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  2. Up to you. Enjoy your quality reading... your comments were also not clear as per your accusations.
  3. This would be a good use of a #gofundme account where at age 18 half would go to caring adoptive parents who followed all court rules in their duties as parents, and half would go to the victim. That same court could rule all funds go to the victim should the parents willfullly fail in this.
  4. I read somewhere, that once the Non-B is canceled, you have 24 hrs to leave the country, unless you apply for a 7 day extension. Correct? If true, then plan your schedule carefully.
  5. He indirectly told a story and made it obvious it was about Pogba. Apparently he requested to travel back from a game by chauffeur instead of the team bus.
  6. Only someone as dumbfoundedly stupid as Trump could maneuver themselves into a position where they have to remain president to avoid prison.
  7. It's Thailand, wouldn't surprise me. Thai immigration/gov has gone this far, no telling how far they will go. However, no problems for Russians gangs/mafia, and crime going on 24/7 in the family resort town of Pattaya. But Thailand needs to commission the Thai Navy to shut down one farang, his thai wife, and a home describing them as "Their action is seen as undermining the sovereignty of Thailand," he said. AND threaten to kill them. I just love the Land of smiles! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over again. https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/security/1665172/navy-moves-floating-threat-to-thai-sovereignty-ashore
  8. No, never made any such claim. My 'signature' should inform you which philosophy appeals to me.
  9. If I understood it correctly, they get the funds deposited directly into their accounts. No proof of holiday plans necessary. So what's stopping people from signing up and receiving 1,500 and then spending it at the local market/shopping mall/7-11/etc.? How does this promote tourism?!?
  10. My TGFs local primary school has a 30 metre 6 lane swimming pool. It is in Sa Keaw Her 2 kids and niece are all now more than competent swimmers. They have a swimming carnivals for the district once a year and her neice ran 2nd in a race and won 1000 baht. This may have been a tragic accident. One kid gets his foot caught and his mate tried to save him. A Navy diver died in the cave rescue so some people need to pull their head in and stop blaming everyone .
  11. I have a hard time to believe in these stories. My bank always ask me to let them know when and where I am going to travel. All this can be done online. I guess people start drinking before they get in the plane.
  12. Happened to me twice. No prior warning from the bank. Extremely annoying, and for many people very difficult if no other source of funds available.
  13. Anyone here hired the one in the picture in op's post? Think her name is Alisa
  14. Time for you to read the article, not just the headline. As sometimes happens with quality sources like daily mail, the headline and article differ.
  15. That's what I was thinking, he can't be saying anything. Must be difficult for him, trying to keep the smug in.
  16. TI will not verify official documents from certain countries. my consulate could have done this simply by checking with SS. there must be a data base that they could have linked to verify income statements back in the states. i say reinstate the income letters but once only verified by the consulate.
  17. Likewise, I grew up in the UK during 60s/70s, it was never anything I remember celebrating, it was the Irish, Welsh and Scots that did Saint's Days. It was only skinheads and the National Front who liked to wave the Cross of St George. .
  18. Quite possible - but not going to happen, weather forecasting is all about data, the bigger the computer you have and the more data you put in the more accurate the forecast will be. Look at a Singapore weather map for a good example of this, Singapore is 50 miles around, relatively small area yet they can forecast for all parts of the Island, the reason is quite simple, they invest the money, the Thai "government" aint going to do that!
  19. This is ALL I copied and pasted from the Article headlines >>> Gloating ISIS fanatics celebrate Sri Lanka attacks as revenge for New Zealand mosque massacre as they praise suicide bombers in online propaganda The article was NOT written by me. Please read again, and again...
  20. My wife and son lived in the UK with me ,when we came it was 72 baht to the pound , i think that if it was now and he was the same age ,we would have stayed , now ,its to late ,i am getting older ,he has a great job and is buying a house ,we cant just pack up and go back ,my pension is not 18600 pounds a year so i would have to leave my wife , i will do that the day i die.
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