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  2. How do you know they were Christians? Many tourists and police were killed in hotels and in other bomb locations and as very few Sri Lankans are Christian it's likely people of other religions also died. Trying to politicize a tragedy is sick. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. Great, thanks. I have ordered it from iherb. The one I have been using is not sharp enough.
  4. You are probably not renting a condo in that case. Apartment buildings (many units, one owner) always charge extra for utilities. Condo buildings (many units, many owners) typically don't, you almost always just get a bill direct from the electric company and the Govt water dept.
  5. The 150mm batts need no training to install, I did our bedroom ceiling myself. The only tool needed was a knife to cut round electrical cables.
  6. Gloating ISIS fanatics celebrate Sri Lanka attacks as revenge for New Zealand mosque massacre as they praise suicide bombers in online propaganda Article
  7. Ok but don`t forget the 20.000 B to university people as you promise
  8. Citi bank has done it to me 3 times in 1 month. Each time I tried to use my card in Thailand , it would decline it and Citi bank cancel the card and issue a new one . Mind you I told them card would be used in Thailand and yet they still cancel it, claiming Thailand is a high fraud country. 3 times in s row with the same silly excuse.
  9. Thanks a lot all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I found this article enlightening, and moreover there are some insightful comments on the attempts of Barr to misinform and to massage the brains of the citizens in favor of the Donald before release of the report : https://www.newyorker.com/news/q-and-a/neal-katyal-on-whether-the-mueller-report-went-far-enough?utm_campaign=aud-dev&utm_source=nl&utm_brand=tny&utm_mailing=TNY_Daily_042119&utm_medium=email&bxid=5c8893b467808905a06cf06b&user_id=56683739&esrc=&utm_content=B&utm_term=TNY_Daily
  11. If your ceiling is the "normal" hanging type, the hangers are (should be) 60cm apart and that is what the bat width is. So, it's just a matter of rolling them out. A short person who can survive the heat can easily do it but best to have two. My wife and the neighbor boy did ours. I wouldn't bother cutouts. There is no fire hazard with today's lights and that stuff doesn't burn anyway. It's the reflection of radiant heat that will help so you don't really need much thickness to the bat (must have some). But there are folks that are convinced the thicker the bat, the better. There you go.
  12. It's not like we have a choice. I file arried, jointly, but also have an LLC and an S Corp. Quarterly taxes MUST Be paid or penalties and interest accrue. Since the government tends to viewall things in their favor it is better not to be the nail that sticks up.
  13. Fussbudgets who double-check their fall-back strategies in the event of something going pear-shaped during their travels never seem to get into trouble. The travellers who don't check and fly off on a wing and a prayer do. I had an Australian debit card expire while I was here. As I also had another AUD debit card, PLUS a Kasikorn debit card, no worries.
  14. How easily does the cup fit in a pocket, as you will have to carry it around until coffee time? How badly does properly washing the cup 15 times with hot water and soap affect the environment? Why not instead make sure tha cups served can and will be recycled? I bet that this would be more friendly to the environment.
  15. Only place I found actual rigid clear was on eBay, plenty of flexible in the DYI stores in Thailand https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=clear+rigid+PVC+pipe&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&rt=nc&LH_BIN=1
  16. why not give a cup with a chip built in, that when you would dare to leave, your credit card will be charged, looooooooooooooooooooooool
  17. Paki gets Thai nationality. This is the only time I wish I was a Paki.
  18. Oh dear won’t Donald be jealous maybe they have an (open) relationship lol they will probably break out of sanctions with Putin’s help and just tell Donald to stuff it
  19. We are talking TRT here not bodybuilder dosage, TRT has been around for years and years its a low dose of test to get low levels up to natural levels. Not bodybuilder levels. So its not the same.
  20. Honest to god I do not believe you, and I will take a ban-bet with you if you can prove that trump made you lose almost $9k, Ill never post here again. This isnt a personal attack, I just honestly don't believe it.
  21. Judging by the pictures of the wreck and how injured the passengers are, I am guessing nobody was wearing seatbelts. This is so sad. Seatbelt culture still isn't quite there yet.
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