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  2. I wouldn’t vote for her either, but DT had foreign help, that gave him the edge-he’s done a superb job hasn’t he
  3. Or invades them and wins like Burma did so that they can tell the Thais they lost as they weren't united and twist it round as propaganda in todays modern world. What they REALLY don't like is people who can think for themselves they want and breed sheep, many foreigners can think for themselves, that's a big no no here.
  4. what do you mean by 'What you wrote doesn't sound too promising.'? The reason I asked because I will prepare it better. I don't know anything about the US pension systems hence don't know how to craft the story. But thanks anyway and I'll try that.
  5. OK you pack of MON**ELS - have you seen Kev in Thailand. Just look at his latest. . E-Beggar ? Scam ? etc. Hope you are now satisfied. K A R M A. What goes around comes around you bas***ds. PS Moderator _ I don't care if you decide to "discipline me".
  6. Better yet, kick out the authorities and be done with them. Thailand deserves better than the army as a "leader".
  7. Yes, it’s all a hoax perpetrated by the underground government supported by the Clintons, Soros and, supposedly a group called the Home Boys that lube themselves with grease and talk bad about the Bible. And that there pizza place!
  8. Yes, that is likely. The biggest joke was a fool and a saboteur. He did immeasurable damage to the nation and the economy. Many of his policies will be modified no doubt. One can only hope wisdom prevails, with regard to visa policy, and that the joke never returns to Thailand. He is a pariah after all. A status which he wholeheartedly deserves.
  9. Well, they can try ..... Most countries would rapidly get rid of any such habitat, as a show of power and soverignity. A few countries, like Sweden and the UK, would allow the structure to stand, and pay the legal bills for the people who built the structure.
  10. The sad truth is that the sidewalks in Thailand are a major hazard. From twisting your ankle on uneven pavement, to falling in a cracked sewer slat, to cutting your head open on low hanging signs, dodging street vendors and food carts, getting hit by a motorbike using the sidewalk, or countless other obstacles and issues, including bus stops under construction! This has gone largely unregulated for decades now.
  11. It’s floating-it’s basically a boat. What if you live on your boat out there?
  12. I'm not sure if jar or jug is the right term. We have some giant jars, about 4.20m circumference at the widest spot and about 1.80m high. The local government is running a project, gifting fish away that is supposed to be grown for own consumption. The background is my wife's sister is handicapped, and gets a super small pension for that. So the local government decided to make agricultural projects like vegetable gardens (obviously not suited for a handicapped lady), mushroom hut and very small scale fish farming. First we assumed they wanted to build a concrete pond on the property, but then it turned out they want us to cut the jars at the widest point, reducing the hight to 150cm and gift us a few dozen fish. (Pretty pointless, as that are a few 100TBH and I simply could buy them on the market). If I did not make a mistake that is close to 2qm water. So the questions are: What kind of fish and how many could one grow in such a thing? Catfish probably no problem. Would we need aerification? How often to change the water? Would such a jar stay cool enough? With air temperature close to 40C at the moment, I fear we have to dig them in. Does this even make sense at all? I mean if the local government thinks, lets do it, and they pay for it … why not. But it does not really look solid/convincing from my point of view. For clarification: the jars look like on this photo: https://www.shutterstock.com/de/image-photo/water-jar-garden-1011517411
  13. I've been drinking the water in Bangkok for years. It might not be mountain spring water but it doesn't make me sick. The pollution and particulate matter is way out control. One thing junta should be excellent in resolving post haste. That's exactly the purpose of juntas, to halt the excesses of the population.
  14. "have a stab at Thailand" "beat a path to Thailand" "Come to Thailand, you'll be dead happy" "Vape N Rape we have it all"
  15. The important aspect of tumeric, is that only the ingredient curcumin is what reduces inflammation and benefits the body. So, there is no amount of tumeric you can ingest, that will be of any benefit. You have to take a tumeric supplement that has massive amount of curcumin. Why is turmeric good for you? There are several chemical compounds found in turmeric, known as curcuminoids. The active substance in turmeric is curcumin. Curcumin is what makes turmeric a “functional food, as defined by the Mayo Clinic" as “foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition.” These turmeric nutrients and vitamins help provide turmeric powder health benefits. https://draxe.com/turmeric-curcumin-benefits/ “Curcuminoids only comprise a small part of turmeric,” she says. “If you want anti-inflammatory effects you need to get 500 to 1,000 milligrams of curcuminoids per day.” https://www.wellandgood.com/good-food/turmeric-anti-inflammatory-dosage/
  16. I don't want to live with my GF but I want a yellow book and a pink ID eventually. Is that possible? Does my GF have to notify me to immigration every time I come to Thailand? What happens if two persons notify me, like my GF and my rental agent? I think I will get a driver's license that will be better, what do people think?
  17. I don't see any reason why Chinese want to retire in Thailand. They can inhale all the smog they want in their own country. They already live under authoritarian rules and love it. They can marry (or keep multiple mia nois) twenty years younger girls in their own country. So I don't see any reason for a Chinese to retire in Thailand.
  18. There are countless businesses that have declined since the hapless army took over. The list in endless. The impact they have had on the economy with their failed policies, endless restrictions and rules and regulations, and enforcement of proclamations that make no sense, benefit nobody, and are simply a reflection of a Quaker type aspiration, have devastated the nation. Get out! Get out now! Nobody likes you. Nobody wants you. Leave please.
  19. Breaking News: Poseidon has had his single entry Tourist Visa revoked this morning by the Immigration Office, who stated that Poseidon's temporary residence off the coast of Phuket violates the law, and poses a navigational hazard. An arrest warrant has been issued for Poseidon and his suspected accomplice and Greek mythological wife, Amphitrite. Should the deities be apprehended, it is thought that the RTP will deport both suspects to Mount Olympus at their own expense, and blacklist them from Thailand for a period of up to 12 months. When reached for comment, Poseidon stated: "It is I Poseidon, god of the wine dark sea. You have forfeited for forgetting how I helped you. You forget, a man is nothing without the gods. You will suffer for this offense. For your arrogance, you will drift on my sea for an eternity, never again will you reach the shores of Ithaca."
  20. Immigration isn't interested WHERE the ฿800,000 came from as long as it's been seasoned properly.
  21. That is true. Cambodia just does not have the convenience and infrastructure of Thailand. They are two decades behind Thailand in so many regards.
  22. A change in consciousness must start at the most basic level. Most Thais think plastic is the best thing ever invented, and the percentage of Thais that even consider the negative ramifications of plastic is incredibly small. This requires some education. I always do two things to avoid the consumption of plastic. 1. I bring re-usable bags with me every time I go shopping. I use the larger shopping bags I buy in the US, which are made of recycled materials. Most of the clerks have to be dealt with. Even when they see my bag, they still start putting the stuff in plastic. I always mai sai toom. No plastic! Then they start loading up my bag. Most look at me like I am from Mars. Do I care? Not one iota. About 1% thank me, and get it. Not many do. My Thai wife does not like bringing the bags to the store. I force her to. By now, she expects it, and sometimes even asks if I have any bags in the car, or on the motorbike. Same with the water bottles. It used to embarrass her. Now, it is second nature, as I have been doing this for so long, she expects it. So, if a Thai can be conditioned to follow these simple principals, then anyone can. 2. I bring a bottle of water with me, every time I go to a restaurant. I refill my plastic bottles from the 20 liter bottles at home. It is easy. I never buy bottled water at a restaurant. This saves 300-600 bottles a year. I use a plastic bottle dozens of times. I never get any flack from the restaurants. Only once did someone say something to me. She said you cannot bring you own water. My response was if you serve the water in a glass bottle, and I do not have to consume a plastic bottle, I am happy to pay for that. She was lost. I told her to leave and get me my food. She went away. We simply cannot say we are concerned about the environment, and then do nothing about it. Action demonstrates commitment. Lack of action demonstrates nothing. Lastly, restaurants can demonstrate their commitment, by serving drinking water from the 20 liter bottles. It saves alot of plastic. They lose a small amount of revenue, by not selling thousands of bottles of water. But, their operation is still profitable, and they are making a real difference.
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