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  2. Relax. The "death penalty" was PR to stop any further nonsense. The structure is a danger to shipping and creates a legal problem. Interesting how fast the US embassy jumped in to "save the brave individual", or is it a another scam to pressure Prayut for blocking NED (CIA) backed Future Forward gangsters.
  3. The Chinese will do to Thailand what they did to Laos. They just move in. Around 400,000 Chinese have moved into Laos and are treating it like their own country now. Which, I guess, it is.
  4. I'd choose the death penalty anyday over life in prison, so if I was Chad I'd be screaming "Don't do me no favors!"
  5. "Third world Thai bank,".... If you say, but then again, if you actually have the money, this is how the game is played here. Sure, I'd rather be spending my 800K a year on high class whores and fine wines, but that's the price you pay for a visa. I don't see the rub.
  6. but now it is a good place to rendezvous with mia nois
  7. and you are one of these snobs who look down on expats who don't have more than 65.000 Bt coming in every month.
  8. No it doesn't. Thats nothing more than your, and alot of the other "hate trump" media's "analysis" of whats going on.
  9. At that age if you are living here in Thailand from experience you are wasting your time and money with the brand names you suggested and forget the online shopping. If it isn't you then tell the wife what would she buy for her kid if not already before you came along? Tell her " you aren't a foreigner looking online etc trying to show off tough my words but that is exactly what it is! These brand names are to satisfy her or your ego! Get a copy, go to a local Thai baby store and get all the trainers you need for 10th of the price and as you noted it isn't made in the West just the name and your baby at 2 has no idea what so ever! I've been through this nonsense for my son and now with my son wife who wants everything she see online but I tell her and she gets mad as hell " this is Thailand " which is what she says to me all the time. I love my grand baby but she gets Thai items that look from the west after a few weeks she has grown out of it. Whenever I make a trip home to the U.S. I get a few items which all say Made in China or Southeast Asia of course I'm not stupid enough to think the quality is the same. I get a few items to make them happy but obtain them from the discount stores like Marshalls or Ross! The baby doesn't know a thing just your wife and you!
  10. That neutral isn't going through a transformer hole, it is going through the centre of a Rogowski coil. There is usually no transformer needed in that kind of meter.
  11. That sounds about right. I signed up in August of 2003 and I had been lurking for about a year. It was a lot better forum back then. It seemed like people would actually try to help one another instead of just attacking them for trying to find a way to stay in Thailand when they didn't quite fit the rules.
  12. What no I was able to retire early at age 45 years old with a pension of well over $5,000 USD a month including my disability pension by working as a grocery store clerk for 21 years, LMAO . Oh no I earned all that by working at Walmart for 21 years LMAO .
  13. My post earlier was a play on words regarding the OPs's misprint: 'Probably a maeng da." As well as being an insect, it's also Thai slang for a pimp - as in someone who lives off the host by bloodsucking. It occurred to me owing to the title of the post" Can I trust her?"
  14. We applied just before Songkran the first time, the VFS Office was very busy, we had too wait an hour after the appointment time,it took over 3 weeks for the Passport to be returned, last time nearly 2 weeks, it depends how many applications they are dealing with as well.
  15. Statiscally counted, the same. Foreigners in Thailand 1 on 27 Foreigners (except the Lao, Birma, Cambodians) 1 on 88 If two foreigners visit the Tops or Officemate and 100 Thais, then statiscally seen more foreigners then Thais. These numbers are calculated from roughly estimate numbers. 69 million people Thailand (2017) , 2.58mil foreigners of which 1.8mil from neighbouring countries. In Thailand, most customers are.. Thai If memory serves me right it gives 5-50% discount on picked items and some stores gives 7% discount (in form of tax reduction) on where normally an passport need to be shown, this card does it automatic. And the card for expatirates/foreigners discount came with a book with coupons I do remember. For the points, you are right, both cards the same. I, like do you as you said, do have the Thai version of the 1card, for me they only gave me when I told I have a 13digits ID number. Rgds,
  16. It is little more than a prank for goodness sakes. If something the size of an elaborate tree house is a threat to Thai security, the country needs new military leadership.
  17. yes, that is the other side of this catch 22 fessup, the biker might just be so used to ignore signals since they are abused so often, that he didnt even see it as a hazard. ultimately it depend who was positioned on that right lane first, that had the right of way. i also wonder how much in advance the mrs flipped on the signal, did she give an advanced warning 10+ sec prior to turn or did she more or less synchronize it with actually crossing ? theres a big difference between the two modus of operandi, a signal is of no use if the intended recipient is just a couple of meters away
  18. Of course you're right, my wife's an idiot. Considering the exchage rates at the moment, the last batch she bought would be her last one.
  19. The Yup, He wasn't suppose to win! The billionaire outsider that even minorities,celebrities liked, while at the same time many in MSM called arrogant each time he floated his opinions of his political aspirations during the years. A populist who dared to take on Dodge City(The swamp)! Something tells me the left's boogeyman is not quite finished blowin Dodge,he just wasted almost 3 years fighting it,almost to the point of obstructing the hoax! No collusion,No conspiracy and no obstruction! There is much much more of the swamp to expose now that the Mueller hoax has finished ! Stay tuned
  20. I already pay more than 10k B every month for tax and they still want to tax my savings. Another reason I should park all my money overseas.
  21. If it is floating, why is it not treated the same as a boat that has dropped anchor, which are everywhere?
  22. Well the upsets continue with Freo beating GWS. Gazman will be a happy man The Sainters are 7 goals up against Melbourne. Either Chooka or Alex will be happy in about 30 minutes.
  23. So if i'm there with my boat i could also get entered, blacklisted, life in jail and all the other nice things Thai law will do to you? Do thai got nothing else to do???
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