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  2. Requirement for WP non O or non B. Don't let the company tell you Immigration says non B. It's got nothing to do with Imm'. WP comes from the Labour office. Ask/tell the company to deal with them. Keep your O and if the job doesn't work out you still keep your visa or extension till it expires.
  3. Sorry mate but politics aside nothing changed here and the politics almost have no bearing on our life as expats. I would have loved to see Prayut go but in reality it would not have mattered much for us expats. None of the parties will make life easier for us, if you look in the past all of them made it harder for us. Thaksin with the 90 day reports not the junta with the house registration. I won't mention the income requirements as that is still the same just that some loopholes have been closed that people could not swear to things anymore at some embassies while the rest who checked before still give out papers for their citizen. When I go out in Thailand I don't get bored with who is in power but with things that affect my life like bad traffic, bad utilities, dangers, availability of stuff, import taxes, the exchange rate. I think its the same for most expats. So for us expats I don't really see who is in power has anything to do with our happiness. Except for some people of course and they are entitled to that opinion just like I am to mine.
  4. You get a work permit and work with a non-o visa or extension of stay based upon being the parent of a Thai. Be sure a copy or your child's birth certificate is included when the work permit application is done.
  5. ...says the person who complains about the Guardian’s “false reporting” whole the actual post wasn’t about the Guardian but about the election results
  6. My ex-partner from Hong Kong told me back in the 70's the first people to go on European vacations were street vendors. She worked in a bank in Hong Kong and was amazed at how the most ordinary looking people would waltz into the bank and drop piles of cash. But the subject of this thread is how much a "job" pays not how much a self-employed person can make.
  7. well said...i think most of the 'anti pattaya " posters, have seldom, if ever, actually been to pattaya....
  8. So I guess the i-pad for each student didn't help.
  9. No deal is nonetheless automatic come 31 October as per yesterdays interviews & there is still a challenge in the high court that hasn't gone away citing Gina Miller's case in reverse (ie that UK left on 29 March).
  10. Well now..let us agree to DISAGREE[emoji6] Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. submissive gimp ? nonsense ..... how does Khun Prayuth Chan O Cha and the government affect your daily life in general ? zero I expect. How does the Junta or the government affect the daily life of a Thai person in general ? zero I expect.
  12. Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world.
  13. for all the people with a "LIKE" to this challenge: do you think MAYBE the owner of an agency might have a little "pull" at the police station ? Probably become a case of threats for defamation and then the extortion. If you have not thought of this you might be as naive as the OP
  14. 1985 was just yesterday, we were already well into building MabTaPut, all the gas pipelines etc., and putting millions of cars on new roads.
  15. I was going to point this out also. It is still posted in most every petrol station to turn off your phone. I doubt very many comply.
  16. Now I understand why the national debt has been raising since he seized power. Those 'numerous' projects have not trickled down to the common people judging from the raising household debts and inequality at its worst.
  17. Timed myself pleasuring the wife yesterday. Three hours 20 minutes 7 seconds. Of course that time included the pre-sex financial negociations and the snooze afterwards.
  18. yes some react badly to cannabis when they are jailed for up to a year for possession...
  19. Try and get it straight. It's got nothing to do with remainers, but what's best for Britain. And today's consensus of opinion from the UK government and parliament is that any Brexit won't be best for Britain, but it's the best deal you're going to get.
  20. The rich will always stay in power here , the only way for change is if they let the younger rich take over power , they have a different picture of live then the older ones , so that will change some of the big picture . But the whole problem will never be solved .
  21. I've done it both on marriage and child dependancy, with visa and extension
  22. Currently, over 200 CP formulations are in use for a wide range of industrial applications, such as flame retardants
  23. Sorry to have abandoned interested followers, so here goes. We kept the Kite chicks in an old mixing bath with their original nest padded out with some fresh palm fronds and they seemed quite happy perched atop a scaffold. We fed them twice a day and they developed nicely, flexing their wings and hoping in and out of the tub. At nights we took them onto our bedroom balcony for safety away from monkeys and other predators looking for an easy lunch. They grew to gradually resent our presence and being fenced in at night time, a good sign they would eventually exercise their independence. Sure enough they took flight about 2 weeks ago, and we spotted them in our trees on a few occasions. The parents were happily interacting with them since they were out of our clutches. Pinky (the mild mannered one) has now disappeared and it's difficult to tell if he survived or not, as we haven't seen it flying around at all. He may simply have gone off to wherever the family roost is. But we still see the parents flying around our area. The same goes for the third chick that had remained in the original tree nest, we have no sightings of that one either. Fingers crossed they have simply adopted a truely wild existence and turned their back on us. Perky (the belligerent one) has made our trees its daytime home, and sits aloft screeching for food on a regular basis. Sometimes the Mother joins him with food, but it's difficult to tell if she's feeding him or baiting him to get off his lazy backside and go fishing. We put a tray of uncut fish out on the ground and he comes down to eat that and hops around the garden a bit, before returning to the trees. Then at night time he disappears, probably to the family night time roost, wherever that may be we've not established. The cheeky little devil perched on our Sala roof yesterday looking into my study and screeching at me for food. So it's getting bolder, but not to the point we are allowed anywhere near it. So there lies the dilemma, do we carry on or stop feeding it in the hope it will develop its wild instincts and start hunting for its own food? I'll try to get some current photos of Perky when the opportunity arises. Hope you enjoyed the update.
  24. pattaya is cheaper than bangkok, for accomadation,drinks and ladies..its possible to eat very cheaply buying local foods {or in my case}, i buy vegetables from supermarket...i can easily feed myself for under 200thb per day..some hotels around soi buakhou area..do monthly rentals for approx 6,000thb. so your budget is definitely possible, however, i find it hard to understand why anybody would travel so far, to then find that they need to holiday on a minimal budget,are you insured??? surely it would be better,in the future, to reduce your stay or wait until you have more funds.. whats the point in being a 'cheap charlie',while on holiday???
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