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  2. But we get more than the published Bangkok Bank rate when using Transferwise. You chose a good date for comparison because on the 22nd March I transferred two of my pensions using Transferwise and got 41.6834. I transferred it via the phone app at 7:40 am (Thailand time) and it was in my Bangkok Bank account at 2:30 pm the same day, a total transfer time of six hours and fifty minutes. Plus I was told the exchange rate before completing the transfer so I knew exactly what I was going to receive. The fee on £1000 was £6.81 from TW, no fees from the Bangkok Bank.
  3. Goodluck for whatever you do. Don’t think about what others might say.
  4. Coffee shops in our area reuse plastic cups left behind by customers anyway. Quick wash, job done.
  5. Pretty sure I have read here that a passport needs to have been used to enter the country before it will work for online 90 day reporting.
  6. So it was one person behaving poorly? Who woulda thunk. At Chaeng Watthana, over ~ 16 years (ext/stay-re-entry-90 day), with what must be 24+ visits equaling close to one hundred hours queuing, I do not ever recall seeing any foreigners yelling, but obviously, that's just my data point.
  7. Do your own googling. He handed off 12 or 14 investigations as a result of what he found doing his report. Apparently out of the scope or the timeframe of his investigation. Here's a good start, though. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/18/mueller-evidence-14-potential-crimes-only-two-publicly-known.html
  8. In the first picture I can count five people wearing life preservers, whilst the rest of the crowd do not. Amassing Thailand and even more amassing that the RTN display their gross lack of safety awareness to the entire world. Good to see one of those is taking a photo/video on his mobile phone. Guess that is so he can share it withe the 300 service personnel on 3 naval vessels that it took to undertake such a simple operation. Probably they all will get awarded some shiny metal decorations for them to wear which perhaps would be the Thai equivalent of "service above and beyond the call of duty" .
  9. Reuters article is much better written, of course, than the local media articles.
  10. I'd say that many things have changed in Thailand in the 25 years I've been here, the same as many other countries have. So I can't agree with you on that.
  11. Indeed and I would like to see an update on hotels occupancies. While songkran was crowded it looked like over 95% thais.
  12. Thai Civil and Commercial Code, sections 1417-1428 covers usufructs. Section 1418, in translation: "A usufruct may be created either for a period of time or for the life of the usufructuary. If no time has been fixed, it is presumed that the usufruct is for the life of the usufructuary."
  13. Exactly. The Chinese (Hong Kongers) want their money, and know all the Thai tricks as they are all cousins!
  14. wait, you say there are these investigations, but they are "confidential"... so no actual evidence of the claim you made. so you are just assuming this or are just repeating some liberal talking point. you do understand BS right?
  15. As in, we don't want to pay, we never wanted to pay, so even if a "final Judgement" lets negotiate. The never ending clown show.
  16. How many especially in Thailand actually do? Thais are lazy and who is going to go out carrying a cup, I bet they sell a big fat zero of their new fandangled plastic cups but will have a nice big fat storeroom full of unwanted wasted plastic. The ladies in my office hauled their cups down to Starbucks for the discount. And they always seemed to have some kind of discount showing up on their smartphones. I'd disagree with you on how lazy they are, but it doesn't matter. They cleaned their cups on company time, with pay.
  17. Yesterday I went through the normal US citizen line at SFO because the Global Entry Kiosks we’re down. Why was my passport not stamped “admitted”? Do you perhaps have a history of criminal conviction or other reason to get extra scrutiny? You showing your admitted stamp is not proof that US citizens are not normally stamped “admitted” when arriving to the US by air that is all I am saying.
  18. Donald Trump is the President of the USA. You are not. The bar is irrelevant and he was elected. Suggest you return to the bar.
  19. Hardly surprising, I sat watching a couple of minivan drivers knocking back the Brandy and Sodas for a good while on the outskirts of town recently. After they had finished they both got into each of their minivans and drove off towards the motorway and presumably Bangkok. (The vans were empty). Not much concern about drink driving among those who drive the tourists for a living.
  20. I read he has a couple of criminal convictions. And then he changed his name to hide the truth...
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