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  2. "Had a great holiday there in Vietnam to boot' - yes, and can you imagine living there, without all the visa BS here?
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  4. My daughter arrived from the UK first day of the holidays,so we did not go and do a TM30 report,till the 17th,the IO,said that the office is open to report ,Saturdays and Sundays and all public holidays.so they seem to take the reporting seriously. regards worgeordie
  5. As BritTim says, I think you should be ok. How old is your passport? If it's near the end of its life, full of exemption stamps and visas, it might be a good idea to get a new one. I say this to cover for the lazy immigration officer who couldn't be bothered to do the maths on your entry history, and just sees all the entries and then starts to cause a problem for you, and when that starts, it's all about "face" and then there is very little you can do.
  6. Never seen such a highly polluted bathtub before in my live..
  7. This is another option. Personally I would give the manager a few days to sort her own mistake out.
  8. iam delighted,the sheer fact it has had to form means brexit isnt going to happen,parliament will now deliver no brexit or the softest brexit possible and your dream is finally over,i bet JRM and BJ dont sign up though,they have made their money and will stay loyal to the tories like the con men we know they are,corbyn i hear is a brexiteer at heart,he would be good choice as chancellor.personally i dont think the UK public can be bothered to go through it all again,this new party might get good feedback through the polls in a year or two but wont get far they will take votes of the big 2 to ensure a no majority govt and continued chaos.
  9. You do not need to wonder , you only need to read a few more lines in OP which clearly explains where profits came from .
  10. You are right whether it's 1% or 2% interest on that ฿800K it's pretty worthless, so yeah invest in a couple of cows that would probably yield more, in a Thai context of course! Oh but of course you cant. It has to be tied up in tht next to worthless bank account
  11. Nonsense? And now for something different Farang Pub - fun, entertainment and Expat life pub, spoons, fun and entertainment it is.
  12. For someone who has not been there for 10 years and asked for input, you sure are spending a lot of time on here defending the false virtues of Shville....
  13. Or, your reserve chute is Vietnam, Bali, Philippines etc, and everyone needs a reserve chute.
  14. I had a discussion about Trump with a close friend in Starbucks last week. The longer the discussion went on - the more livid he got. This was not 2 angry people talking. It was a normal discussion on one side and mouth foaming anger on the other. My arguments were mostly based around how the best way to unseat DT would be politically his arguments were - he's horrible (which I agreed with) - he's obviously dumb as he has a small vocabulary (to which I replied there's different type of 'smarts') - his followers are stupid ( to which I replied - do you think voting should carry a minimum IQ?) - it's proven he committed fraud on the valuations of properties to loans (to which I replied that insurance valuations were based on rebuild, not resale values) - he said the fraud was without doubt based on evidence shown on CNN & an investigation was under way (to which I replied that if it was without doubt, what's to investigate). - he told me to 'not dare' say 'fake news' (so I didn't) - he's corrupt (to which I replied, he may well be - but I think there's always a few degrees of separation between him & any corrupt act) With each argument and counter point - he got more and more and more angry - it got to the point everyone in Starbucks was staring at him. I asked him why he was so angry and it was because "I hate him and have done since he was on the apprentice". In the end - he did calm down - but it was amazing to see an intelligent, otherwise rational 62 year old guy lose his shit like this. Bottom line is - he, like many here, think DT must be guilty of something. They pin their hopes on the next thing and the next after that. Now we find the Russia thing was a hoax and that it was an attempt to set-up a sitting president. So we see the story changing to 'obstruction' - but obstruction of a false report. You get jail time in Thailand for making a false police report. I don't see how DT is going to get ousted for trying to prevent what he knew to be a fake investigation. Anyway - keep on digging - it's just keeping your eyes off the ball.
  15. And another year where everything will have slipped through your grasps. Good effort on the wind up attempt Ronnie but you know the PL is more important to me than the CL. I've said it countless times on here. On Wednesday night I clearly wished Spurs the best but the Spurs response (mainly on here) has made me want you to get smashed in the next round or the final will do nicely. Hopefully by Liverpool
  16. You have an effective Thai lawyer that moves that fast? Send me his contact details will ya? Thanks!
  17. Anything else exciting besides your morning walk? Those girls in the bars cost more then Pattaya. But, the ultimate one I always love is the 50 c beers. It is hilarious to me how many small mind people when asked about a reason to go to PP is: 50 c beers! Wow, I am jumping on a plane now. PP is a filth of a nothing hole. Any entertainment and quality of life is so much better in Pattaya. As a golfer, Cambodia is a joke. If people get off and feel good about themselves for 50c beers and wide open pharmacuticals, then go enjoy.
  18. Desperate stuff from Manchester....another year the CL has slipped from your grasp early doors.
  19. weird you have 30 A breaker outside main and main 63 A inside?! It means your breaker inside will never work and the outside will work. I see calculations here based on m2, though they are mostly with a fixed height in ceiling, yours is 3.7 instead of common 2.5 m. It differs a lot. Your height is 50% higher. ALso it differs if your rooms are in sunshine all day or not and or isolated. You do have windows, double glazed? Also covering the windows with heat reflecting foil. ah ok doesnt matter windows are open all day, so heat comes in. Your outside walls get hot , but how about inside, is it isolated? Is the heat coming through? Walls white outside? Your ceiling is that one isolated? otherwise your airco is also working for the space above ceiling and that part is all day in sun so very warm/hot! You can do a lot with isolation on the side of roof and ceiling. IF you can get up on ceiling and put some isolation blankets there, otherwise have someone do that for you. I saw the guys working in that area and they were really dripping with sweat. And those were Thai guys doing it more. I do have to be there some time with my gf house for electrical issues, reordering, but can only be in early morning then with a fan. Its so hot when sun is shining on it. I guess, ill have someone to do it for me , by my instructions. Its a terrible space. CAnt even normally walk over there. room a 66,6 m3 times factor 50 (W/m3 bad isolated) 3330 watts = 10236 btu room b 52.5 m3 X 50 2625 watts= 9212 btu 1 watt = 3.412142 BTU, factor is worst case ,40 and 30 are lower, but guess 50 in your case will do best. mmm amazing lower then the first guy said in calculation. What you also can do is bring in some fans. FAns blowing over your body evaporate the sweat on your body and therefor you will cool down. A slow turning fan, but with enough air displacement, means big impeller blades. Or even you could try to get outside air inside by a fan, as in the evening the air is some cooler and it is still blowing over your body. Stick some plastic or thin iron pipes through the ceiling to a fan on top of your house. Dont forget then to have some filtering for bugs , flies or whatever.
  20. I think everyone looked a bit leggy towards the end. KDB is a big loss.
  21. They would not let us in. They have immigration problems and a nut case PM. NZ going down the shutters plus the worst global warning prob in the world
  22. "It's under your control...." If you've lived here 35 years, all your investments are here, have a 3 generation family that depends on you, which you helped bring up, all your friends here, ... ... then to say it's under your control you can always remove it, is technically correct the same way as parachuting school teaching, if something goes wrong on the way down, don't panic, you have the rest of your life to fix it.
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