in English no Thai subs so all the girls in there speak English after the movie go and talk to some. Dress nicely , try to be in shape workout for health and to get better partners. My friend below and I were eating at KFC after a movie and met a Chinese girl who spoke English and was a student at a BKK University. They correspond and he will hook up with her when he comes back over . He will be 60 next year. Don't want to make an effort to go with a reg girl then stick with your bar girls but don't expect unconditional love or faithfullness and your wallet better be deep.
  23. Well guess the cuties and there families are going to be starved if they are not already. I'm sure they are fully aware of the catastrophic downturn in their earnings!
  24. they dont even need to fall asleep as the scope of attention and spacial-object awareness-focus can simply be absent.
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