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  2. Cost me a ฿1,000 just to fill the tank on my truck. That only leaves the wife with ฿500 to spend. Don't think she will go for that.
  3. Perhaps there will be another court case where the Thai Navy gets done for piracy!! 555
  4. Dinosaur! My wife inherited an iPhone 5 awhile back, and now we both have free Apple 6S+ phones. The 12 year old free LG candybar phones weren't cutting edge, though I still use one. We wouldn't have these except her siblings jettisoned them for newer phones, so we got them for free. I just put mine on line today. Stupid arsed icon interface, I don't like it yet. This is the crew I imported into the USA about 8 years ago (took 10 years prior). They love the high life.
  5. A police clearance is only needed to apply for a non-b visa based upon teaching at a embassy or consulate. If you are on a extension of stay based upon teaching issued by immigration it is not required.
  6. Those days are over, to believe those stories on the media. These are just manipulation of facts which they try to dramatize them for the public.
  7. They have issues finding operators of new lines....there's 3 new routes opening in the next 2-3 years and more planned....with ticket prices frozen for 10 years, there's more than likely big trouble ahead.
  8. Many do, my wife has had three or four. Of course it depends on individual circumstances, but if you meet the criterea a visa is usually issued. Unlike the US an interview isn't usually required.
  9. Water 130 bht per month Elecctric 650 bht approx Here in Chiangrai Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  10. Have you checked the methodology of this study, the article selection process in this journal, the other publications of the authors in ranked journals? No.
  11. You misunderstand. We wanted to take the card into the branch, to see if the staff could provide contact details of the owner, or contact him themselves if they had security and privacy concerns. But, we could not as the card was jammed in this extremely secure wallet!
  12. Mostly he is. You can only hope on the 'leniency' wrt the 65.000 income.
  13. She was just trying to make him feel at home, for a moment he must have thought he was back in London
  14. Well, see what happened to the Don Muang Tollway dispute 8 years ago..
  15. Mulberry Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  16. That's a good old Scottish name! :-) Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  17. No excuses will be allowed unless your in uniform then even the dead can provide one
  18. That's the Bangkok price. In Pattaya city water is around 35B/unit, plus there is a city fee for waste water treatment that is usually added by the condo building to the per unit price that water is re-billed at. The re-billing procedure here is the same though. And as far as I know some buildings use pumped ground water which has a very different cost.
  19. To be fair, Stormy Daniels *did* obey his order when he asked her to spank him with a roll-up magazine with his face on the cover!
  20. The word down at Arden street is the coach is safe and looks like the Circle will be coming out this week. I can imagine it,okay boys were 1 and 4 but it could be worse. Poor old Aston Turner has just made 3 golden ducks in a row in the IPL.
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