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  2. Points It’s coming....... I would have paid the fine possibly ask the officer to walk back show you the infraction area. If within reason pay and go. A solid white / yellow line think it as wall and don’t cross it. 12 point system ...... https://thethaiger.com/news/national/new-points-system-for-traffic-violations-comes-into-force-mid-year
  3. If it doesn’t work out with the above one then OP me. I know the best in Pattaya, he used to teach being an Autoelec, and is 50 years old with plenty of experience. Professional.
  4. A Thai politician banned for making merit! It really looks like a joke, except that it isn't.
  5. You are spot-on of course, and that is what happens in the Real World. But Thailand has no interest in such logical.
  6. Could it be that Pattaya Immigration is the most friendly as they have realised the town depends on foreigners and tourists for income? Or could it be some Russian mafia persuaded them it would be good for their health if they complied?
  7. September 2017: Nok Air plans to raise Bt1.7-bn to stay afloat with Thai Airways International increasing its stake by Bt350 million for aircraft maintenance and rent in an effort to return to making money. Nok Air prepared a three-year rehabilitation plan starting from 2017. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/business/30327259 August 2018: Nok Air losses widened to Bt830 million in the quarter versus losses of Bt 650 million a year ago. Nok Air saw revenue dropping 1 percent. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1052285-thai-budget-carriers-losses-mount-shares-tumble/?utm_source=newsletter-20180811-0716&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news And now Two years into its planned three year rehabilitation plan! What's next, a five-year revival plan? Classic "throwing good money" after "bad money." If this airlines wants to "reduce shareholders’ burden" it can start by closing its business. But then the same goes for its parent company state-owned Thai Airways.
  8. So you think that Mueller has the authority to dictate what AG Barr writes in his summary? Do you understand the position and authority of the Attorney General? The counter-investigation of the source and propagation of the Russian collusion accusation is going to be earth-shaking. The Russian source of the Steele Dossier and its illegal dissemination is going result in severe legal problems for many people in the intelligence community, the DOJ and the FBI. One of the interesting details revealed by the Mueller Report is that all messages from a member of the FBI were copied to a Chinese-owned company in Manassas, VA. Chinese collusion?
  9. Hi, I am looking for a place in Bangkok you can get android head or an upgrade of the car multimedia system installed. Like one of these. https://rsnav.com/products/10-1-android-6-0-navigation-unit-for-audi-a42008-2012-concert-symphony-radio.
  10. what a pain, here in phuket we dont need get out of our car or give them anything but the passport for 90 day report or address registration if your at the same address
  11. Thai justice - the best money can buy.
  12. Having them ,the Thai Law Company ,as executor(administrator in Thailand) of the will limits your options. In simple terms the will must go to probate and a Thai official will declare that you own the condo. The lawyer will arrange this. They should also deal with the funeral arrngements. This can cost up to 100kBaht. However the land Office will need a FET inorder to put it directly into your name. To qualify you will have to bring into Thailand Baht equivalent to the appraised value of the condo. This could well be a lot of money. The option is to sell the condo. Thai law says you have one year to sell. The better option would have been for you to be both the beneficiary and the administrator. With this arragement post probate the condo will be in your name as administrator. You can leave it in this state for years. If at some later stage when you have buyer-then you as administrator will arrange the transfer to the new buyer. The new buyer provides the FET. Maybe your law company can help i.e it stays in their name for years and years. Q Do you trust the law firm ?
  13. As mentioned above, difficult to "count it home" om energy savings alone of you are throughing out a fine working unit. But One should consider the increased Comfort level achivded as well. Lower noice and a stable temprature. I cant wait to have My old on off unite replaced. Skickat från min Lenovo TB-X704F via Tapatalk
  14. Banks are in bussines and do not give a crap about what you look like! They are there to make money. You seem to think you have more self importance and worth to Thailand than us people who have had notes rejected.
  15. To be fair he does seem to post the truth. He admits he didn’t get sex for 30 years back in England and is proudly married to a prostitute now and making up for lost time. Credit where credit due. The woman he quoted was also likely a sex worker, who mostly come from backward, hillbilly type families, quite often were molested by family members, so I believe that she said it as he is claiming. Back to the OP. This bloke, a primary school teacher, has likely been at it for years and never had anyone pull him up. A red flag to me was the wife defending him. Somehow these types always have a supportive wife eg Rolf Harris, Bill Cosby. When your wife isn’t around grab him by the throat and smash his head into the wall a few times and tell him you are on to him. Not worth taking chances.
  16. Unbelievable the Constitution Court doesn’t want to supersede over doing the right thing over a constitutional issue.
  17. Please. Too harsh, dude. Who among us hasn’t cheated on three wives, divorced two, slept with porn stars (then illegally paid them off to keep quite), bragged about grabbing pussies, publicly lusted after own daughter, accidentally on purpose walked into teen dressing rooms to ogle at naked teens, starred in soft porn, married a soft porn star, run penny ante scams, stolen from charities, laundered money, started a fake university, defrauded investors, skipped on bank loans, faked billionaire status, palled around with child sex trafficker Jeff Epstein, flirted with nazis, or publicly told 12 blatant lies a day, every day? Let he who hasn’t done *all* those things throw the first stone!
  18. Congress no longer runs a jail, but don’t mistake that for Congress not having the power to arrest and imprison people who do not obey Congressional subpoenas. Reuters might of course disagree. Watch what happens in the coming weeks.
  19. Indeed, jobs for the boys, open to back handers.
  20. Maybe have a 3 week winter break over in Denmark??? Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. just did my 90 day report ( O/A visa and 1 yr renewal also just completed ) and was pleasantly surprised how straightforward it was today ! Fill in the form , no photocopies required , get ticket and straight away to the desk . Very nice lady , all polite and smiles on both sides - completed and out within 5 minutes !! Have to congratulate / give praise when deserved !!
  22. Off topic post have been removed.
  23. These Indians are amateurs. If he was English he would have started a GoFundMe page by now.
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