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  2. Yes, I found it useful... While waiting for my new passport to arrive from my embassy, I lost my Thai driver's license for a car. When I went to driver license office to inquire about replacement they insisted on seeing my passport. I could not comply with this request because I mailed my passport to my embassy as a part of the renewal process. Instead I produced my Thai motorcycle license which was rejected right away... I was about to leave when I remembered having my pink ID card. My pink ID card was accepted on the spot and I was issued with new Thai Driving License.
  3. Except for those 10 obstruction of justice roadmaps in volume 2 of the report. In each case it identified the action the context and intent of each case laid out but could not charge because of DOJ policy if not indicting a sitting president. So no it's far from being 'case closed'. Statue of limitations is 5 years so we shall see Sent from my SM-J250F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. That's ok then as there is no God, in the biblical sense, in Buddhism! Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Call in the Daleks. They will deal with the Islamic insurgency problem.
  6. Change "guilty" and "innocent" to "smart" and "dumb - all flavoured with a touch of "greedy"
  7. Same experience but they also took my photo and measured me up for my coffin. Was told that mine was for life as I am over 60. Wife was changing hers to her new province, so I decided to get one for something to do as I was waiting for her. Never used it, doubt that I ever will as my TDL seems to do everything it might be useful for.
  8. It s not made in Thailand, she produces them inside the states where they will be sold.
  9. Also, the Chinese don't go building those pesky "Seasteading" thingies all over the open waters, right?
  10. Penang will issue a multiple entry non-o visa for being 50 or over for retirement. You will need 800k baht in the bank and proof of retirement. There have been a few reports of Savannakhet issue one and they have the same requirements. Getting the OA visa would be a good choice since it allows one year entries and can allow a total stay of almost 2 years by getting a new entry just before it expires. See: http://www.thaiembassy.org/london/en/services/7742/84508-Non-Immigrant-visas.html#7
  11. How did he get so many politicians to transform into reptilian bodies? Perhaps the procedure can be adapted and applied in other countries.
  12. I also just noticed that HCM will be closed on Tuesday due to Victory Day, so pick up won't be possible on Tuesday.
  13. Have found the pink ID card useful to get entry to some parks/ Hot Springs etc as the DOB and age information in Thai entitles me to an "oldies" discount.
  14. When riding on the skytrain it seems to me I hear more Mandarin being spoken than Thai these days, particularly between Siam and From Phong stations. Very sad.
  15. Thanks Brit and Ubon! Are the requirements at Savanakhet different from Vientiane?
  16. Well he was. And his inaugural crowd was multiple times larger than that of Trump!
  17. That would’ve refreshing, the Republicans in both houses seem to have forgotten their Constitutional duty in this and so many other respects.
  18. Is continuity really the answer when the results have been 20 years of failure? Perhaps sending men of war to make peace is not the best answer. A change of attitude could perhaps be the answer. And in a country rife with corruption the suspicion is that certain pockets are being filled and an answer is maybe not in their best interests. While military leaders are looking at huge infrastructure projects around the country and trying their hardest to stay in political control I feel the South has not gained the serious attention it needs to be solved.
  19. Problem with this statement is it is either twisted to a full extent or deciphered in manner that bends to the needs as the old rules were washed with the constitution and new ones made up to favor a certain group a certain way. Even the redrawing of the election boundaries in some of constituencies was a low blow.
  20. Yes, have one and easy to get. Fully accepted at police checkpoint. opened a new account at Government Bank with one; they preferred it to my passport. So it's a positive for those having difficulty in opening accounts.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Why would it be his downfall? Even if not under audit, even if showing his debts are higher than his possessions, even if showing he has extensive loans from Russia, even if showing he has been expending his enterprise while in office, even if showing he is making a lot of money from the Mar a Lago price rise, etc etc, his fanboys will not care at all.
  23. Ho Chi Minh City would be a much better choice that Phnom Penh since there have not been any report of them issuing one. Another option is Savannakhet Laos.
  24. “It’s the Thai way....3 youngsters drown onaverage every day in LOS”...( thanks to Benmart) Hmmm.....If the above is true nothing can be done. It’s an identical situation to their ongoing needless road slaughter. TIT
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