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  2. 1. Two entry tourist visas no longer exist. You can only get single entry visas since the multiple entry went into effect in 2015. 2. You should be able to do it. But you will have to a trip to get another single entry visa.
  3. And we all know what happens when you let a slight majority take control of the political process and completely ignore the minorities views.
  4. Why don't you try drinking some then?
  5. Nor me. But my wife said it was the right thing to do as the driver avoided the check point. Even if someone was killed, that's okay. I ended the conversation and counted to 100, as you so often have to here.
  6. I think you are playing the psychological game called "Yes, but..." Somebody suggests a solution and you say, "Yes, but I can't do that because..." Your choices are quite limited. Assuming you have the money, you can move out. Maybe your girlfriend and daughter will go with you, but maybe not. If you are supporting the family financially, you can put your foot down and refuse to pay until they comply with your wishes. Or you can continue as you have been. In which case you have effectively abandoned your daughter anyway because you have no control over her upbringing. And you are teaching her that dads are ineffective. I'm sorry you have a difficult situation, but it's time to stop posting, stop whining and start taking action. I hope you make the best choice for you and her. Good luck!
  7. I don't think you seem to understand what paraquat is and how it works. It isn't sprayed ON the crops, it's sprayed ON the weeds. So it isn't 'used for cassava'. It's used to kill the weeds which compete with the cassava crop. As a keen gardener with a large allotment and a half in the UK before I came here, I used paraquat for weed control for years and years. Once absorbed into the soil and any vegetation (by which I mean weeds) it becomes inert (one of its major advantages) and harmless. Seriously, doesn't anyone know anything nowadays and just relies on uninformed knee-jerk reactions to an emotive subject?
  8. Where do they keep the haul~a friend wants to know
  9. I think immigration will finally get what they want....less work to do.
  10. Yes, no one disagrees with that . That is what the Father should have done . Shooting the kid dead is what the Police should NOT have done
  11. depends if sandy or clay type soil
  12. Why did the reporter include the same details twice within such a short article, just to make it longer? The "Jaws of Death" were invented about 1961 and in 1972 a hydraulic spreader was developed along with a cutter and a ram. This combination of four devices became known as "The jaws of Life". When used correctly, the time to remove a roof from a car is down to about two minutes because our fire fighters practice using them in a multipicity of varied situations. So why did it take the Thai team 30 minutes? 'nuf sed.
  13. I dont believe it is its only "highly dangerous" neat, when diluted with water its a lot less dangerous
  14. my point is that 150k a year is wasted money and down the toilet as conditions you are likely to claim on are excluded. If pre existing were covered that would be different
  15. While I would agree that option c) is a distinct possibility, I would suggest it is neither a solution or workable. at that point the UK has already broken it's treaty obligations, customs posts are being built and tensions rising. There is no solution - other than the unification of Ireland - available at that point.
  16. Quite a few unfortunately. Some are still able to obtain Embassy Income letters, without any proof of funds in Thailand. A Norwegian expat passed away yesterday. Been sick for a month, in ICU for the last 2 weeks. Extension based on retirement, Embassy Income letters, no Thai bank account, withdraws via an ATM as funds required using his debit card. Another unpaid hospital bill going on the record.
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the 40K monthly salary has been cancelled and it's not just the 400K for 3 months.
  18. About the only reason I can imagine for a westerner to want Thai citizenship is to turn up at a hospital with double pricing, flash my ID card and watch the subsequent coin slowly making it's way through their brains until it dropped that they could not milk me. At least ..............in theory.
  19. According to the graphic, only the 200 most frequently publishing climatologists reaches a 98% consensus. Scientists publishing on climate change is only 84%, 88% of all climatologists and only 82% of Earth Science researchers/faculty. And they only "agree humans are making a significant contribution". In science, significant does not mean the biggest/most. It means 1) sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy. 2) having a particular meaning; indicative of something. So, the science of global warming is not all known and fully understood science. Far from it.
  20. You can add your homecountry to the search and I am sure you will find several cases there too.
  21. next stop ban all vehicles then as that far exceeds paraquat deaths
  22. Well that pie chart clearly shows why Thailand will never decrease its plastics abuse...$$$$$$
  23. 2 years..they are actualy caring folks and always call me out to share tucker and beers BUT they riddled in the voodoo malarky and full controll of my G/F who is 37, i cant for the life of me adapt to this "so called" culture ??
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