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  2. Then let the question be asked about if the person is a citizen or not.
  3. Get your own metal spoon. Stop <deleted> up the environment with plastic waste.
  4. They've been loving me for 30 years, lucky sods. Especially the masseuses here on the darkside.
  5. Ok so you have 1 guy who supports that don’t think that’s gonna fly and ins not about how many illegals you can support that’s bs more Donald fear mongering bs
  6. Without wanting to put a downer on the whole story, the headline and the actual detail of the story are two quite widely divergent ideas "Cannabinoid works for cancer" when compared to "..its studies had shown a cannabinoid extract could help treat lung cancer ....in mice." These are very different claims and to interpret or present those claims as cannabinoid being an effective treatment for cancer in the human population is simply wrong (at this stage). There is literally no details here to explain how cannabinoid gave these results in this experiment, i.e. the biochemical mechanism cannabinoid used to 'attack' the tumor cells. At this stage stick with smoking a joint, whose therapeutic properties are far better and well known as a treatment for any type of cancer.
  7. There are worse things that are offensive in Thailand and the world. I see it as art. And freedom of speech. Couldn't care less.
  8. Has the OP tried sweet talk and cuddling. Women need that.
  9. And we wonder why the immigration is cracking down on retirement visas. Nuff said.
  10. Check the website , see if you can qualify for a Non-Imm OA.
  11. A man who occupies the worlds biggest stage, the President of the United States of America, who can garner the attention of almost every news media in that country at the drop of a hat, is upset at a company because he has lost a few followers for his night time tweets. What a strange creature.
  12. May I suggest that the various people inspecting the site (photos) should be wearing hard hats. If one part has collapsed there is a likelihood that more will come down.
  13. Yesterday
  14. I know it’s donalds delaying tactic he is an old hand at this how many times has he been sued?i don’t know but lots so he knows how to play the game
  15. Bernie Sanders said that he would allow the Boston Marathon Bomber to vote from prison and Kamala Harris said that she thinks we should have that conversation' when asked if she supports the same. Its absolute garbage.
  16. Sanders said even the Boston Marathon bomber should get a vote. You need to own that. As far as federal funds go they shouldn't be allocated based upon how many illegals your state can harbor.
  17. The 5000 baht fine is not for not doing a TM30 report The 5000 baht fine is the max fine for not reporting a change of address using a TM28 form. The max fine for not doing a TM30 report is 2000 baht for an individual. They are just being difficult insisting that you landlord must do the report. But you are lacking 2 things that are needed to do it yourself and that is their ID card and house book.
  18. It is sexist to use the masculine pronoun when referring to God! Shame! I worship Nohm Suai - the modern silicone Godess.
  19. i would second that, she is excellent; however has she moved location? i have not used her for some time and the last time i walked through Times Square i did not notice her shop.
  20. Yes, we've polluted the land now lets do the sea. Oh..........sorry. Already been done.
  21. Yup more desperate by the day death row inmates voting?really?or did felons that have served their time to be allowed to vote again?whitch is it?its about funds allocated for federal programs you know like roads ect yup more panicked by the day
  22. It is becoming very apparent that if you rent a place to live you should get the support of the owner/ agent wrt submitting TM30s. I find the above very aggravating, that a large 5000 fine may be enforced. I would deduct it from the rent! Will your office accept online 90 day reporting?
  23. Smoking is probably the worst way to enjoy or medicate with cannabis.
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