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  2. This survey reminds me of being sent to the Headmaster at my old school. If the reason for your visit was to get stick, the Headmaster would first ask you if you thought your deserved punishment and regardless of your answer he would then ask you to select which, from a rack of canes, you wished to be punished with. In school legend each had a unique name relating to the damage it would inflict; ‘Bone Breaker’, ‘Gnarled and Knotted’ and ‘Stinger’ are names I recall with a wince. On the upside at least the number of strokes to be endured were known in advance of the punishment commencing.
  3. Secret weapons? Maybe an H- bomb? With extra Humus and felafel
  4. Iran is making fake claims quite often. What's your point?
  5. Two main quotes. never lend money to friends or family and never give a job to a family member. i loaned 3 times to my Thai wife's family, never got 1 baht back. And one was a high BUDA Monk to buy a piece of land in the outback for a small temple. you could trust the likes of Al Capone with a loan than a Thai. They will steal off you to get money and then say ERR when you catch them bloody Nght mare.
  6. True. But in naval exercises both Swedish and Oz diesel subs have managed to get close enough to US carriers to sink them. I remember the story of the Oz boat, but can't find a link.
  7. I have a very wealthy 70 year-old friend in Chiang Mai, who I had not seen in about a year. When we met the other day, he mentioned he had just married a gorgeous 22 year old Thai girl. I asked him how he managed to pull that off. He said: "I lied to her about my age." I asked: “You mean you told her her you were 50?" "No," he said, "I told her I was 90."
  8. There might be a whole lot more to this, but somehow no actual sources offered, other than a comment on "western media". Toss in a couple of strong accusation, provide no support, then duck behind the "off topic" bit. All things considered, not much of rebuttal there.
  9. Hmmmm. And which side in this confrontation is renowned for falsified cause or contrived "pre emptive" attack? And well outside of their own back yard to boot!
  10. Yeah you are correct about that I should of confirm you were right about that in my post apologizes.
  11. Number 16 in this pinned topic (aka sticky) Laws, regulations, Police Orders, etc
  12. Coconut palms at lunch time outside the bar is far more civilised these days
  13. Just goes to show face cameras at the airports before they let you thru customs work and they catch you when u leave.but all that cash or what was said he had,how much of it went west straight away
  14. OK, a short update... So now I can hold an ark pretty nicely. Started with high amps and slowly tried at lower settings. At the moment I feel good at about 100 amps but can also hold ark (for shorter time) on around 80. I still find it hard to go in a straight line though, so when trying to attach 2 pieces together I tend to do short strikes and correct. None of what I connected so far is going to win any award for good craftsmanship nor any beauty contest but if it holds together I am happy for now... I got my auto darkening mask which makes it much easier than when holding the hand held mask that came with the machine. Now I have to find some long +/- lines as the 1.3m and 1.8m that came with the machine are very limiting. I am not going to weld any roofs or other important constructions, but I hope the frame for holding passion fruits I started to weld will be able to hold the fruits.... Thank you all again for all the comments and advise
  15. If anybody know how drugs are smuggled into the US, it's the US Customs and Border Patrol officials. Here's what Gil Kerlikowske, a recent head of that organisation said about this:
  16. Yes,I extended all my entries in immigration office
  17. They use the exact same formula. What result do they desire (R) = a few fabricated numbers / a few more + any number + X X = whatever number to achieve R It's quiet simple. Just like most of us new the election results years ago. Well not the results but the outcome
  18. Such a shame the tradition of pistols or sabres at dawn has died out.
  19. Of course they're quiet, for years already. No involvement so nothing to say.
  20. Mr Papadopolous is quite happy to spout lies when they will not result in his incarceration, but is more circumspect when they would. Can you explain: 1/ How did the Oz ambassador (equivalent) to the UK come by this accurate information if not from Papadopolous? 2/ why a respected and quite wealthy Australian ex-politician would want to fabricate lies to help Clinton? 3/ why you would take the word of a self-confessed and convicted liar over Downer's? I'll put it simply for you - the man (Downer) doesn't have a dog in the fight. Something else you might consider, in Australia we do not tolerate our senior politicians lying to us. Under the Westminster system, those caught deliberately lying to parliament or the public are expected to resign, and they do, otherwise their colleagues will withdraw support and vote in a replacement. The man you support has created an industry of sorting his statements into truth, half truth, distortion of the truth, and outright bloody lies.
  21. Incorrect. There will be a different TM7 number if you have been abroad. The old one in the system needs to be changed, which is why you have to report again, even if your address is the same as the one in the system.
  22. I must admit the POTUS is making those accusations despite having accesses to all of the intel. I don't expect him to share what he knows with the media,that might effect the investigations! He must feel confident in his claims ,spying treason and a attempted coup!
  23. Not all. I have been surprised at the number who have "found" their farang and have had long lasting happy relationships and not always with big money at hand. lol. If she was 16 and with parental consent then what issue?
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